Rihanna’s new Barbados home and the hypocrisy of Gline Clarke

Rihanna not good enough for a prime gated community?

The Government of Barbados gifted an upscale Ape’s Hill building lot to Rihanna, but Opposition MP and former Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke is upset that Rihanna wasn’t presented with land in a lower status development.

Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley, who introduced the resolution in the House of Assembly to vest 2,635 square metres of land at Apes Hill, St James in the name of the international star – Robyn Rihanna Fenty –  also chided Clarke for his “audacity” and asked whether the exclusive community was “too good” for her.

Lashley noted that Clarke’s query was “suggesting to me, indirectly, that Apes Hill is too good for this young Barbadian”.

“To me, it was one downside in this debate that a Member . . . could be questioning why we are looking at land in Apes Hill for Rihanna, and why not Westbury.”

… from the Nation article Controversy over gift of land to Rihanna

Clarke built his mistress a home on expropriated land!

Corruption personified: Gline Clarke - Built house for mistress on land his government expropriated.

Perhaps Gline Clarke is suggesting that Rihanna would be happier if Barbados obtained the land for her in the same way that Clarke’s mistress obtained her land?

That story was never reported by the oldstream Bajan news media but we never grow weary of repeating it…

As Minister of Public Works, Gline Clarke was part of the government that expropriated private land for “public housing.” Then, through some magic… POOF!!!!  Minister Clarke’s shiny new Mercedes was parked in the driveway of a home built on the expropriated land.

Government Minister Clarke Built This House For His Mistress - Using Laundered Money Upon Land His Government Expropriated!

Neighbours say that Clarke directed the building of the home and paid the workers cash every week. Who owns the home (on paper, anyway)? Clarke’s mistress – so said fellow MP and party kingpin Doctor Duguid.

If Gline Clarke is concerned about how land is distributed by the Barbados Government, perhaps before he starts tossing stones at Rihanna, he can explain the home of his mistress.

See BFP’s story Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land



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30 responses to “Rihanna’s new Barbados home and the hypocrisy of Gline Clarke

  1. Puzzled

    Puzzle unraveling…There’s an old bajan saying…you can hide and buy land, but you can’t hide and work it!!!
    Shame on Glyne Clarke. Shame!

    This young lady has brought Barbados into such prominence that to my mind, one of the high end contractors (Jada, pls feel free to step forward)should also offer to build the house for free. After all, the condos and villas that they build are mostly for overseas folks, some of whom would of heard of Barbados through efforts of entertainers like Rihanna.

  2. Beefcake

    The ridiculous part of the story is this – Rihanna can more than afford to buy real estate in Barbados. She is given the same accolades as achievers such as Obadele Thompson.

    However Obadele far more deserved the gift of property since he had fewer resources and would probably better appreciate the gesture.

    Our aspiring athletes deserve better support and financing than they are currently receiving.

  3. X

    Sorry folks but you’re missing the point here. It’s just unfortunate that the BLP lacks the credibility to be critical of current Government policies.

    It is not that Apes Hill is too good for Rihanna or for any Barbadian, the issue is that the Government is in a difficult fiscal situation and the economy is weak with hundreds of people having been laid off. And the Government goes ahead and spends over a million dollars to buy real estate for a millionaire.

    If Rihanna wanted this property she could easily buy it herself without a burden being placed on taxpayers. The only other people to benefit from this deal: Sir Charles and his multimillionaire partners in the Apes Hill development.

    Why at the cost of taxpayers are millionaires benefiting from Government handouts when the current climate makes for so many other needy and deserving recipients of those funds. Piorities here are wrong. Name something after her, make her birthday a public holiday, do ssomething that isn’t going to cost a million $ at a time when the Government can barely afford to pay people their tax refunds.

  4. X

    And Gline Clarke having been a thief does not excuse this example of fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the current administration.

    Sorry folks – very disappointed in your take on this.

  5. twwifos

    The money to give her this land would have been better spent to get Bathsheba a decent running water system.

  6. BFP

    amen to that twwifos!

  7. What's missing?

    Normally, from a good busines practice, COW would have given or heavily discounted the land to Rihanna to bring in her friends and promote the Apes Hill project.

    Is it posible and probable that the government owes COW millions it can’t pay back so rather than cancel the million dollar debt, the government appears to be honoring Rihanna by buying the land and Cow gets a million dollars on paper. No money changes hands.

    This way it appears a win/win for both parties except for the Barbadian taxpayer who don’t like the appearance.

    The fact that Gline Clarke is still in Parliament is the most newswothy item of this headline. Unlike others who have no need or reason to show up in Parliament, Gline should be hiding underneath his

  8. Micah

    I agree with you. Rihanna does not need the Barbados Government (i.e. the Barbadian taxpayers) to be buying land for her when she is clearly making a lot of money as an international singer and star. She already received a Land Rover from a private entity here in Barbados a couple of years ago. I believe that honouring her with renaming a road or building after her, or putting her likeness on stamps, etc. is more valuable symbolically, and more cost-conscious especially in a time of economic recession. We are thankful for the advertising she does for Barbados simply for what she does professionally, but I believe as a proud Bajan she is probably more than happy to do that. Obadele as an athlete would not make the kind of money Rihanna would, and as an athlete his career would potentially be much shorter-so honouring him with land was more appropriate. Anyway, what’s done is done, and congratulations to Rihanna for her new “piece of the rock”, and best wishes for future success.

  9. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    This Nation Story is a non story…. and BFP as usual is still trying to unelect a government that is already in opposition.

    What Clarke ACTUALLY said is reported below Michael Lashley’s evasion of the question.

    “Clarke interrupted to say he had asked a simple, legitimate question: Whose idea it was for the land and whether it was Government’s or Sir Charles Williams’, and why Apes Hill and not Bushy Park or St Lucy? “Is Apes Hill too good for Robyn Rihanna Fenty?” Lashley asked. Clarke said he had never said Apes Hill was too good for anybody, but Government had to say why it chose Apes Hill.”

    But the real point of substance in this story is revealed in the last sentence….

    “Lashley said Cabinet took the Apes Hill decision in February 2008, but he had brought the Bushy Park matter to Parliament only two weeks ago.(AB)”

    Over a YEAR AGO!

    It took government 16 months to enact a simple, decision on a matter like this.

    16 MONTHS from a cabinet decision, to it being brought to Parliament.

    Some music careers don’t even last that long!

    No wonder Wayne Capaldi is complaining about the speed of Government decision making in regard to tourism!

    No wonder we have been placed on a watchlist for human trafficking at this rate Government will have a policy response around 2050!

  10. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    I stand corrected, the matter went to Cabinet in 2008 not 2009. It’s not 16 months!


    28 MONTHS

    On a simple decision.

    No controversy (Nation is trying desperately to make one)

    No complex policy issues to be considered

    28 MONTHS!

    No wonder we can’t get a clear statement on what is happening with the hospital!

  11. VioLenT_ShaFF

    I have nothing against RIRI,but all i can say is that this world is for the rich and lucky!

    Name a road or a roundabout or a medal or plaque,or even give her a piece of government land in Bathsheba,mabe then the poor residents there might get some water. Don’t give away what u do not own,espicially at the expense of us poor Bajans.
    A good few of us already support her buy buying her music!

  12. St George's Dragon

    I read in the press (so it must be true!) that the Government paid COW $100,000 for the land although on paper it is worth $1,200,000.

    That’s not the Government avoiding paying a debt due to COW but it is a shrewd move that puts both COW and the Government in a good light.

    It’s a pretty smart marketing move for COW and Apes Hill, as well. “Come and buy at Apes Hill – the home of international star Rihanna……….”

  13. What's missing?

    St George’s Dragon


    thats what is missing—a 92% discount!

    good business and good politics

  14. Avatar Gurl

    And what about us? When we getting our money?

  15. I cannot believe what I am reading. Fiscal tightness, structural adjustment or no, fact is that Rihanna has probably brought in more investment into YOUR country than the paltry $100,000 that was spent on the property. Fifty times or even a hundred times more. Why are Caribbean people so narrow minded and small minded? Broaden your minds people, on a macro economic level, Rihanna’s publicity for Barbados is a generator of income that in gros, will do much more for your country than what it costs.

    Why are we so grudging as a people? She deserves it. Government should be rewarding its ambassadors and tax payers should be proud to support this initiative.

  16. twwifos

    Tell that to the people waiting for their water to be turned on in Bathsheba. BTW: Have you visited the QE hospital lately? How about the supermarket? I don’t buy the whole “she does more for the country” argument. Do you have any actual figures to prove how much income she generates for Barbados? I doubt it since something like that is impossible to measure. It may not be nearly as much as you think. Even if she does help get the word out, there’s only a fixed amount of money to go around here and with all the problems that we face as a nation, whatever money we tax payers paid for this was too much. Let her buy her own land. She can well afford it.

  17. Politically Tired

    @ twwifos, thank you, you’ve taken the words from my mouth.

  18. Bad man saying nuttin

    100,000 for marketing to superstars and millionaires. If COW gets 2 Sales at Apes Hill because it is where “International recording artiste Rihanna” lives, then both he and the Government would have recouped their investment. That’s what it is; an Investment. A marketing Investment that can be used to bring in home owners who will construct properties, employ Bajans, buy from Bajan building material firms, Pay Vat etc A cycle of economic stimulation from one gesture.

  19. orishajazz.optitmum.net

    all you people make me sick about riahan giving land at apes hill benfit anyone one in barbados look around and see how this little island is getting so bad the the poor would not be able to live here soon,then only the rich will live then were will the poor live ,now i can see it all happening a very good hurriance or a good huge wave come by what a blessing it will be refreshing god this would be good

  20. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    I actually don’t have a problem with this. Rihanna is a mega star who has increased Barbados’ profile on the global stage.

    The gift of a plot of land in an exclusive development is an appropriate way of showing appreciation. I agree with Mia that the Government should remove the 15 year restriction as it makes the act of giving more than a little two faced.

    In fact I think the Government should have moved much sooner on this that the two plus years it took them to bring this vesting to Parliament.

  21. ac

    @Bad man sayin nuttin

    “A marketing investment that will bring in home owners who will construct properties” yeah and eventually send the price of land at a level that the working stiff bajan cannot afford.

  22. HughM

    Why is Rihanna being given land in the first place? I live in the UK, but my family are all Bajans. Do you think the Government here, which has more money than Barbados, just hands out property to celebrities? No, they don’t. They have to buy it like everyone else if they want it. If you honestly think people holiday in Barbados because of Rihanna you are living in dream land. A lot of people don’t even realise she is from Barbados.

    As for athletes etc. the Government/sporting bodies should definitely be giving them financial support to encourage them.

  23. Wondering

    Where is my piece of the rock?

    I have tirelessly promoted Barbados as well. When a tourist asks for directions I give them, when they pass I speak (giving them the illusion that Barbadians are friendly) where is my piece of the rock. My simple actions have probably brought in more repeat visitors than Rihanna being from Barbados ever has. Where is my reward?

    Why is it that I work for too much money to be considered for low income housing but too little money to be considered for middle income housing? Where the hell does that leave me. The Governments of Barbados need to start taking care of its hard working contributing citizens.

    I see government giving away housing units to persons who hardly pay rent, giving jobs to persons who really don’t want work. When will we the hardworking citizens who get up every day and toil from sunup to sundown reap our rewards?

    Tell me when. All I hope is that I will be hearing from NHC and real soon re my 2004 application for house and land.

  24. Observing....

    some real jealous people bout here…..

  25. HughM

    No, it’s not about jealousy, it is about common sense. Countries the world over are making severe cut backs with spending.

    So why give away property. What for? How will it benefit the people of Barbados?

    Money should be spent to increase tourism and industry, increase jobs for the citizens, improve the infrastructure of the country, health, education, the poor etc.

    The Government is not there to give away assets to someone who frankly does not need it. Utterly ridiculous.

    How many other people are getting free gifts in this way? Do you really think the country can afford it? If so, I think you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

    Quite frankly, I have not seen Rihanna do anything to increase/improve Barbardos’ image abroad. Not one thing. If anything, more the opposite.

  26. @twiffos- The People of Bathsheba getting their water is not mutually exclusive to Rihanna, your ambassador receiving a plot of land. No, I do not have any figures because a lot of this marketing is indeed subliminal- fact is, lots of interest in Barbados has been generated because of celebrities like Rihanna- do you think it is because Barbados has the best beaches? I kid you not.

    This just proves to me the Caribbean pysche of one person doesnt have so all of we must not have. Why not one person has so all of we must have too? We need to start thinking like the Jews and build up our own not tear it down. There seems to be some vendetta here against Rih Rih and all she has done is live outside the “island” box.

    @Hugh, speak of what you know about- because it is not reported in the news does not mean it does not happen- Government gives all sorts of deals and breaks to their ambassadors, contracts and the like- Dame Kelly Holmes for instance does not have to worry about a job. Our island governments cannot offer this patronage so we do the next best thing.

    This level of Rihanna antagonism really surprises me and lets me down. We are such a jealous people. Take up your beef with government on the other issues. This is a sensible decision.

  27. Analyzer

    I’m a fan of Rihanna but this…..


    is quite disgusting. What was she thinking or is she thinking?

  28. I read in the press (so it must be true!) that the Government paid COW $100,000 for the land although on paper it is worth $1,200,000.

  29. sue

    i don,t understand that man he is acting like rihanna don,t have the money to buy a land in barbados she didnt ask you to give her land?just becouse they give her land he think rihanna owe him something.rihanna have more money to buy half of barbados if she wan,t to.thanks to rihanna barbados is more famous .

  30. Raymond

    I think Gline and all who envy Rhianna’s Apes Hill land is a cunny!Oh Jah! Politics suucks!