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Rihanna: Trouble on tour – shows canceled, low turnouts in USA

Is it only the economy, or is something else happening too?

Low ticket sales have forced Rihanna to “postpone” (read “cancel”) six Last Girl On Earth tour dates in the USA and downsize venues for some of the other shows. She even cancelled the big tour launch concert. Last week in Sacramento, California, she became teary-eyed on stage as she thanked the way-smaller than expected audience for coming out to her concert. Continue reading


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Genealogy research in Barbados can be complex, but it’s worth it

Barbados Free Press received the following letter from an American reader who is having a bad experience trying to research his family roots on the island. We don’t know the people involved and we hope everything works out and soon.

They say that wherever you travel, you’ll always find a Bajan or two and we’ve found that to be true. Many folks around the world and in the USA (especially in the east) trace their family back to Barbados so there is a thriving genealogy research industry on this rock. And just like any industry, there are good people to hire and others you don’t want to talk to.

What we find a little disturbing in this reader’s account is that the researcher was recommended by the archives staff. If the staff handed out a list of 20 researchers that would be fine with us, but we all know how things work ’bout hey. The customer was probably given only one name by the archive staff. There’s a reason for that and like we say… we all know what that reason is usually about… Continue reading


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