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Will Hartley Henry create a revolution in Guyanese politics?

Barbados PM’s advisor Hartley Henry caught in “clandestine meeting” with Guyanese Opposition parties.

We find it fascinating to follow the activities of the chief political advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados. According to an article in the Guyana Chronicle online, Hartley Henry met with members of two opposition parties in Guyana – obviously discussing how to unite the opposition for the next election. Continue reading


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Pink Floyd’s “Another brick in the Bajan Wall” as sung by the DLP & BLP

Sung to Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” by a chorus of Bajan politicians. (Courtesy of BFP reader Motbutu)

Another Brick in the Bajan Wall

We don’t need no trans-parency
No reporting or disclosure

Hey people, mind your own bus-iness

You don’t need details of projects
Nor ex-plan-ations
Its Guv’ment business only

Hey people, leave this thing alone Continue reading

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