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Stephen Alleyne frightened to name Noel Lynch in latest column

Self-censorship and intimidation of journalists continues in Barbados

Columnist Stephen Alleyne

In his recent Barbados Advocate article, lawyer and columnist Stephen Alleyne chides the Bajan news media for failing to support journalists who question where politicians’ wealth comes from. To underscore the truth of Mr. Alleyne’s claim, his own newspaper wouldn’t print the name of the former Tourism Minister who infamously walked out of a live radio show when asked about the disconnect between his politician’s salary and his apparent wealth.

Thank goodness we have the folks at WordPress Blogs to stand up to the corrupt politicians who want all talk about integrity issues canned. Because of WordPress, we can remind everyone that the politician that Stephen Alleyne is referring to is Noel Lynch, otherwise known ’bout hey as “Instant Millionaire”. Continue reading


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Rich man with three incomes tells DLP Government to shape up!

Owen Arthur getting ready to return as DLP leader?

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur says his BLP left the country with $2.1 billion in reserves and the DLP government is ruining everything. (See The Nation article Owen’s Charge)

Arthur isn’t talking about a few other facts though: the national debt soared under the BLP, how much his government borrowed to stuff the reserves, the squandering of hundreds of millions in failed schemes or how he as a politician could amass enough “savings” to give away US$150,000 to a cricket charity. Continue reading


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