‘Dudus’ Coke arrested. Will he live to see trial?

News reports say that Shower Posse gang leader Christopher Dudus Coke was captured at a checkpoint in Jamaica today – apparently on his way to surrender himself either to US Embassy personnel or local “friendly” police.

Some stories say that Coke cut a deal with the US authorities and will not oppose extradition. Some news commentators say that he wants to get out of Jamaica as quickly as possible because there is a wind change in the works that might prove unhealthy as certain Jamaican politicians are worried about what Coke might say at his trial.

Take your pick of the truth because everything in the Dudus Coke story has about eighteen sides.

Camille Coke (left) weeps as she stands beside her mother, Beverley, viewing the body of Lester Lloyd Coke alias 'Jim Brown' - the father of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke. Then Opposition Leader Edward Seaga is in the background with then Senator Olivia 'Babsy' Grange in front of him.

Dusdus Coke’s father died one day before extradition to USA

One thing that must be on the gang leader’s mind is the fact that his father, Lester Lloyd Coke (also called Jim Brown), died mysteriously in 1992 in a jail cell fire just one day before he was to be extradited to the United States. (Thanks to the Jamaican Gleaner for the funeral photo from their excellent story When Politicians go Naked)

Many news stories call it a “jail fire” or “prison fire”, but dig deeper and you’ll find that description doesn’t tell the whole truth. The fire was confined to one jail cell and Lester Lloyd Coke was the lone occupant. Some reports say he was alive after the fire but it took two hours to get him to the hospital only a minute away. Other stories say the guards left the block as the fire began and Lester screamed.

“If you believe Jim Brown just burned to death, by accident, in his jail cell, you’ll believe in the tooth fairy,”

… from the Newsweek article ‘Jim Brown’ is still dead, isn’t he?’

Rumours say that Jamaican politicians feared what drug lord Jim Brown would say in the United States as he bargained for a reduced sentence.

There is no doubt that as Dudus Coke sits in his jail cell today, he will be thinking of how his father died. Considering the reported relationships between Dudus Coke, Prime Minister Bruce Golding and other Jamaican politicians and gang members there are probably dozens of people who wouldn’t cry many tears if Mr. Coke had a heart attack or died in a car crash before trial. Anything but a jail cell fire.


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2 responses to “‘Dudus’ Coke arrested. Will he live to see trial?

  1. Richard Drayton is implying there’s more in the mortar than the pestle;- http://bajanreporter.com/?p=14572

  2. EDDIE

    Very interesting article written in New Week (above, 1992).

    Live by the sword; be prepared to die by it!

    No guarantee for Coke that he’ll live in an American jail either.