CL Financial – CLICO: Afra Raymond demands secret Duprey letter under Freedom of Information

Where is the missing 76.8 BILLION dollars?

Head on over to Afra Raymond’s blog for some interesting developments in the CL Financial and CLICO fraud.

First up, Afra posted a very interesting video of him talking with Jessie May Ventour and Fazir Mohammed about what the new T&T Government is doing with the ongoing CL Financial bailout. (link here)

Second, Afra is still looking for CL Financial’s missing 76.8 BILLION dollars (aren’t we all!) and he wants a first-hand look at a letter written by Lawrence Duprey. Those in power are doing all they can to prevent Afra from obtaining the document…

“On this occasion I am applying for access to the letter written by Lawrence Duprey, Executive Chairman of the CL Financial group, to Ewart Williams, Governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, on 13th January 2009. That letter was read into the records of our Parliament on 4th February 2009 by the Minister of Finance as featured in “Finding the Assets”. My reading of that letter is that CL Financial stated its asset value to be $23.9BN at the time of writing. Given that the asset value of the CL Financial group was stated to be some $100.7Bn as at the end of 2007, this is a central part of the riddle we need to solve.”

… read all about Afra Raymond’s FOI request at Second FOI Application for Duprey letter.


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4 responses to “CL Financial – CLICO: Afra Raymond demands secret Duprey letter under Freedom of Information

  1. Donald Duck Esq,

    Could someone tell us what has happened to the following

    * The revised financial statements for clico life barbados for 2008. Remember the originals were recalled.
    * The 2009 financial statements for clico life, clico general, clico mortgage and clico funds. As far as i am aware the abbreviated versions of the first three have not been published in the press as expected by law and the investors in the funds have not seen a copy of the financials for 2009
    *Leroy parris. has he finally retired
    *The final report from the oversight committee since they finished their work in June

  2. RRRicky

    What happened to the Barbados Freedom of Information legislation that was “ready to go” 2 years ago?

  3. Masta Rasta

    PriceWaterhouseCoopers was sitting upstairs in the Boardroom telling the directors and shareholders that everything thing is just fine with CLICO meanwhile the folkes downstairs were shouting “fire, fire……..the building is on fire”. The shareholders should bring a class action suit against PriceWaterhouseCoopers and its partners.

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