20,000 Green shopping bags sold in Future Centre Trust “No Plastic Bag” project!

Will the Barbados Government provide a duty waiver for the next round of green shopping bags?

Huge congratulations are in order to the folks at the Future Centre Trust and all the merchants who participated in “No Plastic Bag Day”. The goal was to convince shoppers to purchase re-usable green shopping bags instead of using a new plastic bag every trip to the store.

How well has the project done so far?

20,000 green shopping bags have been sold and the Future Centre Trust is about to place another order. That, my friends, is really something. If those 20,000 bags are used only once a week, it will save over a million plastic bags in a year!

But what if those 20,000 bags are used two or three times a week – every time a purchase is made no matter how small? Think of what could be done!

And that’s with only 20,000 green shopping bags in use. Clearly we must do more… and the Future Centre Trust intends to do just that by ordering another 20,000 green shopping bags.

As we reported in our story Bad News: Barbados Government taxes No Plastic Bag Day into submission, the DLP Thompson Government refused to exempt the first batch of green shopping bags from duty and taxes. As a result the bags were priced way higher than hoped. In short – the cheaper the bags are, the more people will purchase and use them.

We’d like to hear that the Barbados Government has re-thought its boycott of the ‘No Plastic Bag Day’ project.

Will Prime Minister Thompson forgive the duty on green shopping bags?

How about it, Prime Minister Thompson? Will you, Environment Minister Lowe and the rest of your government get on board this very effective environmental project? This is not some plan that might happen or not – it’s real, people are seeing the benefits and buying into the project. It will save millions of plastic bags going into our landfill and it will decrease costs.

Come on, Mr. Prime Minister… please help the good folks at the Future Centre Trust to make this project even more successful.

Remove the duty on Green shopping bags!


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7 responses to “20,000 Green shopping bags sold in Future Centre Trust “No Plastic Bag” project!

  1. oh my

    if it was some rich guys from the turf club or some polo lads, the government would oblige.

  2. WSD

    The government doesn’t want any part of anything they can’t take all the credit for. We can do it without the government but it is obscene for them to tax this environmental project!

  3. Please...

    That is 20,000 cheap beach bags!!! I see more of those things at the beach than anywhere else; I have even asked people that I see using them in this way if they use them at the store and the response has been a resounding no. What I want to know is if these bags are biodegradable in the landfill; if they aren’t Future Centre Trust should be ashamed of themselves for bringing them in to the island IMO.

  4. BFP

    Hi Please…

    You really don’t get it, do you?

    And while you might see one or two at the beach, when there are 100,000 of them in circulation and the public, merchants and government fully buys into the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle – the island will be cleaner.

    You, however, will probably still be tossing your empty cigarette packs and butts out the car window.

  5. “Please…” does have a point, when I shop I usually am the ONLY person with the reusable bags, they are not that expensive $4.99 and when you you do use them you get extra Magna points, did that yesterday.

    The key thing is now people have bought them is to reinforce the USE of these bags, otherwise the point was lost.

    I keep mine in my car trunk so when I go shopping I just whip ’em out et voila!

  6. Please

    Thank you Mr. Bourne…education is 99% of any battle!

  7. Cherysh

    The grocery store I go to has a policy whereby they charge you 10 cents for each plastic bag – you can purchase reusable bags from them or you can recycle the packing boxes the food comes in (conveniently stacked by the cashiers or one of the bag boys will get one for you) I haven’t taken home plastic bags from the store in a long time – only when I buy a guiness six pack cause the holder does be wet and waan fall apart