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Waiting for water in Bathsheba… for a month

I am writing to draw attention to the lack of Government action regarding the lack of services in Bathsheba.

Firstly , let me explain that the water has been going off almost every day for about one month now. At one period it was off for three full days. It is often turned off for over 24 hours at a time and when I telephone the BWA, I am given a battery of excuses with the ultimate result being – NO ONE KNOWS WHY, or they are not saying. Continue reading


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Atlantic low tracking way north of Barbados – unlikely to grow into named storm.

Does God still smile on Barbados?

It would have been named “Alex” and for a day or so looked like it might develop into a tropical storm and pass over Barbados – but the National Hurricane Center now says that the Atlantic event is weakening and is tracking significantly north of previous estimates.

So we dodged the bullet again. When it comes to hurricanes, Barbados has been so blessed or lucky (take your choice) in recent decades that we BajansĀ  have grown a little complacent. Our governments have done the same when it comes to providing financial support for disaster preparations. Of late there’s been more talk about storm preparations but I’m not sure that’s been followed up with real actions.

At Grape Hall, we’ll keep praying, but it’s good to put aside some water, food and disaster equipment too!

National Hurricane Center – Atlantic Watch


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