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Bob Verdun lecture Friday, June 25 “15 ways to improve Barbados tourism without spending a penny!”

“The members of the current management team must resign. They have failed, and the Symphony cannot afford to keep them in power. Begging for money is not a business plan; it is an act of desperation by people more concerned with keeping their jobs than solving the problems.”

… from a 2006 report by Bob Verdun on a support campaign conducted by the Kitchener Waterloo Canada Symphony

Bob Verdun say he’ll be “blunt” criticizing Barbados tourism industry

Tourism consultant Bob Verdun is giving the free lecture tomorrow at the DLP Headquarters, but he promises it won’t be a DLP love-fest because he’ll hold nothing back. Continue reading


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Dear Rihanna, please resign as our Barbados Culture and Youth Ambassador

Dear Rihanna,

Please, please resign from your position as Barbados Culture and Youth Ambassador. The politicians who appointed you haven’t the integrity or the courage to take the title away from you.

Do you have the integrity and the courage to give it up for the good of your home?

Please. You must.

For our Readers

BFP covered up the girl’s private parts with a blue dot and reduced the size and quality of the photo so as to make our point without further offending our readers. If you must, you can see what’s under the blue dot in glorious colour and full resolution at Celeb Jihad’s article Rihanna Flashes Vagina Lips


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