Stephen Alleyne frightened to name Noel Lynch in latest column

Self-censorship and intimidation of journalists continues in Barbados

Columnist Stephen Alleyne

In his recent Barbados Advocate article, lawyer and columnist Stephen Alleyne chides the Bajan news media for failing to support journalists who question where politicians’ wealth comes from. To underscore the truth of Mr. Alleyne’s claim, his own newspaper wouldn’t print the name of the former Tourism Minister who infamously walked out of a live radio show when asked about the disconnect between his politician’s salary and his apparent wealth.

Thank goodness we have the folks at WordPress Blogs to stand up to the corrupt politicians who want all talk about integrity issues canned. Because of WordPress, we can remind everyone that the politician that Stephen Alleyne is referring to is Noel Lynch, otherwise known ’bout hey as “Instant Millionaire”.

Former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch ran away from listeners on Brass Tacks radio show, then sued the journalist for daring to ask a simple question about assets and income. Click the photo for more background and to access the recording of Noel Lynch running away!

Here’s a sample from Stephen Alleyne’s article Under Scrutiny: Proof of malice in libel

“People in public life must understand that they must account to the public they serve for their actions, inactions and stewardship.

I always remember the stir which was created when a former government minister on a programme was asked a very simple question concerning his perceived wealth. It turned out that the question was never answered, and, from all reports, the radio station ended up settling the matter rather than having it decided by the court. These are questions that any elected member of parliament should be prepared to answer, and I dare say that even in the absence of defamation laws as extreme as the United States’, the media in Barbados have a right to ask such questions of public officials.

However, what the media houses must do is give their journalists the support they need by allowing some of these matters to hit the courts instead of rushing to settle. I have found that in most of the cases that I am aware of that the media have paid out unnecessary or free money.”


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4 responses to “Stephen Alleyne frightened to name Noel Lynch in latest column

  1. Shall I dare Stephen to also ask some questions and try to get some answers on the CLICO state of affairs and with the assistance and persausion of this blog. Integrity and accountability would be well served in the public interest if such could be forthcoming.

  2. Bagehot

    Not calling the name cannot be treated as self-censorship if everyone, including BFP, knows whom he is writing about!

  3. HughM

    That’s a big assumption isn’t it – that ‘everyone’ knows whom he is writing about.

    Not sure how one can be sued for defamation if a question is asked rather than a statement/allegation made.

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