Rich man with three incomes tells DLP Government to shape up!

Owen Arthur getting ready to return as DLP leader?

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur says his BLP left the country with $2.1 billion in reserves and the DLP government is ruining everything. (See The Nation article Owen’s Charge)

Arthur isn’t talking about a few other facts though: the national debt soared under the BLP, how much his government borrowed to stuff the reserves, the squandering of hundreds of millions in failed schemes or how he as a politician could amass enough “savings” to give away US$150,000 to a cricket charity.

As Barbados Free Press said on the eve of the January 2008 election…

PM Gives Cricket Legends Of Barbados US$150,000 In After-Tax Dollars

That is quite a chunk of change.

Don’t you wonder where Prime Minister Arthur got it? Prime Minister or not, he is only a politician with a family (or two) to feed and send to school. Just a man with a huge divorce settlement not so long ago.

Yup. Quite a chunk of change – $150,000 American. After Tax Dollars. That is real hard money, for sure…

Without integrity legislation, conflict of interest rules, freedom of information laws and transparency, being elected will continue to be the road to riches – so many riches that a politician with two families and children to send to school can give US$150,000 to charity.

Mia Mottley a non-subject as a strong, confident Owen Arthur addresses the faithful

The former Prime Minister spoke at Combermere School Hall over the weekend but instead of the rambling contrite man of a year ago, what BLP members saw was a re-invigorated Owen Arthur – confident, apparently sober and enjoying his elder-statesman status recently bolstered by consulting jobs for Antigua and from “a major international institution to develop a plan to help two Caribbean countries to manage a debt in such a way as not to compromise their ability to meet the Millennium Development Goals.” (Barbados Advocate: Owen Arthur reassures party faithful)

Presumably Mr. Arthur will be double, triple or even quadruple-dipping: collecting his salary from the Barbados taxpayers and at the same time being paid by his new clients. Let me form that in more clear terms: Owen Arthur will be collecting his salary from Barbados taxpayers but working virtually full time away from the island for the benefit of other countries. BLP members were concerned that Arthur was moving to Antigua, but he says he is not making a permanent move.

Is it ethical for Owen Arthur to collect his MP salary while working for other countries and foreign clients? Is it okay with you as a taxpayer?

Unless we citizens start to pay attention to questions about ethical standards, things will continue as they are – because neither our news media nor our elected officials are going to take the leadership on ITAL (Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation).


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10 responses to “Rich man with three incomes tells DLP Government to shape up!

  1. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    Opposition Parliamentarians (and even government back benchers) have always had day jobs. Just ask PM Thompson who was CLICO’s lawyer.

  2. BFP

    That’s true, My Name is not Sylvan.

    But at what point does it become an issue? How about if Owen is spending 40%, 50% or 75% of his time off the island generating income for himself while still feeding at the public trough? Should there be a standard? What do you think about it?

  3. FearPlay

    Agree with MNINS. The question seems a little unfair BFP while so many other good and valid questions could still be asked. Go to it!

  4. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    I would say when it becomes an issue for the people of St. Peter they will have their say about it.

    The government’s of other Caribbean islands have recognised the skills and talents of the BLP team and there is a great demand for them as consultants to assist them in running their economies.

    Somehow I doubt that this current crop that we have in office will find that they are in much demand after the people have had their say on them!

  5. Donald Duck Esq,

    How much time does a government backbencher spend doing parliamentary work????

  6. CCC

    OA could really shut up.

    Not credible. Too much steal in there.

  7. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    CCC a far better judge of credibility is asking how many people have sought his help since he has been in opposition.

    Partisan party supporters can say what the like, but they can’t dispute that OA is in demand by OECS governments asking for his help in running countries.

    I don’t think that anyone will be asking for DJT’s help given his team’s poor performance so far.

  8. Anonymous

    What is wrong with the former PM doing some work in the Caribbean? Is parliamentary work a full time job? He really cannot do much for his constituents. Our system is set up for ministers to provide help to friends, family and constituents.
    Opposition members and even back benchers must beg and wait for assistance.

  9. Ddreamer

    Our members do not have to worry about any working matters because, because the constituency councils got things wrapped up tight tight. We mps getting paid for lil work. Wake up and smell dee coffee. Times change.

  10. Syn

    @ MNINS
    a day job is one thing but a job that constantly requires you to be away from the area that you claim to have ties with and represent is something completely different – was Mr. Thompson CLICO’s lawyer on retainer or was he practicing daily at the cost of running the country – the skills and talents of OA (I will not comment on the entire BLP team as I have had no dealings with them) – are selling off the country to the highest bidder with no regard for sustainable development for the people of Barbados and ripping of the small business owners of Barbados to ensure that he and his party looked good at little or no cost to them – I doubt it too that the current government will be sought after as consultants as they will not have the time necessary in office to clean up the mess left by the BLP to institure their own policies that actually seem to give a shit about the Bajan population – this brings to mind the former and present US administrations – yes I am comparing OA to the Bush administration because I fear the fall out for their two countries will be the same – just that the US may be lucky enough to recover while I am still alive – OA is in demand by the OECS countries because they see the smoke and mirrors of his 14 years in power they are not aware of the hardships it has wrought in BIM and he will not be held accountable there whether he damages their economies in similar ways or does nothing to benefit them at all – I am not an OA hater however he has no one’s interests at heart but his own you would do well to remember that in electing him or recommending him to consult to anyone
    I feel that if OA wants to go and consult – do so and resign the position to a politician that will be here on behalf of the people of St. Peter do not dip into people’s pockets if you not doing the work that reeks of taxation without representation and BIM ain got nuh tea to truh in de sea.