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David Estwick should resign over Gun incident in Barbados Parliament

Intimidation of Opposition Member designed to fall just below the criminal threshold

As more details emerge about the conflict last March between Government Minister David Estwick and Opposition MP Dale Marshall, we at BFP think it is quite possible that David Estwick’s actions were a deliberate attempt to intimidate Dale Marshall. We also think Estwick carefully planned the display of his firearm to come right up to the line, but beneath the criteria necessary for criminal charges.

Consider that Estwick and Marshall had been involved in a heated debate in Parliament. Consider that by all reports there was no one else in close proximity when Marshall says he rounded a corner and saw Estwick remove his weapon from his ankle holster. Continue reading


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‘Gossip Girl’ by Bajan band Nexcyx about to hit big in the US? We think so!

Let’s pile on the YouTube viewings and help local band Nexcyx!

A trailer for the hit US television show Gossip Girl, featuring Bajan band Nexcyx, was just shortlisted as a contender to become the official trailer for the international series.

That’s pretty special, but how did this come about? Continue reading


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Bajan Reporter pours gasoline on the Barbados Equestrian Association – Natya Soodeen controversy. New documents surface!

Barbados Equestrian Association, dead tree news media, strangely silent on Natya Soodeen suspension

The popular Bajan Reporter online news outlet today published a new major article on the Natya Soodeen suspension. Someone supplied journalist Ian Bourne with copies of various emails exchanged in the controversial action by the Barbados Equestrian Association (BEA) and, true to Mr. Bourne’s earlier promise at BFP, Bajan Reporter published everything on a stated deadline after the BEA refused to discuss the story with journalists. Continue reading


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