Canadian investor Bob Verdun accosted by Barbados Boscobel Toll Gang

Verdun the latest victim to complain of gang activity against tourists

Last Friday Bob Verdun gave the noon lecture at DLP Headquarters and detailed 15 ways that the Government can improve our tourism product without spending a penny. Journalist Ian Bourne attended and is writing a series of articles on Mr. Verdun’s message. You can read Ian’s first article at his Bajan Reporter online news site.

Unsurprisingly, one of Mr. Verdun’s primary tourism concerns is security, because he knows as we all should that without security the other three “esses” – sun, sea and sand – don’t matter. What is interesting is that Mr. Verdun confessed during his lecture that he, like thousands of others, fell victim to the Boscobel Road Toll Gang and that he does not go to this area of Barbados anymore.

“Verdun explains how he passed through Boscobel and encountered young fellows supposedly playing Road Tennis who said Verdun’s lost and they will ‘find’ him for a fee, Verdun vows not go by that part of the island again.

So if there’s an open admission of an extortion racket which can seriously hinder Barbados’ Tourism product what exactly will Government do now? Wait until a visitor is seriously injured or worse? How can Police respond when their resources are seriously stretched to the max?”

from the Bajan Reporter article Bob Verdun speaks out in George Street headquarters: 1 of 3

For almost two years Barbados Free Press has been reporting on the Boscobel Road Toll Gang and the inability of our police and political leadership to stop the activities of this gang. Thousands of tourists have been accosted and the gang’s activities have been reported on Trip Advisor and other tourist websites for many years. BFP didn’t break the story of the gang, we merely reported what was being said on other very influential tourist websites.

The Royal Barbados Police Force has done nothing, Prime Minister Thompson says “No problem here” and the gang is still terrorizing our tourists.

Perhaps now that Mr. Verdun has made his story public the police and government will act against the Boscobel gang, however I’m sad to say that past accomplishments are the single most accurate predictor of future performance.  I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the government or the police to act effectively against the Boscobel thugs.

One more thing…

In his article Mr. Bourne inaccurately (and we feel unfairly) reports that Barbados Free Press made allegations in an article that Mr. Verdun is a racist. As you can read for yourself, BFP made no such allegations, we only reported what we found online about Mr. Verdun. To remove any doubt as to BFP’s position, we have expanded our original article Bob Verdun lecture Friday, June 25 “15 ways to improve Barbados tourism without spending a penny!”

Please read the article and judge for yourself. Expecting a clarification or retraction from Ian Bourne, please.

(Above photo of Bob Verdun courtesy of Ian Bourne and The Bajan Reporter)


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17 responses to “Canadian investor Bob Verdun accosted by Barbados Boscobel Toll Gang

  1. Do not expect a retraction – I said for readers to decide if your assessment of Verdun having RACIAL tendencies is fair or over the top. I did not say you posed Verdun as RACIST, that is different. I do not think Bob is racist either, he could be more diplomatic however…

    I have a reason for asking, since I have the entire lecture recorded… I leave it for readers to decide, I am not judging nor am I expecting the same of you either.

    I had a debate with spoken wordist Adrian Green on this same matter, I said a poem he did was racial but I did not think he was racist, and he too wanted me to issue a retraction, am yet to do so and will not.

  2. A pacifist can perform a violent act, it does not make them a hatemonger, but what they did can be construed as hateful.

  3. BFP

    Hell, Ian

    Please give us the quote where you say we “assessed” Verdun as having “racial tendencies”

    You say “I said for readers to decide if your assessment of Verdun having RACIAL tendencies is fair or over the top.”

    Ian, PLEASE give us the quote where we say he has “racial tendencies”.

  4. My site is under maintenance at the moment, but since Barbados lacks Freedom of Expression and FOI, and you all seek to take advantage of it when convenient for you (apart from not looking to hurt Bob who’s very nice anyhow) – I offer the following amendment to the last paragraph;-

    …and in the final installment, we examine when Barbados Free Press made research where Native Canadians made some heavy accusations on Bob, were they right or wrong? What does the current Football World Cup have to do with Barbados? It’s about Bob’s noise fetish and we’ll show you how they may be connected…

    When you fall short again, and you will, I hope you will be as noble?

  5. builderman

    I note the description of Bob Verdun as a “tourism “consultant: and have seen many pronouncements in the media by him on several prospective projects. I have one question for him….What has he ever undertaken within the Caribbean to completion and what background in this field does he have?

    Just curious

  6. builderman

    I note the other description of Bob Verdun as an investor…….what constitutes an investor in Barbados nowadays? The people I talk to in Kitchener are less impressed by this “investor consultant”.

  7. BFP

    Thank you Ian, for reconsidering and revising.

    And when you point out our mistakes as sometimes happens, we also accept that your gentle reminders are from a friend who wants BFP to be the best it can be.



  8. dismanhey

    a point to note in the digital journal story ; under the comment section, Mr. Verdun offered a defense to his comments and he said that he was drawing a reference to the Native people and their lot as an example for why Bajans themselves should not fall for the repatriation argument on the slave trade

  9. Never scream for ice cream; My final installment…

  10. Me

    not going there

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  12. Bill Kowalchuk

    I am from Kitchener. In my opinion Bob Verdun does not deserve any respect as an investor, newspaper publisher, speaker, nor judge of humanity.
    He is self centred and has a disrespect for every human. His only praise will be for his own glory. My view is that he cannot bear this frail, human existence and needs to be critical to sustain his own superior status as a person.

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