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CL Financial – CLICO: Afra Raymond demands secret Duprey letter under Freedom of Information

Where is the missing 76.8 BILLION dollars?

Head on over to Afra Raymond’s blog for some interesting developments in the CL Financial and CLICO fraud.

First up, Afra posted a very interesting video of him talking with Jessie May Ventour and Fazir Mohammed about what the new T&T Government is doing with the ongoing CL Financial bailout. (link here)

Second, Afra is still looking for CL Financial’s missing 76.8 BILLION dollars (aren’t we all!) and he wants a first-hand look at a letter written by Lawrence Duprey. Those in power are doing all they can to prevent Afra from obtaining the document… Continue reading


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Germany is World Cup Football pick of former Lebanon government minister “because they burned the Jews”

Oh, sorry… I got that wrong. The former government minister is supporting Brazil in football, but in politics it’s Germany all the way…

“I support Germany in politics and Brazil in soccer. I like the way Brazil plays. But I like the Germans because they hate the Jews and they burned them.”

… former Minister of the Environment and current National Coalition member Wiam Wahhab during a Lebanon TV news show interview. See it at the Middle East Research Institute.


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