Fodor’s honours Peach and Quiet Hotel in Barbados

Congratulations to Margaret and Adrian Loveridge and the Peach and Quiet staff! Once again, Peach and Quiet Hotel has been honoured with the much coveted Fodor’s Choice Award, this time for 2010.

Peach and Quiet is one of only three hotels on Barbados to be granted this prestigious award, the other two being Coral Reef Club and Sandy Lane Hotel. This latest Fodor’s accolade follows the early award this year of being rated as one of the ‘12 Best Value Hotels in the Caribbean’ and the only hotel on Barbados to be granted this recognition in 2010.

“Barbados offers a level of accommodation to all potential visitors and it’s extremely gratifying to know that a small 22 room hotel like ours can not only compete with the brand names and larger properties in any part of the Caribbean, but excel at our level.”

Adrian Loveridge, co-owner of Peach and Quiet Hotel, Barbados

“This small seaside inn on the southeast coast is the sweetest deal we’ve found on the entire island. Forego the flashy accoutrements of a resort and, instead, claim one of these stylish suites.”

from Fodor’s Review of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Fodor’s is the world’s largest publisher of English language travel and tourism information founded over 70 years ago. You can read their entire Peach and Quiet review by clicking here…

Peach and Quiet Hotel website link here

“Don’t tell all your friends about this place. It is a jewel and the bargain of the century… Great location, great food available if you like, wonderful hosts, close to the airport. A real bargain.”

excerpt from hotel guest’s comments at Fodor’s website


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2 responses to “Fodor’s honours Peach and Quiet Hotel in Barbados

  1. reality check

    Congratulations Adrian!

    Thats achievement is only obtained through hard work and dedication.

  2. Politically Tired

    Well done, I hope the local media do a piece on this award as well.