‘Gossip Girl’ by Bajan band Nexcyx about to hit big in the US? We think so!

Let’s pile on the YouTube viewings and help local band Nexcyx!

A trailer for the hit US television show Gossip Girl, featuring Bajan band Nexcyx, was just shortlisted as a contender to become the official trailer for the international series.

That’s pretty special, but how did this come about?

Many Barbadians know and love the song “Gossip Girl,” but what they don’t know is that it was produced and recorded by local band Nexcyx.

Sanna Allsopp of StudioCaribe.TV heard the song in her car and assumed it was taken from the American show’s soundtrack. Much to her surprise, she discovered that it was by a local band and approached the group to direct their music video.

Whilst editing the video, Allsopp found out there was a competition in the States by PROMAX/BDA for the CW network called Making the Cut, where contestants produce an original trailer for a top CW programme. PROMAX/BDA provide would-be editors with original footage from the shows, including Gossip Girl. Nexcyx, with manager, Andrew Daniel, agreed to take part, as they were huge fans of the show and thought it would be a great opportunity to get the song international exposure.

At the time Allsopp was working with up-and-coming editor Chavaughn Francis (originally from Jamaica), who is a film student in Atlanta. He was already a fan of the band and was delighted to be involved in the project. Francis put together the trailer which is now shortlisted in the final twelve out of hundreds of entrants. The winning entry becomes the official trailer for the show. We will learn this week if this Bajan song is going to hit the big time!

The band needs as many hits on YouTube as possible. You can view the trailer at: http://tinyurl.com/gossip-girl-trailer


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3 responses to “‘Gossip Girl’ by Bajan band Nexcyx about to hit big in the US? We think so!

  1. twwifos

    Yeah, if the song gets into the top ten they get some free land in Apes Hill!

  2. I want to live in Apes Hill!

  3. EDDIE

    This band will make it!

    Whether, they become one-hit wonders, or weather the stormy and unpredictable clouds of US show business, will be left to be seen.

    I’m sure, however, that they will chart. This is based on these factors:
    1. They have the looks
    2. They have the connections
    3. It appears that they can play

    When they start making money, I hope they use their heads and don’t blow it in dope and fast living.

    Be smart: Appear to be a dopey (as they are currently doing); but laugh all the way to the bank.