Barbados company embroiled in China – India oilfield security concern

Barbados corporation used by China to facilitate espionage, prohibited investments?

A controversy is in full swing as the Indian Government discovered that the Chinese used a Barbados-registered company to gain investment and intelligence access to an oil and gas field in the sensitive Indian state of Assam.

Security concerns involving China are a national priority in India where the government recently forbade Indian companies from using Chinese telecom technology. Apparently the Chinese telecom equipment comes with some special and now-not-so-secret features built in that allows China’s intelligence agencies to gather electronic data and record calls. (As an aside, I wonder about all those computers that China donated to the Barbados Defense Force.)

October 2008, Assam, India - Bombs kill 62, injure 300+ - Muslim or Communist-Maoist terrorists?

Indian national security is a high priority in the the northeast Indian state of Assam where Communist-Maoist terrorists, Muslim Jihadist and other armed insurgent groups use murder, bombs and extortion in their campaigns to destabilize and take over.

An article in the Hindustan Times details the latest…

“Security concerns over investments by Chinese companies continue to be top on the government agenda. The latest company to come under the home ministry scanner is Mass Financial Corporation, a firm based in Hong Kong and incorporated in Barbados.

The firm recently purchased an 18 %  stake in Canadian company Canoro Resources Ltd, which has operations in an oilfield — Amguri in Assam. Suspecting it to be a case of indirect investment by a Chinese company in an oil-and -gas field in the security-sensitive Assam, the home ministry has ordered an investigation.”

… from the Hindustan Times article China link in oil raises brows

How many Barbados companies are Chinese Government fronts?

In the last few years China has taken a great interest in Barbados – showering gifts, grants, trips, equipment, technology and even training our police and military personnel. (That’s really scary!)

China probably finances various supportive Bajan politicians, but voters will never know because the same politicians have made sure that the country has no election financing regulations or transparency.

Now we learn that Barbados offshore corporations and our good name are being used by China for intelligence operations and to gain backdoor investment access in countries that have conflicting national interests with China.

Does it matter to our country? Should it? Is there anything we can or should do about the situation?

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