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Brazil – Barbados GOL flight a tremendous achievement!

Just for the record, I would like to applaud all those involved in securing the direct non-stop flight from GOL flight from Sao Paulo including the Minister of Tourism, BTA, Barbados Diplomatic Corp and BHTA.

It is a tremendous achievement, and I believe it offers the very best option in terms of route, carrier, duration of flight, connecting city possibilities and gateway.

From comments made by the Minister in the media, he is not expecting every flight to be full in the initial operating period, and however sceptical some may be about this foray into South America, this is in my humble opinion is a very realistic approach. Continue reading


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BP Oil Spill – Crew hoping to tap into well 18,000 feet beneath the sea surface.

Thanks to Colin L. Beadon for sending us this diagram of the operation to stop the leaking BP oil well in the Caribbean.

After looking at the operation, all I can think of is we have to find a better, safer way to harvest the oil we need than to allow drilling in 5,000 feet of open water right in what could be called hurricane city. This mess was bound to happen, especially when the oil companies are left to themselves to supervise their operations. As it turns out, most of the people in the US Departments that were to be supervising the oil industry are good ‘ol boys themselves who used to work for the oil companies. Reminds me of Shell in Barbados hiring a consulting company to tell us everything is fine when we know it is not so.

Anyway, our thanks to Colin, and have a look at this diagram and imaging the risks in the real world of deep sea oil drilling… Continue reading


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