Bajan Reporter issues fair warning to the Barbados Equestrian Association

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Dear BEA Committee;

It’s now close to 24 Hrs since I wrote you on the Natya Soodeen suspension, during the interim I have verified the BEA website – while Google listed, is not running – even down to its caches, which suggests a total revision of the URL. I not only e-mailed the President but left a voice-mail on her cell plus a text, and also e-mailed most of the Committee and only Naomi Roachford-Holder responded (after I sent a voice-mail & text message) so far, she’s promising a statement is forthcoming.

As News is an ever-present beastie, I leave you with this caveat – if I do not receive an answer by 12:Midnight of Sun. 20 June 2010, then I will use MOST of the info I already have to present a different case than what pervades in Barbados Free Press and elsewhere. I will only use ALL of the info I have, based on legal advice forthcoming from interested parties. However, in the interests of fairness I felt it only just to alert you what inactivity will cost.

Thank you.

Ian Bourne, The Bajan Reporter

The above was posted as a comment by Ian Bourne on BFP’s story Online petition slams Barbados Equestrian Association suspension of Natya Soodeen


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16 responses to “Bajan Reporter issues fair warning to the Barbados Equestrian Association

  1. Veerrry interesting… The site is now back online, but those who knew it before would have to let me know what changes (if any) have been made.

    The site lists Nicole Tull was ‘elected‘ as President, which is odd – since a few members told me that James Elliott resigned and like Gordon Brown with Tony Bliar, Dr Tull simply continued the post? I dunno, but that’s what has been indicated to me – perhaps they’re wrong?

  2. why?

    do your homework and you will see,careful what you say now, do believe everything you have been told.

    By the way Ian that seemed like a threat…… hmmmmmm.

  3. why?

    that of course is do NOT believe all you have been told

  4. ramgait

    It is true that James Elliot resigned. Therefore, a new President, Nicole Tull, was nominated and elected unanymously by the members of the BEA.

    Oh and by the way Mr. Bourne, I suggest you get both sides of the story before you post ALL the information you have, because you are making some very serious accusations there, and I look forward to when the BEA makes their statement and embarrasses allyuh ras!@#$%s

  5. savannah

    It is obvious in both BU and BFP that there are members of the BEA who are writing pretty nasty things about their fellow rider. After reading the nasty statements (which seem to be written by the same person) I had to re-read what was said in the petition which has caused so much controversy. It seems that all that is mentioned is that Soodeen was suspended without trial, and that IF the BEA have found discrepencies with her results, then why not simply ask her to clarify, and at that time, if the members of the BEA feel that Soodeen maliciously submitted false results, THEN suspend her bottom for ever if need be. What is confusing me this…is why this (I am assuming) BEA committee member who keeps writing on these blogs, and who seems to have a personal issue with Soodeen stooping so low. Have the BOA not sent athelets to international games where they have come dead last, or have been disuqalified? Should we treat them all with the same amount of disgust as you ‘ramgait and Why?’
    what is the reason behind your insults?

  6. concerned

    I think some need to check what they are saying here. When James Elliott
    Resigned, the vice-president Nicole Tull assumed his position. She was not voted on
    Until in November at the AGM. Of course it helped that 30 new members had been accepted into the
    Association, unbeknownst to the rest of the long standing members, who
    Were all family to the committee members being nomitated and eventually sworn in
    Was that a plan? Sure it was to safe guard a certain outcome
    If it wasn’t a plan, why weren’t the members informed of the new members? Why did the Association
    Then close, some (5) weeks before AGM, the acceptance of new membersm

  7. Thanks for the clarification – now to start writing, was researching other equestrian associations and their rules…

  8. david 2

    Concerned, surely the rules allow a VP to act in position of President under the circumstances outlined by you.
    How are we to honestly judge your assertion of padding od membership. Surely anyone interested in joining could have done so
    Supportive or not supportive of Tull. And another think it has been stated that Tull
    Was unapposed if true what happened to the opposition voices so clearly displayed on BU and BFP.

    Or is it really a vast minoroty with personal issues either with Tull or others on the committee
    Who are trying to cause embarrassment.

    I am looking forward to Bournes piece, what will it reveal, we wait and see.

    I am also eagerly awaiting my associations reply.

  9. david 2

    Vast in above should read “vast”

  10. concerned

    @David 2

    yes…act in the position of not be the position. ie Letters signed should have stated Acting President until the election that you say unanimously voted her in.. so why the secrecy to vote in members? I welcome as many members would come, but this was not to be when they closed off all membership applications right after these 30 were brought in.

    You say I may be getting catty, I am not, but if we are to scrutinize NAtya the way we have been for the past week, let’s scrutinize everything…. This is not to cause embarrassment, all be it, the committee has brought any embarrassment on themselves. Unfortunately, it will be the minority that dare to ask questions, not cause embarrassment, but I say, when you take on these positions, while ascending the status ladder, you may come under scrutiny…and therefore should be willing to take it, not just dictate as has been shown in the last two weeks. come on now….

  11. david 2

    I don’t entirely disagree with you concerned, re the committee being questioned for their action.
    However the comments on this and other blogs has deteriorated substantially.
    Acting President or president is only semantics.

  12. concerned

    I couldn’t agree with you more… I have a lot of respect for Dr. Tull but at times I believe she has been swayed wrongfully. I have checked many websites for equestrian federation rules and have found that the course of action taken for suspension is at the least 14 days, giving the ‘suspended’ the 14 days to state an argument. It is interesting to note also, a suspension is usually granted for serious issues like ‘doping/drugging’ of athlete in this case the horse.
    I have a question too…as it appears they say she didnt supply her results, or video her rounds, when did they notice this? could a phone call to her or an email to her questioning this not have taken place? Could there have been a misunderstanding? consideration could have been given to sort this out before such a drastic measure was taken…and for what.
    I dont blame Soodeen for any attempt she makes to try and clear her name, it doesn’t mean I wont continue to support the Association, for it has given many children opportunities and for that I’m glad. I cannot imagine that I or you would sit back and do nothing hoping that this would blow over. My concern of course is that, at this rate the complete lack of support and information to back up suspension which has not been forthcoming, has fueled an anger like I have never seen and fear that it will cost others, in their attempts to compete either regionally or internationally, greatly.

  13. david 2

    Wait its midnight already. Bourne!

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