Dear Rihanna, please resign as our Barbados Culture and Youth Ambassador

Dear Rihanna,

Please, please resign from your position as Barbados Culture and Youth Ambassador. The politicians who appointed you haven’t the integrity or the courage to take the title away from you.

Do you have the integrity and the courage to give it up for the good of your home?

Please. You must.

For our Readers

BFP covered up the girl’s private parts with a blue dot and reduced the size and quality of the photo so as to make our point without further offending our readers. If you must, you can see what’s under the blue dot in glorious colour and full resolution at Celeb Jihad’s article Rihanna Flashes Vagina Lips


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34 responses to “Dear Rihanna, please resign as our Barbados Culture and Youth Ambassador

  1. Concerned

    That’s why she’s perfect as an ambassador for the youth. She represents the youth of today. Good on her and long may she reign.

  2. Annoyed

    Such a touchy subject…seems like we are going from one thing to the next where Rihanna is concerned…her wearing a swimsuit and wrap on the road, getting too big a house and land as recognition of her accomplishments, bla bla bla. Unfortunate for her, what she wears while performing is now also under fire…never mind that it “may” be appropriate to her performance or image in the industry….She’s no school girl again; we knew where she was heading once firmly established on that level in the North American music industry…particularly her genre. So why act surprised now that she’s a part of these common (no pun intended) practices and amplify the way of dress known to be associated with that part of the industry. More importantly, do you REALLY think that she deliberately wore that and squatted the way she did so we could have her vulva as a subject to discuss? or that she doesnt care?…and dont speak about the outfit, cause if most women stoop in a similar position while wearing a swimsuit – a lip may pop out too! but does that mean she shouldnt have worn the swimsuit if going to the beach?

    She’s already under the spotlight due to her international image, yes, but it’s the POTENTIAL to fit snuggly into this outfit while performing they way she does that has taken her here. …’cause guess what, beauty still sells. U know how many actresses and stars inadvertently reveal a lip or more while strutting their favourite outfits? Does that make her a poor ambassador for the youths? blame the parents for our youths…its the ones who failed in that department of instilling proper values to their “princes” and “princesses” that should be worried. The impressionable minds of their kids should still know the diff between right and right…know what to adopt and what not to. and they may not always get it right, but who’s fault it is when they dont..Rihanna???? yea right! since when she’s here to raise your kids? Why not castigate the ones who are trying so hard to push homosexuality as the norm down our throats? even then, you can’t blame them….blame the parents for allowing the media, etc for bringing it into our homes.

  3. FearPlay

    “Since when she’s here to raise your kids? Why not castigate the ones who are trying so hard to push homosexuality as the norm down our throats?”

    Well said Annoyed! I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. We’re talking about a world class entertainer, people. Get over it already. If Rihanna did what some members of the Barbadian public want and acted the way they wish she would be just another looser like most of the rest. Being this successful comes at a price and if you don’t want to or can’t write the cheque, well just don’t place the order.

  4. FearPlay

    That should be “loser” and not “looser”.

  5. Annoyed

    Love that closing statement Fear Play…oh how true it is!

  6. Nonsense

    I would love if she could make me sing all night

  7. Doesn't Matter

    I think Barbadian authorities are too quick to give too much to artistes, whether singers, writers, or athletes, just because of a one off national achievement. They need to give them more time to see if they are really worthy of such attributes. e.g. Up to now Ryan Brathwaite ain’t win another medal or race yet, and still he was given this and given that. I think it grows their head and they no longer look to outdo their previous performances because everything set already.

  8. Politically Tired

    I agree with Annoyed & FearPlay. I was one of many people sent photo’s on the internet last year (or year before) of two Bajan ‘ladies’ at Kadooment, near Spring Garden, with one leg up on a vehicle showing a LOT more than this (no tights either) & leaving NOTHING at all to the imagination, (with a note saying both women were Mothers of 3 & 4 children respectably) Then there was the friend who saw a Bajan couple coupling at Kadooment, so I see no reason at all for this article!
    Rihanna does us proud, please leave her be.

  9. Lady gaga is doing more damage than I first thought!

  10. Observer

    OMG… What next?

  11. Huh, I tell ya

    If showing a lip here can stir such controversy imagine when s he starts to act and get in a raunchy love seen where she might show us some nipples and I guy down between the legs pelting Hollywood style waist; what will we say then.

  12. whistling frog

    All youperverts with your magnifying glasses GO and
    dippsydoodle yuself.Like it or lump it Rihanna mekking what u ent got and cant get nyyyaaahhhh…………………

  13. Pat Hunte-Cusack

    So very crass and vulgar and not a world talent at all let alone a role model. What next?

  14. Amused

    Wait? This is the same people that cry down anything Isalmic that now falling in line and actually promoting a jihad website? Can we look for you to promote more of these ideas? Like maybe this one??
    Is this a classic example of how we as men should behave when the lesser life form gets on bad!
    “While walking through the interview zone, Saifi spotted the insolent female, Asma Halimi, who works for an Algerian newspaper. When he saw that she was not dressed in an appropriate manner and was not accompanied by male relatives, Saifi struck her with his open hand in an attempt to rectify the situation. However, the wicked Halimi responded by striking the soccer player in the mouth, much to the disgust of all in attendance.” lol

    Enjoy your double standards BFP

  15. Straight talk

    Not being a big follower of this falling out amongst thieves, am I wrong in believing that this case is not substantive, but only an attempt by Allard to divert jurisdiction to Canada.

    Through checking all the affidavits, we see the dirty linen of how our privileged class and the systems they control, really operate.

    Long suspected, but now laid bare.

    This is no victory, merely a judgment, but still a stain on our nation’s reputation, until we clean out the Augean stables of privilege and assumed power in Barbados, which will become more evident as these blogs explore more deeply.

  16. Mr.Mega

    Poster Amused……that website is not to be taken seriously…..its full of satire, sarcasim and irony. Just read it, and laugh and move on. Ri-Ri looks hot!! fap fap fap!!

  17. Mr.Mega

    I had to post again…..i read the comments on that website….and half of those people don’t get the satire of the article….God some of you people are idiots. The real question is why is Ri-Ri on a stage and NOT in a kitchen ? That folks is satire. Women should stay in the kitchen.

  18. Verdana

    That pic with Rihanna showing her p…y is just material for perverts. BFP you losing points…
    An artist on stage have to dress in a particular way and I am convinced that Miss Fenty did not purposly show part of her private parts.
    Different was if she was not wearing any panties or so…
    Have you ever seen those pics with female athletes
    in action where the camera cought a particular momentum where private parts are visible? So what? All of them should be punished for that, BFP???! Gimme a break!

  19. Amused

    @ Mr. Mega
    ROFLMAO! Do you really think I took that website seriously? I just wanted a good laugh! And boss, I 100% agree with the last comment you made in the 1st post. But! How many people really know it’s tongue in cheek?

    Have a great day!

  20. Me

    That pic is photoshopped. None of the other major sites show that although they have pics of her in the same position her ‘integrity’ was intact.

  21. Observer

    Ri-Ri’s next hit… a remake of an old hit “To all the men I loved before” On another yet connected note can Christ Brown or any of Ri-Ri’s blast from the past confirm that the pic was photoshopped?

  22. whistling frog

    Well after actually seeing the photo,,,,alll I got to say,is,,UUUUMMMM UUUMMMM GOOOD<UUUUUMMMM UUUMMM GOOOD THATS WHAT BAJAN GIRLS GOT UUUUUM UUUUMMM GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Johnson

    Such a wonderfully tremendous talent. Superb that a small island has produced such an amazing singer and performer.

  24. BFP

    Hi Me,

    that would be great if so. Can you give us some links? We couldn’t find any like you’re talking about.

    Likewise we looked for pixelization when magnified (like the phony Reuters photoshops we reported on) and we couldn’t find any.

    We’re certainly willing to listen, and we took a good look at it for photoshoping before we posted, but if you have additional information we’d welcome your contribution.

  25. j

    there are more important things to think about than ri-ri, like some people in haven’t eaten for days!!

  26. Slap Happy

    Another Rhianna story. I read that she’s at home now. Talk to her. Put her on the spot. Right!

    Lady Gaga. The only Gaga I ever heard of was a man, some might say funny, others might say the original Lady Gaga.

    Lets put it this way. If you better known for the things you do rather than your profession, singer/entertainer, then you are just another no talent, studio enhanced, wonder who is fooling most of the people and not all.

    Rhianna and Lady Gaga can push the boundaries all they want but at some point they will only end up turning people off.

    It seems that a lot of guys will shoot you down if you criticize Rhianna. Why is that so? Could it be that they believe the image they see and are hoping to maybe get a “piece” because they have defended her honour, er talent

  27. Peep Show

    @ Verdana, maybe not “purposeful” in this shot, but certainly the ones of her naked little fuzzy strip all over the web in a London hotel and in a bathroom and having it hot and nasty with Chris Brown (before he like in her face of course). She and he knowingly took these. No sense hopping to the defense of someone in one instance, when there is a clear repeat pattern of the same behaviours….Rhianna has lost her self respect, and the respect and admiration of her fellow country-people and it is not jealously of her, it is sorrow that it had to drop to the internationally accepted low that stars have to dive into to make it big! Sex sells…end of story.

  28. Slap Happy

    Hahahahahaha. Rhianna flashes vaginal lips! Labia? Where? That fellow sure has a very active imagination.

    That was a stoop and not flash. Still, there seem to be a lack of discretion from those on either side of the camera. Gotta to get that money shot.

    Why do some female singers flirt with what might be called soft porn while others don’t and are still successful?

  29. Offended?

    Uguys are “offended” because 2 cents in nunee show?

    Hello,Queen Victoria? ..Dat’s where we all came from
    and dat’s where all non-gay men spend the rest of their life trying to return!
    WHAT is the big deal???

    Can’t believe the judgemental VICTORIAN bullshirt I’m hearing!

    Wunnuh accusing de girl like if she got the whole pinky skinout, which she does not!

    This non-event is about as significant(to prudes)
    as was the “wardrobe malfunction” of Janet Jackson
    when a tit popped out. Big DEAL!
    OH! -the shock! -Maybe Janet J. should have them both cut off
    so such an offensive, psychologically-scarring event would never happen again. Urrghh!

    PLEASE don’t go to beaches on the South of France, where most girls routinely wear little or nothing.

    Grow UP all of you
    It’s the human body -nothing more exciting.
    Doctors have to look at it every day of life…
    Get a life..

  30. now what?

    @Offended? – your lack of the use of real and grown- up words is really quite humorous, thanks for that barrage of junk. Made me smile.

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  32. Disgusted!!! Shame on her!!


  33. JUS ME

    I would really like to know what’s the standard for becomming a Youth Ambassador, because based on what i’m seeing it seems to be a willy nilly process. Do you think that Beyonce could be an ambassador for the US?

  34. MarBoy

    Whosoever is asking her to do this is just ridiculous and small minded shit happens and yuh know what its up to us to deal with it.This is how she makes her living “Judge not lest ye be judged”.Yes her privates showed but how many ppl realised and is it in the world press that she’s a Culture and Youth ambassador for Barbados no so chill out and she doesnt have a negative impact on our youth why wunna dont check kartel and movado who singing shoot this kill this rob this do drugs f*uck this girl and that girl sex money drugs drop outta school be a gangster huh? I thought so you guys just want something to pick at and as a 19 yr old I believe she could and should stay as she is she’s a positive influence to children showing us that anything is possible if we work hard enough!!!