Bajan Reporter pours gasoline on the Barbados Equestrian Association – Natya Soodeen controversy. New documents surface!

Barbados Equestrian Association, dead tree news media, strangely silent on Natya Soodeen suspension

The popular Bajan Reporter online news outlet today published a new major article on the Natya Soodeen suspension. Someone supplied journalist Ian Bourne with copies of various emails exchanged in the controversial action by the Barbados Equestrian Association (BEA) and, true to Mr. Bourne’s earlier promise at BFP, Bajan Reporter published everything on a stated deadline after the BEA refused to discuss the story with journalists.

Apparently, the Barbados Equestrian Association stuck its head in the sand hoping everything will go away.

Not likely!

Barbadians have a vital interest in the controversy because, as Bajan Reporter points out, if the situation is allowed to fester much more it will harm our country’s international reputation as a proper equestrian sports venue.

Gallop over to Bajan Reporter and then ask yourself why the dead-tree media is boycotting the Natya Soodeen controversy when thousands of Barbadians are showing intense interest in the story on the blogs, FaceBook and chat forums.

BREAKING! Bajan Reporter “They shoot riders, don’t they?” Where are the disciplinary and conduct proceedings of the Barbados Equestrian Association?

BFP June 12, 2010: Online petition slams Barbados Equestrian Association suspension of Natya Soodeen


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19 responses to “Bajan Reporter pours gasoline on the Barbados Equestrian Association – Natya Soodeen controversy. New documents surface!

  1. Thundaheadley

    If additional background would help, lets say everything was fine until it was discovered the BOA grant can only help 2 not 3. After that realisation, several committee members agreed the sister of an executive member should go fwd, so Natya gets kick down… but not without the ensuing backlash which they did not anticipate.

  2. Ian,
    There are three sides to every story.
    Hopefully it will all come out.
    You have recieved one side, can we wait for the rest before jumping to conclusions, because as you know to Assume is to make an ASS of U and Me

  3. I invited other sides to come forward and no one spoke out, news kept in waiting is stale, that’s not what my site is about – I welcome any comment from BEA and even if they put an updated statement on their own site is fair for everybody.

  4. Clowning around

    Mr Simpson this clown Bourne has an over weight ego a bit like himself, bear with him tolerate and humour him before he grapples you to the ground and inflicts his pain into you.

    With his style and inept manner No wonder he struggles to maintain a job, from pillar to post and none to say this is my 8 to 4 job telling his fabrications calling it reporting.

  5. Thundaheadley

    It’s amazing how when Mr Bourne hits nerves, all detractors do is go at his size and not handle the story.

    Why don’t you commentators probe why Kelsey Bayley gets to go to Youth Olympics over Emily Kinch who’s better qualified?

    But then Emily’s daddy doesn’t dip in the Polo Club till so as to build the CGI Tower nor bid on an Audi at a charity so as to have cheap wheels, huh?

    Someone also needs to tell Bruce to stop chatting up Karen Kranenburg whenever Liz is not at polo, you think we don’t realise?

  6. Cuthbert Canecutter

    Does anyone when they disagree with Roy Morris engage in personal attacks? He has far more fodder than Ian and his weight? You would think his crappy website would have ads on Gender Abuse or Sexual Harrassment!

  7. I find all of this very sad and ugly, if you go under the surface in other blogs, it gets worse – which is what I said all along… This is on the ‘Net and seen all over the world, d’you really think officials will take Barbados seriously as a Sports Tourism destination now?

  8. Ren

    The comments made by Thundaheadly are slanderous and in my opinion should be removed

  9. Platinum

    I agree with you Ren. Jealousy is an awful thing. I just wonder who the individual or individuals are who say that Emily Kinch is better qualified than Kelsey Bayley to represent Barbados? Maybe not only being a good horsewoman is the criteria for representing your country.
    As to the other disgusting comments and accusations I would say that you are the lowest of the lowlife. You tend to judge others by your own immorality “thundaheadley” maybe you should crawl back into the crabhole that dug yourself out of and maybe you will be lured out and used as bait.

  10. Thundaheadley

    So when the dailies finally get something right, then it’s wrong when you don’t agree? A midweek nation Sports spoke recently of Emily achieving improved standings, she didn’t even have to buy a horse from Sweden. Perhaps archery is a better sport for you?

    That same Nation also mentioned Akoele qualifying, errh, sure hope no conflicts of interest exist, perhaps we should check with the Secretary?

    As for Kelsey’s dad, we all know why the rift between the Polo Club and Waterhall/Apes hill happened, when the cows came home they bleated that the treasury was cleaner than an empty bottle of Irish Cream…

    We all know when Irish Cream dated the girl from 98.1 his parents nearly disowned him, but he never stopped liking cocoa in his tea?

  11. I think that whomever this “thundaheadley” person is, they have gone too far. If you have a beef with Bruce Bayley or assume that you know something, then you should be able to bring it out in public with your real name and face, and not hide behind an asumed name. If you are indeed right, then prove it, but if you are speculating, be careful. Your email is already listed with the provider of this service, and a court can order that it be released, thus exposing you to slander charges. So if you think you must continue along lines such as you are doing, then maybe you and TBR should be very careful with what you are allowed to post.

  12. Jonathan, I don’t know what I did you, but I have not carried any further comments from this person, also – their IP’s hail from a number of proxy servers, I usually try to keep my comments from genuine people or any rebuttals as factual. Anonymous trolls are not welcome!

  13. racing stripes

    Emily Kinch gets big coverage in newspaper over the CAC Qualified rider?? Cant believe her achievements are better than qualifying for the CAC’s. She is certainly advancing quickly though. Must be that, as it is such a contentious issue, they had to use the poor girl to mask what they really wanted in press. Pity that they couldnt find a picture of Emily that wasnt 5+ years old.

  14. Ian, you have done me nothing, TBR was not pertaining to you, although i now see the resamblance in Monikers. Sorry for the misinterpretation. I really am sick of this from all three sides, hers, theirs and the truth. I have put forward what i think, and i await an official announcement from the BEA before I continue this discussion.
    Thank you

  15. Robinson

    Wuh loss, did like de bold and beautiful.

    A real life one deng?


    But dat Natya real purty doe. I woulda pick her to represent Buhbim in anyting.

  16. Thundaheadley

    I haven’t seen anything new and yet I understand the BEA backed down and withdrew the nasty letter attacking Natya, well done for Ian Bourne, Underground & Free Press!

    The association is yet to explain what discrepancy or deception Natya made, and the group are still yet to have any comment on their site.

    I hope those who do archery grind knowing they can never qualify for CAC, even Jordanian royalty should know how inadequate they are – losing your way in a course and disqualifying should indicate they can never aspire to be in Natya’s class…

    You think Ehning would train THEM? Hah!

  17. lickin my mout

    I imagine Jonathan is still awaiting a response from the BEA……like the rest of us. doesnt it appear as if they just want it to die down so everyone forgets the complete balls up they made?? buy I hope the Soodeens dont let it die down. The BEA needs to come clean and then apologize to Natya

  18. 62

    Thundaheadley, did you ever consider that it was Karen that was chatting up Bruce? Quite frankly Liz is a much more attractive woman, and that accusation was extremely uncalled for.

    Furthermore, Kelsey beat Emily in many more CEA trials than Emily beat her, and she has also gone on to compete in bigger classes, competing successfully in the 1.30m in Wellington last winter against stiffer competition while Emily is only now starting the 1.30m…and why all the way in the middle of nowhere and at small shows where there is no competition? I would like to hear your reasons for saying Emily is better qualified, please prove me wrong if that be the case.

    I am also amazed at how you like to attack Bruce, you don’t know that he dips in the polo club, and he has every right to bid on a goddamned Audi if he pleases.