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Tragedy at local hotel – 4 year old drowns

Kevio at mother's wedding only hours before he drowned.

Our hearts go out to the parents and family of Kevio Rivaldo Morris, who drowned on Saturday. The 4 year old was found at the bottom of a swimming pool at Peach and Quiet Hotel, which closes every summer for renovations and maintenance.

According to the papers, Kevio was in the care of his grandmother and had wandered away from the home where the police were investigating a burglary. The grandmother had been looking after the child as his mother had just been married and was on her honeymoon.

The papers also say that Kevio was with a group of other children that had come into the hotel compound at 4pm and had been asked to leave.

Peach and Quiet Hotel is owned by Adrian and Margaret Loveridge. Adrian Loveridge is a frequent contributor of tourism articles to island newspapers and blogs. Our hearts also go out to Adrian and Margaret who are no doubt terribly sad and upset as is the entire community.

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Open-Skies for Barbados – Hope that new agreement with USA will bring increased air traffic.

“This agreement means the travelers, airlines and economies of both the United States and Barbados will benefit from competitive pricing and more convenient service,”

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Representatives of the United States and Barbados have reached an Open-Skies Agreement that will liberalize U.S.-Barbados air services for airlines of both countries. Barbados will become the 99th U.S. Open-Skies partner.

Upon signature of the agreement, airlines from both countries will be allowed to select routes, destinations and prices for both passenger and cargo service based on consumer demand and market conditions. The agreement, which was reached on July 1, provides airlines, for the first time, with codesharing and intermodal rights. The previous U.S.-Barbados air service agreement, signed in 1982, contained restrictions on the cities that carriers could serve and placed limits on charter operations. The new agreement will remove these restrictions and provide important enhanced cargo rights.

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