Germany is World Cup Football pick of former Lebanon government minister “because they burned the Jews”

Oh, sorry… I got that wrong. The former government minister is supporting Brazil in football, but in politics it’s Germany all the way…

“I support Germany in politics and Brazil in soccer. I like the way Brazil plays. But I like the Germans because they hate the Jews and they burned them.”

… former Minister of the Environment and current National Coalition member Wiam Wahhab during a Lebanon TV news show interview. See it at the Middle East Research Institute.


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2 responses to “Germany is World Cup Football pick of former Lebanon government minister “because they burned the Jews”

  1. ninemikemike

    Typical anti-semitism from another bigoted Arab.
    Barbados needs to be VERY careful about the increasing influence of Arab money, particularly from Saudi Arabia, which has a habit of funding ‘schools’, in reality madrassahs, and terrorism. (who funds the Islamic school in Country Road?)
    The West has shamed itself with its appeasement of these stone-age barbarians, and Bim should take a principled stance on this issue. The increasing number of burkha-clad females in evidence is a pointer to the inevitable destruction of Bajan culture if we allow it to continue.

  2. going north

    Oops! He’s at it again. If you are so concerned as to the school’s funding, why don’t you go and ask yourself. All you have to do is turn up at the school. The Principal lives on the same compound.

    The west is to blame for the condition Islam is in today. They placed puppet govts in the Islamic world so that they could take all the wealth for themselves. The puppets never educated the people thus leaving them ignorant. Mullahs with their own agendas/visions went to the masses and helped them and now the west is seeing sh.t .

    What you sow , you reap.