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Seventeen Magazine picks up Barbados Free Press Rihanna articles

Seventeen to quote BFP about controversy over Rihanna’s role as Barbados Culture & Youth Ambassador.

Today we find that the editors at Seventeen.com have not only linked to our latest Rihanna story, they’ve asked to use content from a number of BFP’s articles for a new major Seventeen Magazine article about the growing controversy over Rihanna’s role as Barbados Culture & Youth Ambassador. (Of course we gave them our permission!) Continue reading


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Polystyrene: poisons your food, takes 500 years to decompose

How many times have you had wine, spirits or beer from a styrofoam cup? Wuhloss!

Bart Sims of the Future Centre Trust posted a must-read article at Business Barbados. Read The Dangers of Polystyrene and you will be convinced that we must act as a society to ban this dangerous product.

Polystyrene’s impact on our environment and landfills should be enough reason for small island countries to issue an out and out ban. If that’s not enough, the scientific evidence about how the chemicals in the foam leach into our food should convince us.

Of course, in Barbados we don’t have an Environmental Protection Act because successive DLP and BLP governments never viewed laws or the environment as a priority.

So… we have to act for ourselves as citizens while our political elites stuff their faces at the Hilton every lunchtime.

Well worth your time to head on over to Business Barbados and read Bart Sims’ excellent article. Here are some excerpts… Continue reading


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