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Bajan Reporter issues fair warning to the Barbados Equestrian Association

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Dear BEA Committee;

It’s now close to 24 Hrs since I wrote you on the Natya Soodeen suspension, during the interim I have verified the BEA website – while Google listed, is not running – even down to its caches, which suggests a total revision of the URL. I not only e-mailed the President but left a voice-mail on her cell plus a text, and also e-mailed most of the Committee and only Naomi Roachford-Holder responded (after I sent a voice-mail & text message) so far, she’s promising a statement is forthcoming.

As News is an ever-present beastie, I leave you with this caveat – if I do not receive an answer by 12:Midnight of Sun. 20 June 2010, then I will use MOST of the info I already have to present a different case than what pervades in Barbados Free Press and elsewhere. I will only use ALL of the info I have, based on legal advice forthcoming from interested parties. However, in the interests of fairness I felt it only just to alert you what inactivity will cost.

Thank you.

Ian Bourne, The Bajan Reporter

The above was posted as a comment by Ian Bourne on BFP’s story Online petition slams Barbados Equestrian Association suspension of Natya Soodeen


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Did the Barbados Tourism Authority issue a tender for the design and hosting of www.visitebarbados.com?

Kammie Holder picks up on a story broken by Barbados Free Press and asks some additional questions. A good take in this weeks’ Swimming Upstream,  but we’d like to know if Kammie tried to credit BFP for breaking the story and The Nation editors quashed it. (That’s okay, Kammie. We still love ya no matter.) Continue reading


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