FREE National Concert – Healing of the Nation – this Saturday, June 19, 2010

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Location Change!

Hail Brethren and Sistren

It has been confirmed that the Healing of the Nation will be relocated to ISRAEL LOVELL FOUNDATION, My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael. For those of us concerned as to why for the venue change, let it be known that the Royal Barbados Police Force has denied permission to have the event in the public space at Jubilee Gardens.

Acting in compliance with the last-minute decision of the RBPF, the event will not be held at Jubilee Gardens. However, the Healing of the Nation persists @ ISRAEL LOVELL FOUNDATION, My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael…

FREE National Concert – Healing of the Nation

Saturday, June 19, 2010
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Location:  ISRAEL LOVELL FOUNDATION, My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael., Barbados

I'Akobi Tacuma Maloney

On June 17th 2008, I’Akobi Maloney, a young man with a remarkable character, lost his life after coming in contact with the Royal Barbados Police Force. The police alleged that I’Akobi without provocation jumped off a cliff to his death at Land Lock, an area north of Barbados.

The Healing of the Nation is a FREE NATIONAL CONCERT in celebration of the life of I’Akobi Maloney. Top musical artistes from several genres will pay tributes.

Nu Afrikan Traditional Religion, Nyabinghi Drummers, Sankofa Productions, David Comissiong, Jakuta Drummers, Capoeira B’dos, DJ Hypa Squad, Super Reuben, Blak Kla Soyl, Trinity family, Bongo Lights, Red Star Lion, Sis K Zebulan, Adrian Green, DJ Corey Dan, Hotta Flames, Sis Keturah, High Grade, DJ Volcano, DJ Jon Doe, DJ Simeon, Dandelion, Lee Small, Inity-Fire, Twinman, Lion Soul, Adonijah, Napthali, DJ Tami, Indrani, Legend, Justice, Buggy, Edwin, Tuela, Nitro, Bobo, Fela

And many many more…

This is a FREE national event and you are welcome to attend. Invite your family and friends. The I’Akobi documentary will also be available for you to purchase. Secure your own copy of what Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris termed “Black History”.

Fund-raising dance to follow the concert. See you there!


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3 responses to “FREE National Concert – Healing of the Nation – this Saturday, June 19, 2010

  1. rasta man

    And what will happen after ???
    How will the Nation be healed?

  2. Donald Duck Esq,

    We have adopted a fete mentality in this country. If you want to launch a product you have a fete. If the government wants to launch a new policy like the government’s new youth forum you have a fete. If you want to heal the nation you have a fete.

    No one however seems to have a noise pollution policy. Maybe it is because you can’t have a fete to introduce such a policy.

  3. Responder

    rasta man, do you have a better idea, rather than being so cynical?