Barbados Customs Department ever-vigilant at Grantley Adams International Airport!

This Customs officer is probably a hard worker, effective in her job and a nice person too…

…but camera-phones everywhere and that is the new reality!


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43 responses to “Barbados Customs Department ever-vigilant at Grantley Adams International Airport!

  1. Micah

    Possibly a rather unfair comment. This does not look like the Customs area of the airport at all, which suggests that the officer may have been on a break. The better question is whether there isn’t a private area for the customs officers to take a break or otherwise be when they are not on their shift.

  2. Duppy Lizard

    Could it be she was having a baby?

  3. She is unarmed, when she saw an armed Taliban contingent passing by, she feigned death 😉

  4. P Sandiford

    i think u should remove this photo…u dont know if this lady had worked two shifts or was on a break u could make her loose her job. this is not funny at all…..suppose she has kids at school come on free press do the right thing !!!!!!

  5. Tell me Why

    BFP. I agree with P. Sandiford to withdraw this post. Many times we see parliamentarians asleep while the people’s business is convening and you never comment. Come on BFP.How would you feel if this lady looses her job. BTW, the other lady is a staffer at the airport which mean it was a break. How unfortunate.

  6. This is already on facebook, so it’s not their fault, that’s probably how they discovered it

  7. Obesity Epidemic

    This woman and Ian Bourne got a lot in common.

  8. @OE – I can lose weight, you’ll still have an ugly attitude, stick to the issue and not ad hominem/personal attacks (in other words you’re riding the wrong HORSE)

  9. Nostradamus

    BFP – remove this story and cut the poor lady some slack. She does not deserve this treatment. I agree with P Sandiford above.

  10. bimjim

    This looks like the Departure Lounge, and this is one of the Customs Guards (not Officers) who patrol the Customs area ensuring that nothing goes un-noticed, such as people entering and leaving the area illegally, and so on.

    So many think this is something where nothing should be done, and the picture withdrawn?

    But THIS is what non-Bajan visitors have to look at when they leave, it is their final example of a government official on duty – fat like an overweight pig and sleeping on the job. Talk about the perfect picture of a Banana Republic… if she can the right to take a break, you can bet money on her big boompsie AND her overlarge front end that her union REQUIRES the government to provide a lunch room at their place of work. Check it out. And there MUST be better places to let a few Zees fly without making the entire country look bad – but maybe she just does not care or can’t be bothered to use the energy to get there. She sure seems to have a lot of it (energy) saved up in that forward fuel tank.

    No matter how perfectly we as a people were viewed when the visitor was on island for one, two, three weeks (or more), THIS is the last thing many of them see, and NO, it’s NOT acceptable and we should NOT hide it.

    Years ago one of these people aggressively approached me in the Departure Lounge – I was dressed in my pilot uniform – and asked me if the bulge in the back pocket of my pants was a wad of cash. I told her yes, and she started to get very agitated… then I pulled out my wallet and showed her the few EC dollars I had. Sorry they were so valueless… apparently they weren’t worth seizing.

    Apparently _even_ if you are intransit between two flights (not staying) and are in the Customs area of the airport – considered an international no-man’s land, neither entered nor departed the country – and have foreign currency, you are subject to arrest, detention and seizure of all the cash. Only in a Barbados could we have such a pedantic bureaucracy with no imagination whatsoever…

    But hey, take a look at her “sister” in blue alongside as well… that one seems to have mastered the art of sleeping upright!!

  11. Observing....

    I have no sympathy for this behaviour. Apart from the personal aspect of whether she had worked two shifts or not, if I am tired and I am at work I “man up” and have a coffee or a cup of tea and deal with it because if I were to sleep on the job, I wouldn’t have one.

    Apart from sleeping on the job, the individual in question doesn’t do it in a lunch room away from public view but does it IN UNIFORM in a PUBLIC area at the airport! To me this act says that she cares not a whit what people think, or how it reflects on HM Customs!

    If she is at work she should not be sleeping, Customs officers are responsible in part for the security of the country. What does her “40 winks” say about the general state of professionalism in Customs?

    To excuse this on the basis of “oh she must have had a hard day” is to make excuses for behaviour that is not appropriate, and quite frankly a disgrace.

  12. Obesity Epidemic

    Ian Bourne
    June 19, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    @OE – I can lose weight, you’ll still have an ugly attitude, stick to the issue and not ad hominem/personal attacks (in other words you’re riding the wrong HORSE)

    Who are you trying to fool? Fast food would have to be unavailable for you lose weight. A shot uh rum and my whole demeanor changes.

    Former minister of health Jerome Walcott said Barbados is a fat farm. Dr Hoyos said a similar thing. Barbadians are eating themselves to death and some of us are ahead of the pack in that regard.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why this woman would attempt to live a normal life as if she is pregnant.

    Anyways I think the similarity between you and her are striking. She appears to be asleep on the job, you use to read the news as if you were, and de two uh wunnuh are very large in the middle.

  13. reality check

    If this lady is on duty, this photo is fair comment, however, one would hope the government has supplied all officers with a lunch room on their off time.

    We all could have embarrassing photos of us sent into cyberspace. While she is wearing the uniform if she is off duty, this photo is somewhat of a cheap shot.

  14. bimjim

    I can assure you that I don’t see this as a cheap shot… at all of the jobs I have had where I was required to wear a uniform – and that included two years as an Air Traffic Controller in Barbados – the uniform itself precluded me from even entering a bar to ask for a glass of water because of the image that needed to be preserved of my employer.

    There is no excuse – repeat NO EXCUSE – for a uniformed employee to be caught in such a situation. WHATEVER HER STATUS – sick, off, pregnant, resting, whatever – she needed to be out of sight of the Press, the taxpayers, the visitors and the other airport workers.

    If I saw a Customs Guard like that and she later approached me in an official capacity, I would tend to laugh at anything she said – she could not be taken seriously.

    There is more to such a photograph – to her situation – than meets the eye. This is a very serious behaviour flaw that needs to be addressed, no matter who she is, who she is connected to, how many children she has, whether she is pregnant or ANY OTHER factor. This places the respect of her Department at stake for citizens and visitors alike.

    This photo show s a totally unprofessional employee of government taking full advantage of her position of trust to show the rest of the world just what a Banana Republic Barbados is… I say fire her and make this an example to the rest of the government employees who may be doing the same thing – and were just lucky enough not to get caught.

  15. Bagehot

    Do we know when this picture was taken? Where? Could she be waitng on a lift home after a long shift of duty? Could she be diabetic? Suffering from narcolepsy? Slimbimjim, you are most uncharitable!

  16. OE has performed an excellent QED, which is to say he proved my point – not looking at issue and diverting for a personal matter, so what if I am chubby?

    What does that have to do with a person sending a bad image of Barbados to people of any nationality as they move thru GAIA? Cruel as “bimjim” sounds, nevertheless he’s made excellent points!

    Even if BFP removed the photo, thousands of Bajans on facebook have already seen the same picture, so the point is moot really.

  17. bimjim

    Waiting on a lift home after a long shift of duty? Skippah, do cars pass through the Departure Lounge now?

    Diabetic? Somebody call the ambulance!!! Dis one look like she awreddy dead, yuh!!

    Suffering from narcolepsy? Are you for real? Are you even a Bajan? This looks more serious than that – it looks like the most critical case of numberitis (you know I really mean the “n” word!) induced by an overdose of the fatal triple combo of narcoleptics… puddn’n’souse, mashed potatoes and okra coocoo.

    HELP!! Is there a Doctor in the airport?

    And uncharitable? Yes, I guess so, but isn’t this lady being uncharitable to ALL the rest of us? My guess is that if she was goofing off in the designated lunch room instead, her supervisor would find her and be writing her up. This is most probably a place her supervisor never goes and she can get away with sleeping away the taxpayer’s dollar.

    At the humiliating expense of the rest of us.

    This one looks like she has no pride… either in herself or her country. But I don’t see why my entire country’s reputation has to take the hit because she refuses to do her job in a professional manner. Hundreds of people must have seen her that day, and many thousands more – from that obvious level of comfort you can bet your boompsie this is not the first time she has overloaded those chairs.

    I say if she’s not fired she should be moved to a nice quiet bonded warehouse somewhere so she can be more comfortable – on a few bags of flour or rice, perhaps. At the absoloute very least, just get her out of sight of our Barbados taxpayers and visitors.

  18. Obesity Epidemic

    Ian Bourne you were on national telvision reading the news as if sleepy, and or disinterested. I am sure more people have seen you than have seen this woman and I am not convince that any number of them would not be repulse by the site of you. Chubby is to small to properly define you.

    I am willing to place a wager that if they are photos on your facebook page, a good set of them are of food. This woman appears to be further along than you are as result of over-eating.

  19. Bagehot


    Anyone else you would like to get out of the sight of OUR Barbadian taxpayers and visitors? I am assuming that she is not a member of either category.

  20. yatinkiteasy

    I think she is a decoy…the real Customs guard is standing (out of sight) opposite her, just waiting for someone to try to smuggle something past her as she pretends to sleep. She also has stuffed a pillow in her uniform, to make it appear that she has just eaten a big meal, thus needing the sleep. Its perfectly clear to me.

  21. bimjim

    Maybe she’s really a cocaine mule, in Customs Guard uniform, just waiting for the right opportunity to sneak out of the airport and deliver her load!!! And she is met just outside the door by the real Customs Guards and Officers waiting to pounce on her… Oh well, we dream of such exciting things…

    But this photo is still a disgusting display of laziness and unprofessionalism in Barbados.

  22. Obesity Epidemic

    Which is more embarrasing for Barbados.

    Your made up story of what this woman’s demeanor as captured in this pic means?


    Barbados been placed on a human trafficking “watch list” against the backdrop of reported cases of child prostitution, domestic servitude, stepfathers and other adults coercing chldren into “transactional sex”?

    Do you know of any person in Barbados who may have been accused of any of the activities listed above?

  23. bimjim

    Wait, wunna cyan mek two word of sport now? One idiot here cayan stay on topic, de nex jumping pon every ting a body seh.

    Look, tek de topic an shove it. De woman is a disgrace to the people of Barbados, to the government, to the Customs Department, and to teh GAIA administration

    Now I seh fire she ras and done wid it. No more joke.


    I. Gone

  24. Obesity Epidemic

    I was hoping that BFP had a article on the latest news of Barbados and Human trafficking, but I haven’t seen one. I will look again because no matter how you all try this women in the court of public opinion, Barbados has already been found wanting with regards to human trafficking, and if you are truly concern about Barbados’s image then it is hard to not comment on it. It greatly supercedes any percieved fall-out this woman’s behaviour is likely to cause.

  25. Sims

    It appears that the stairs behind her are the stairs to the First Class lounge. Which would mean she is sleeping right where the American Airlines morning Miami flight passengers are waiting to be called.

    It amazes me how many people above are happy to let this type of behavior slide as acceptable and to give her a break. This type of behavior needs to be highlighted even more and she should be embarrassed and learn a lesson from all this if nothing else.

    All of you above who have pity on her – how do you run your own businesses?

  26. Steve coward

    I am a retired Canada Border Service Officer . An early retirement . I would love to have the opportunity to teach fellow bajans a whole lot about deportment , and how to address travellers to our country without appearing to be angry at the wholer world ,instead of being pleasant and engaging.
    One can be firm but pleasant . I worked as a Custom/Immigration Officer for 35 years and it is sad to see how and hear of complaints from friends , and people that i don’t know making comments about how rude some Officers are .I would love to be able to offer some valuable no how to my sisters and brothers in bim if the opportunity was to ever arise.

  27. Steve coward

    If a teaching or tutoring position should arise i’ll surely want to be considered . I have interviewed,hired and trained young Canada Custom officer over a period of four years. I do believe i could make a big difference in teaching new recruits what i takes to be respected ,and applauded for a job well done.
    I would be happy to make a difference.

  28. kboo

    Wow!! This pic is embarrassing! This was taken in departures and she’s in uniform so i think regardless of her situation(sick, pregnant) whatever it might be she shouldnt have chosen there to take her nap if she was on break or at lunch. clearly she knew she was tired. she removed the hat and made herself quite comfortable. All that’s missing is a blanket and pillow….I hope she isnt fired tho, we all need our jobs.Hopefully she’s learnt a lesson and does all her sleeping at home in the future.If she should see my comment i reccomend some extra strong coffee, redbull, monsta or turbo to keep those eyes open

  29. Responder

    Did one gave any thought that she is pregnant and needed a short nap? Hmmm?

  30. Angie

    Please stop making excuses for this woman. It is a disgrace, but I am sorry to say it is one that seems to be acceptable all over our island.
    Do you honestly think that the Union that she belongs to would not have it in her contract that there is a lunch area provided? and probably mini breaks several times during the day.
    Look at her carefully! She is overweight as many of us are, but she has absolutely no pride in herself. To half-sit in a public area in that position? I think she is just another lazy bajan!
    Next question “who is her boss”? why does this escape the managers notice along with the bathroom doors in the departure lounge that do not close, lack of paper etc. etc.

  31. Steve coward

    I think it is time to put this unfortunate , and embarrassing episode to bed. I am sure no one will ever be arround to take a picture if and when this lady is seen ably assisting someone that is elderly or that is in neerd of assistance .Lets move on ,and focus on somethings that are more positive.
    If i could bet , i would wager a small amount that this lady was never ever told that she represented Barbados in her capacity as a Customs Inpector or a security Guard ,and first impression ,is almost always a lasting impression .I am sure that she, or for that matter others in similar positions have learnt from her embarassing mistake. Let’ s put some of the blame on the Supervisor on duty for lack of vigilance .

  32. Angie

    It is exactly the kind of excuses that you make for this woman Steve that creates this type of fourth rate service in this island. I am a Barbadian who can trace her roots to 1636 not from any privileged background, but from working class people. To be the best and do your best was instilled into our family. I travel through the airport at least twelve times a year and those Security guards are always stuffing their faces with food while on duty, talking what they did the night or day before for everyone within a twelve foot radius to hear. It is because this seems to be an accepted behaviour from most Barbadians that we continue to have fourth rate service, yet we want to be a first class destination. As to the probability that she has never been told that she is representing Barbados may I humbly ask what her mental capability is if she does not know that she is working at an International Airport?

  33. ninemikemike

    bimjim and angie (how ya doing girl?) are on the money, while Verbal Diarrhoea Epidemic is full of it.

    This disgrace to her post and her country should spend fewer waking hours feeding her face, and perhaps then she could stay awake long enough to drag her sorry overladen ass outa sight.

  34. JCP

    I support Barbados Free Press. Somehow Barbados’ standards have become slackened with no end in sight. Many in Barbados now ask for everyone wants to be giving multiple chances for something that never should have happen to begin with. I had to goto the court and request documents and they were actually crossed with me when I asked them to re-make the document because there are not two i’s in the word Enterprise, or when I told them the persons name was misspelled (and I brought the land tax bills to prove it.) Barbadians when on the job need to do what is right (at all times). Whether double shift, triple shift, or just single shift. P.S. BFP be-careful because the signs say it is illegal to use any photographic tools once inside the airport terminal.

  35. JCP

    @Obesity Epidemic. Owen Arthur did his darnedest to get Barbados on that list with his big mouth… What other leader in their right-mind would goto an international conference full of influential dignitaries from around the world, and would actually tell them proudly that they prefer to hire illegal immigrants in their country, and exploit them by having them do work on the Ilaro Courts kitchen cabinets?
    Who actually thinks Barrack Obama would goto a meeting and tell people such a thing? He would never goto any conference and say some foolishness like he likes to hire illegal Caribbean nationals at the White House to do hard labour. Good job Owen….. Good job!

  36. Bajan Leadpipe

    Maybe she was on medication which had the side effect of drowsiness……..maybe the peaceful and secure atmosphere lulled her to sleep….

    The optics are bad….but do we really need to show the world? Would it not have been a more responsible and civic minded act to bring this to the attention of the supervisor on duty?

    Or was this done to ridicule the Customs Guard and by extension, Bim?

  37. kennyboy

    Barbados is still the best place on earth and many are happy o see us fall.

  38. What ever happened to the lady taht caused such an uproar? Was she fired ? Removed to a less less visible location? Disciplined in any way? Or promoted? I’ve never heard what that end result brought.

  39. G. King

    Its so unfair you dont know if she was on break, lunch, before or ending her tour. If cots were provided where they could nap during lunch then you would say something else. Knownow the facts before you post a picture.

  40. G. King

    Barbados Customs is the last line of defense against the criminals entering and living in the country. They need our support there are master criminals and their surrogates in and out of government on the attack. Barbados will become another Tivoli Gardens if we don’t act.


  42. 154

    The personin the photo is definitely not asleep.
    Do you know of her health or physical status at the time photo was taken.

    Barbarians when it comes to sensitivity are still at the level of a five year old. We also have a world wide reputation as women beaters. We laugh at the handicapped we abuse the elderley and never look in the mirror. We think its OK to steal houses and land from each other, which is really sad when it’s among members of the same family. Living in your parents house while you dumped them at QEH. Look in the mirror Bajans.