Online petition slams Barbados Equestrian Association suspension of Natya Soodeen

Vibrant FaceBook campaign demands answers!

In the last 24 hours Barbados Free Press has received almost a hundred emails from Bajans who are upset about the lack of transparency, standards and accountability shown by the Barbados Equestrian Association in their apparently arbitrary suspension of showjumper Natya Soodeen. We at BFP have never received this volume of emails before in such a short time. There is obviously some organisation behind the effort, but the emails are coming from individuals at their respective email addresses so something is happening within the Barbados equestrian community.

Bajans are used to the arbitrary exercise of power on every level of society, but perhaps we’ve had enough. We at BFP know nothing of the real issues behind this story, but that in itself is the real story. Bajans have had enough of secret meetings dispensing secret decisions that are unreported in the Bajan news media.

So far, this story is unreported in the Barbados news media. That is unacceptable!

The petition can be read at Petition Online.

Here is the text from the petition website…

The Barbados Equestrian Association has issued a Letter of Suspension to Natya Soodeen, the very first rider to represent Barbados internationally in 1995. Soodeen went to the Pan American games in Argentina and funded this trip herself to carry the Barbados flag.

Natya has been showjumping in Germany and other parts of Europe for the past 5 years training to hopefully compete in the 2012 London Olympics.

She was until recently trying to qualify to represent Barbados at the up-coming CAC Games. The BEA kept changing the rules on Natya, and without any explantion sent a notice to all that Soodeen had not qualified. Soodeen and her managers had thought she HAD met all BEA criteria and would qualify.

All of Natya’s results submitted to the BEA were received from the official show office of each show (German National Shows) and printed with the German Federation stamp endorsing these results.

On Tuesday 8th 2010, a newspaper writer contacted Nicole Tull, president of the BEA to confirm whether Soodeen was in fact disqualified from representing Barbados in the upcoming CAC Games. Tull did not wish to comment and that night Soodeen was sent a letter suspending Natya from competing for Barbados for the next 6 months due to discrepancies’ with her results submitted to the BEA.

Soodeen has never been questioned by the BEA about these discrepancies’ at any given time before being suspended. Nor did the BEA tell her what the disrepancies were. The BEA simply charged and convicted their own rider without trial.

Unlike most riders here in Barbados who show as a ‘serious hobby’, this is Soodeen’s FULL TIME JOB. This is all that Natya Soodeen does on a day to day basis and this is her only source of income.

So without any explanation, Soodeen’s own national association has stopped her from competing internationally.


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92 responses to “Online petition slams Barbados Equestrian Association suspension of Natya Soodeen

  1. John Da Silva

    Transparency and accountability seems to lacking here. Does the BEA receive any public money? If they do, the ministry of sport and/or the Barbados Olympic Association should investigate.

  2. 123

    This is a disgrace. I hope the members of this association wake up and realize that this power trip that they are on will come crashing down on them.
    This girl rides for BARBADOS, I am sure some funds come from the sporting organizations on the island but most of it will come from her. Hopefully they will see that the damage they have done to her on the world scene, while it is terrible , will have a direct effect on them too…. We as an equestrian community will be laughed at and not taken seriously for years to come.

  3. Miss West

    Soodeen’s results apparently came directly from the German Federation. Those people dont mess around. What discrepencies could the BEA have, and if they had any, why not just ask Soodeen before suspending her. And according to the petition, two of the committee members either had a family member or were themsleves trying to compete for the CAC Games.. is this not a conflict of interest? Barbados sporting associations have to get their act together and the BOA have to start intervening. Why have we not heard from our olympic association about this?

  4. AA

    What an embarrassment to Barbados that Official sporting organizations such as The Barbados Equestrian Association cannot be trusted for fair rulings of our athletes….Athletes that sacrifice so much in the name of carrying our flag locally and overseas. The International consequences of this are enormous. How can Barbados be trusted by International officials whilst this type of activity is allowed to go on…..UNACCEPTABLE !!!

  5. kara oconnor

    I am from Atlanta, GA, USA and rode with Natya on the American circut. She has helped me when my groom was gone and she is such a great girl. I can’t beleive she is being treated this way.

  6. 123

    I think what Mr. DaSilva says is right, The Sporting Associations need to look into this. Something is not right here. I think all Associations receive some sort of funding from the BOA, it is to know how much the Equestrian unit gets, and who decides how it is spent and on who?

  7. TI

    I am guessing that the committe members of the BEA raise money to send their qualifying members to compete in international shows. So committee members should not be competing against riders who are trying to qualify to go to these shows. I believe this is what the issue is.

  8. 136

    The conflict of interest seems to go even further as Monique Archer sits on the BEA committee as well as the CAC committee and also has family within the BOA! She put forth her interest as a contender for the games, attempted qualification and seems to have been hit by a bolt of realization lightning and dropped out of contention stating she was not ready.

    Therefore as the only person qualified enough to take part in the CAC games and who, as far as the results from the German Federation and the qualification criteria set by the CAC committee go, has qualified, why isn’t she being allowed to go and represent Barbados?

    Shame on the BEA!

  9. ComeHere

    The poor little rich girl can’t come out to play so she makes sure no one else steals the spotlight. How utterly pathetic. These slim family tree types who wear so many conflicting hats are an embarrassment to the nation. Will someone please saddle up this family and ride ’em into the sunset—they literally have no shame.

  10. Afshin Ghafouri

    I am from United States and I rode with Natya during her stay here. This is outrage of what is happening to her. She is a world class equestrian and a great person. I hope that The Barbados Equestrian Association will correct ths situation as soon as possible.

  11. 136

    I’d say “come here” sounds slightly jealous!

    Poor little rich girl? Makes sure no-one else steals the spotlight?

    You should change your name from “come here” to “green with envy” because you sound extremely bitter and jealous!


  12. manuel

    I am a member of the mexican Equestrian federation . Natya represented her country on the CAGs celebrated in venezuela, where we met while i was representing Mexico. After that I have followed her career closely and i know for certain that, if the decission of her showing on the CAGs were based solely on sports performance, she would be in the team for sure. So clearly this is a political game. It is outrageous that this federation can sink so low.

  13. wait a minute

    Can someone show me her qualifying performances? sounds like she is a spoilt child who did not get her way and is trying to defame those who told her no.
    manuel…. you sound too bajan though.

  14. manuel

    Bajan? that´s a new term for me. I´m Mexican and I´m glad to give you my e mail in order for you to contact me being that I would love to understand your angle on this, being that you seem to defend a cause in which you are probably involved.
    Feel free to contact me at
    (by the way, the .mx stands for mexico)…

  15. 136

    That’s really something “wait a minute”!

    Is it not enough that you have called Natya a liar, but now you are calling strangers to you, who happen to be on her side, liars too!

    Manuel, all I can tell you is it takes all kinds to make the world go around, and clearly “wait a minute” is a special BREED! Interpret how you wish!

  16. wait a minute

    I asked for proof of qualification Anonymous, and described what I though of the issue, dont get you knockers in a knot. There is so much being said I am really not sure what to believe.. I still question the manuels’ and gafouri’s. Gafouri is a 60+ man

    I can say I am prince Charles and give a uk address too

  17. Miss West

    ‘Wait a minute’ sounds like if she (too catty to be a male) is one of the BEA committee members…
    Miss Soodeen’s qualifying videos are on the net. Its not about if someone if rich or not… 0r is it? If it is, then we should start at the top of the committee membership list which includes the wealthiest of bajans no? I love it that we (bajans) always resort to class and colour. Isn’t the fact of the matter that if you wish to suspend an athelete who has dedicated her life to a sport, the least you as her national association do is to loet that athelete know what she was suspended for? If it is to do with results… isn’t it simple enough to ask the athelete if there is a discrepency, to explain… instead of taking the drastic measure of suspension? Just trying to keep it above board and PLEASE can we not accuse foreigners who are signed onto this blog of lieing…. dont we look like fools enough? Geeze!!!

  18. TI

    I am now officially EMBARRASSED… That ‘wait a minute person’ sounds like one of those spoilt little girls herself. Thank you ‘Wait a minute’ for pulling down the rep of all bajans… Mr. manuel, I apologize for this on behalf of my fellow citizens. I agree with Miss West. BEA need to explain what the suspension is before throwing one of their felloow members in jail.

  19. Miss West

    Just read 136… ‘Wait A Minute’ or Miss Archer sits on the BEA board and CAC ??? isn’t that a conflict of interest? How can you have someone who is trying to qualify to attend the CAC, sit on the BEA as well as the CAC committees? There must be a mistake.

  20. Puzzled

    Thank God the BEA who’s who is ensuring that a LOT of money is not wasted sending a competitor who has no realistic chance of even getting to the finals of the Games. Why doesn’t she go compete for Trinidad? They might be happy to have her…

  21. 123

    Why does everything come down to class and colour.? If the Association is right with their actions and reasons, then surely they will come clean. It seems to me the rider, Natya, has nothing to hide, anyone can go onto youtube and see her videos, go on websites for results, yes all are not amazing results, but at least she hasnt hidden them. Perhaps to level the playing field, this Association could explain how/why she has been diqualified and also why she has been suspended. I really dont see whats so difficult about that.
    They need to show everyone, how they supported her, and another thing, maybe they could tell everyone all their credentials that have allowed them to decide with experience and knowledge!!??!! Who on the committee has techinically advised them and back it up with proof as NAtya is having to do.
    @ puzzled…. I dont think the BEA has the money to send any rider anywhere, capable or not, and why would she try to compete for Trinidad, surely the rider that is intending to go for Dressage, who is of Swedish descent, could go ride for Sweden then… sounds like the money that will get spent needs to be spent on her!!!

  22. 123

    another thing…surely @wait a minute’s comment, she /he is not implying that being 60+ means he would not be a competitor. I do believe that a member of the Canadian Olympic Silver medal team is 68, Mr. Ian Millar. I also bet that he will be competing at 72 in London 2012 too!!!!

  23. Puzzled

    still puzzled…has she been suspended or had her permission to compete under the blue & gold removed???? That’s two different things. Surely she can continue riding professionally for her living even though she won’t have the chance to ride in these Games for amateurs….

  24. c wid yuh brain

    I have checked her results (they were widely circulated) and i dont understand how the videos and the results match. i mean, the results for the qualifiers are actually quite bad…36 faults, elimination and so on, but the videos show a different story…something is definitely not right, and if like Miss West say, those results came from the very serious people in Germany ima thinking that the wrong videos have been uploaded. I know quite a few fellas, who say Ms Soodeen is a very kind girl, but kindness obviously wasnt part of the qualifying criteria. U c wid yuh eyes people, so u easy to fool!!!

  25. Play ball

    I wondered about the whole professional thing, in volleyball you can’t compete at the CAC Games if you are a professional, I just thought the Equestrians had their own rules! So either this girl isn’t a professional and couldn’t compete at the CAC Games anyway, that would explain why she was disqualified too. Or was it that she didn’t qualify?? If this is all about politics, why did she get suspended now and not in January or February or even March??? Why have the media not jumped on this? Surely if there was a juicy story to be had it would be all over the news? About that reporter who got a no comment from Dr. Tull, where is that story?? I hear you “c wid yuh brain” something definitely isn’t right. I see a lot of emotion , but still looking for the facts!

  26. Miss West

    C wid ya brain sounds like a member of the BEA who knows the truth. so maybe Soodeen’s video and results did not match up. Cool. …did someone from the BEA ask her to clear this discrepency up or did they just suspend her?
    I think the debate is not whether Soodeen is good or not. Knowing a bit about the sport, I do not think anyone riding for Barbados is good enough to go to any major event internationally. The debate is ‘HOW CAN ANY ASSOCIATION SUSPEND AN ATHELETE WITHOUT A TRIAL’ I am sure every sportman has some sort of discrepencies. almost every 3 months I find discrepencies on my bank statement. Now, when I see a discrepency, do I simply take First Caribbean and lock them up for stealing meh money? Or do I ask them… and they say ‘shit! so sorry, let me fix that’.
    If they do this over and over again, then I will take them to court and have a trial, then if the jury feel that FCB have been maliciously trying to steal meh money, Then lets lock um up… NO? I am a blogger and notice that ‘Wait a Minute, Puzzled and C Wid Ya Brain’ are either one person using three different mails, OR Nicole Tull, Naiomi Roachford and Monique Bjerkhamn all sitting in one room with their little horseys trying to suspend a ‘not so good athelete’ from competing. Maybe Soodeen should represent Trinidad if she is from there. I surely would not wish to represent Barbados after all that I have heard on this blog. Small island politics.

  27. 123

    I dare say there are some poor results, do not even the best have bad days ?
    But have you not seen the good too? Please someone ask for the
    Criteria and the results for that and see if she
    Has not met it. Would she really be making
    A fuss if she knew she didn’t qualify??
    Come on, but the issue is the suspension!!
    It does sound like the three of the heavy weights on the committee
    Could be sitting together. Surely with all their experience and technical knowledge they
    Could defend Natya with regards to some bad rounds.
    I hope the Bea has the backbone to own up to
    The discrepancies and reasons for suspension. Considering it appears to have been Dr. Nicole Tull,
    And her reputation is also on the line.

  28. 136

    The facts are that a suspension was issued without explanation. Natya has been tried and convicted without due process.

    If the BEA has proof of this deceit and believe themselves to be justified in issuing this suspension, then all it would take to clear up this entire mess, would be for the proof to be shown.

    Doesn’t the saying go “innocent until proven guilty”? It appears the BEA is dyslexic and has it backwards!

  29. Neysha Soodeen

    Dear all, This is Natya’s sister. I appreciate all of the above comments, for and against Nat. Firstly, my sister and myself grew up with some of these girls. Monique Archer we have known from young and although she may compete against Nat for a placement on the Barbados team every now and then, we do not feel that she would do anything to jeprodize Natya’s livelihood (showjumping is Nat’s full time job). At the end of the day, we have been loyal members of the BEA for years and to have your own national association suspend you without any warning, or a simple and honourable ‘Dear Nat, we have noticed some discrepencies with your results… do you mind clearing these up for us?’ Nat would never falsify her results. For what? All results can be obtained from off the web. If there are discrepencies, so be it… lets clear them up. I do feel however that the BEA wrongfully suspended an athelete without any trial. Lets keep these blog posts above board and have a decent and respectable debate. I am disgusted why some of the above would call Nat and the other members of the BEA ‘a bunch of little girls playing with their horsey’s’. Or the person who called Nat a rich girl and that she should compete for Trinidad. WHY? Nat grew up in Barbados, learned how to ride in Barbados and only knows Barbados as her home. I do have to admit that I wish Nat was a little rich girl… it would help her out hugely as this is indeed an expensive sport. But it is what Nat has chosen. We should support all of our atheletes – class, financial status, colour or gender should have nothing to do with this. While this has started a serious debate across Barbados, I hope it would set a precedent for other associations to think before they act and mess with an atheletes livelihood.

  30. wait a minute


    what were the shows set for qualification and what were her results?

    I know the main issue is suspension but i think the qualification is also a major issue.

    you seem to have some inside knowledge, can you advise

  31. clara

    I know Nat from Germany and was at a lot of horse shows with her during last two months. This is why I know that her results she send to Barbados and the videos are real. For sure it is not always easy to see everything on this vids, but every results she send in is signed by a FN judge. And after the criterias the BEA set and this results Nat qualified. So where is the problem???

  32. 123

    finally someone has asked a good question.
    Shows for qualification were to be:
    2 – 1:30m rounds clear (that is with no faults)
    1 – 1:40m round with a maximum of 8 faults

    The BEA had said they would offer to ‘hopefuls’ at 5 diiferent shows two of each round for qualification. To this date they HAVE NOT!!!!! so Natya had ( and emails confirm this) to select shows that would accomodate these # classes as per the criteria.
    Please note also, that on numeros occasions NAtya sought to receive via a coach or judge the courses that were going to be set here so that qualifying could have been on a level playing field. These of course were met with no responses.

    The BEA sent an email to their members, stating Natya looked forward to a month long (May) show season in hopes of qualifying and that the first approved show way May 7th. However, when the results from the month long competition were sent out, that particular weekend had not been approved. Strange because two of the three rounds for qualifying had been met there.

    I think the main issue right now is her suspension, without a reason, while of course her qualifying seems to be a bit contentious also. At this stage and even during the month of May no athlete should have to be feeling the lack of support from their own association and so I truly feel sorry for Natya to have been trying to train and forward results, trying new bits of apparatus, to see what worked best and then have to come home exhausted by herself to read the slanderous emails about her. That is sad.

    This is also not the first time in this last year with this present committee that decisions have not been above board, however, this is by far the worst.

    I think the members should be shown all minutes from Executive meetings showing who voted etc for what person and see if then they would stand by their decisions. Unfortunately, nothing on this committee is transparent, but with the help of email some things have been put in black and white and cannot be denied.

  33. XYZ

    123, no committe of any organisation will show its minutes, so I think it would be a waste to go that route.

    From the results I have seen, especially in the spreadsheet sent out to all BEA members, shows were approved for qualification, but she simply did not qualify, she had an elimination a retired and faults in excess of 30. I think we need to put that argument to bed once and for all. 123 surely you saw that email too.

    Now the suspension is another matter, it has been describes as a result of descrepancies and deceptions. Did Ms Soodeen or her agent make statement or claims or submit data or withold data germane to the issue and could thus seem to be descrepancied and deceptions. That is what we have to wait on the BEA for and we can argue and fuss, but I dont know the answer and I question if anyone other than BEA committee members Soodeen and her party know.

    so the wait begins.

  34. 123

    Perhaps you didnt read carefully my previous comment…. May 7th, look at the result I believe it shows for Lindern, it is not about the placings it is about the faults.
    Also, who gets to determine and for what reason are shows approved or disapproved?
    As far as her agent, I believe she had sought two of them, however, when I asked around it seems that only of them received emails from the committee even though they had been notified by email of the two names as agents.
    As members of any association, I do believe we are entitled to any minutes, read constitution. not that that helps really as they will just change them and re-issue as has been done also in the past.
    Any other sporting Association is thee (or should be ) for the athlete, so not sure what they could have done( while I wont put my head on any block for anyone) to have caused discrepancies.
    Take my word, you will hear nothing from the BEA. That is what they do best, ignore , ignore, ignore.

  35. Sandy Finch

    123 u sound like u got some personal issues with ure association, or dem wid u, one of de two. u wid de program or u got ure own program runnin? Natya, i sorry fuh u, cause u don sound too important to dis discussion! Wunna shud sit down an reason as big people wid real names! ah gone u hear!

  36. 123

    not sure where you get that… stating that they ignore you? well have you had a response to the numerous requests for reason behind suspension?
    if so, please share.
    I have no issues with anyone, I have issues and big ones with unfairness and non-reasoning. Natya has not been told what her discrepancies are, but yet she has been suspended, why?? Nowhere in the world would this happen.

  37. concerned member

    I believe if Natya was aware of the reasons of her suspension, there might not be all this controversy. There might be more…lol who knows.

    @ ‘sandy’
    I dont take 123’s comments to suggest she has issues with the Association, rather I think she is strongly pushing for fairness and has probably got a little insight into some of the practises of the BEA.
    I will add ‘Sandy Finch’ is not a name I am familiar with and yet she seems to suggest that 123 has had issues, what kind of issues, maybe she could shed some light as she suggests that she knows something. i will add, I dont know many members that have not had some issues with the BEA.

  38. Sandy Finch

    thank yuh friends, i here u bout u issues, tell it all dont hole back, dont stop now! wunna gettin ariplay dat is sport tuh!laughinsport!

  39. EmoGirl

    omg this is the most amazing blog ever!! everybody here are such angry people and this is seems like such a great place to vent. today i went to the fridge and i was going to make a cheese sandwich but there was no cheese and you can’t really make a cheese sandwich without cheese… sigh… so that made me really angry!!!!!!!! and then i got in my car to drive down to big b and got stuck in traffic… and that made me really angry… and i felt very victimised by the other cars on the road. Then i got home and realised that i actually forgot to but dog food… and i know what you are thinking… what kind of a person doesn’t write a shopping list right?… anyhow, i had to go out into traffic again and that really got my goat!!!!!

    anyhow that’s all for now. I’m very glad to have this outlet to vent… felt good to get that off my chest!

    ps. poor Naitja

  40. phd

    @emogirl, I so can soo relate to you! I had the same kind of thing happen to me too! Because I just swear that pine hill dairy milk isnt what it used to be! Have you not noticed that? Well I was patient at first and like, kept going back to the supermarket and returning my milk and yes through the blinking traffic, I just swear everyone was on their way to the supermarket to return their milk. Anyhow, in the end I learnt this, all milk from phd taste the same, so my words to you guys, dont even bother!!

    Also about what the other bloggers said about Natya, I feel that way too! It is all for a good cause. Can you guys make some comments on the milk, maybe we can get them to change back to the old cows or something??

  41. drummer boy

    EmoGirl I am sooo with u!!Today i had my car washed and then it rained!!!! That is so fustrating, I mean what can u do? Thanks to u i relize that i can blog about it, and ur right it feeelz goood!!

  42. drummer boy

    Yeah and i want the old cows 2!!

  43. French Onion

    OMG, this is amazing – I’m new to blogging and finally I’ve found some people that really understand the trials and tribulations of every day life. I agree 100% with the old cows, these new ones just ain’t cuttin it…………my day was great so I’m going to blog that I had a fantastic day & in the words of the James Brown I feel good…………!!!

  44. drummer boy

    French Onion, ur right this place is gr8, but it is very selfish of u not 2 b angry! This is a very serious site u know!!

  45. EmoGirl

    I would just like to say shame on you “drummer boy” and “Wait a minute”!!!!!!!! stop victimising our interantional friends!! i happen to like french onions and i wouldn’t mind if “manuel” taught me some mexican!!!!!!!!

  46. EmoGirl

    p.s. I think i might have a hang nail 😦 ….

  47. drummer boy

    so what!! u want us 2 hang our troubles on your nail??

  48. jack sprat

    I think you can contact Manuel she gaver her email

  49. Jack Sprat

    Let’s start a petition

    We want the old cows back.

  50. drummer boy

    i am totally agreeing with u Jack Sprat, u know that the new milk never goes bad! start the petition!!

  51. Jack Sprat

    Guys I am very sad. I told a great story on another blog
    And they won’t publish it. Do u think I can start a petition to make them do it

  52. EmoGirl

    sigh… Jack… thats the island we live in… people just victimising people… left right and center and not even giving people proper reasons or fair trial… they did it to me too! 😦 and that makes me mad!

  53. Jack Sprat

    I feel you pain… Hope the hang nail is feeling better

  54. Amazed

    Wow, this went from dealing with a serious issue to someone who reads a lot of story books for children! Sounds like a lonely pre-school teacher having a conversation all by herself in fairy land!

    Anyway, I too, have met Natya, and I am proud that she has represented Barbados for all these years. As I am proud of all the riders that have represented Barbados throughout the years at past CAC Games & the Pan Am Games. It is no easy task to get to that level, you need to have the horse and the ability. They go hand in hand. No amount of money in the world can give you talent and ability. You are either born with it or you are not. That’s why these games lead to the Olympics. It is deplorable that we as a nation are being deprived of a representative at these CAC Games.

    All athletes in all sports have good days and bad days. It is unfortunate that someone in the position to do so chose to highlight the bad days which conveniently ‘happened’ to be the ‘approved’ shows. There are other riders out there who are on their way to other big games who have many unsuccessful rounds under their belt as well, but those results were not highlighted out to all the membership, JUST the ONE or in some cases the TWO rounds needed to qualify, no matter how many rounds or qualifiers had to be held until this was accomplished. But hats off to them. They persevered as Natya did, to meet the criteria.

    I also find it very strange that the BEA website no longer seems to be up and running.

  55. oh my

    Amazed, dont be amazed.. the facts from the BEA ( not sure if you are a member) were circulated in an email that inidcated what the approved qualifying shows were. Just like in any other sport your governing body gives you the events to participate in and if you have a poor day or several days, it is a case of you not being selected. this is not new to sport… i am sure you can check with BASA, the Cycling Union, even the BCA to see that this is how competitors are selected.

    CAC is not your regular every day afternoon show nor is it even an organised German show at 1.25M (M*) or 1.35M (M**). Additionally CAC is operated under FEI rules not German federation rules which are not as stringent as FEI. eg german rules will allow 3 refusals before elimination while FEI only allows 2,

  56. oh my

    BTW not sure what website you visited but the BEA website is up and running

  57. Anonymous

    The Bea website is NOT up and running! Check again!

    As for all the dribble written above, the transparency is amazing and quite sad really!

    Seems to me, they are, yet again, jealous of the fact that Natya has so many supporters! Sound like the same people who wrote the “poor little rich girl” comments!

    Grow up for the love of God! You’re so jealous Natya’s family has money, why not go out and try and make some of your own instead of sitting here spewing green, the colour of envy, all over everyone!

  58. oh my


    1. the website IS up I just checked it again just to be sure.
    2. from postings by Natya’s sister she indicates that they are not wealthy….. are you saying she is committing an untruth… shame on you if you are.

    3. 123 in another place stated that Natya had all of her results and videos posted, yet I have checked you tube and i am yet to find ones of her elimintion, or the several with 20 or more faults… where is the transparency this is clear as mud. Interestingly enough some of these events were her qualifying events….. oh my!

    If you consider how team selection is made dribble the statement is NOT.

    I understand your being upset when all you have built up seems to be coming falling down because of the few facts that have come to light. however
    with regard to growing up perhaps you should make that statement while looking into a mirror.

  59. unity

    Anonymous, I think you need a history lesson from Mr.Deane! I dont think your comments about spewing are very intellectual.

    I watched a show jumping clinic in the UK a few years back, and the guy was talking about measuring bending lines. He said that when measuring a bending line, place the tape in the middle of the first pole then keep it to the ground as you move to your line. He said NEVER lift the tape of the ground and NEVER place a pole in the general area of where you are hading with your bending line before doing the actual measurement. The reason for this is that subconsciously, you will end up pulling the line to the next pole and your line will be non-ride able (useless). I remember this, because life is a little like that. Our minds are funny like that, we think we are open and objective, but really our mind have made itself up long ago. I think we need a little grounding and get rid of the preconceived pole and see where we end up. Makes for a better bending line anyway! (please let me know if this is dribble to you and I will try to simplify!)

  60. oh my

    why the moderation?

  61. unity

    @oh my, you getting that too?? Was it something I said?

  62. oh my

    seems they only one to hear one opinion. what about it Robert, Clive, et al

  63. 123

    please, for those of you getting onto the website please share the address as some are obviously not getting on…..
    please state the rules within the german federation referring to faults…thanks

  64. onelove

    @123, You seem to be so well informed and you are now asking about German Rules and then telling us that only successful videos should have been submitted, is there anything else you have said so far that we should ponder?

  65. 123

    onelove…I only asked so as they can be shared can I not ask?? really now…as you also seem to be on the in, did criteria ask for unsuccessful videos??
    I am quite well informed thank you for realizing it

  66. Anonymous

    The criteria said ALL video’s and results you twat…..

  67. A rider

    Thank you Mr. Deane for your very clear comments. I grew up watching the very same riders you mentioned and have indeed made reference to their accomplishments myself through the years.

    I wish those past competitors could come back into our association.

    Whilst we acknowledge that the riding schools are where one learns to ride, they should be stepping stones to a bigger and better future if ability and talent are present.

    And they are some; they have left as most athletes do that want to progress in any sport. The riding schools that they were a part of should be proud of them.

    They are others, however, who need to be the ‘big fish in a little pond’ and therefore cannot comprehend the necessity of having to be a ‘little fish in a big pond’ and making it to the top based on your accomplishments.

    I agree again with you, Mr. Deane, Natya is of a completely higher standard than what we see here. No amount of money can buy talent.

    On another note, I think that the persons who want to say that Natya racked up a cricket score; well maybe our readers should look at the FEI World Jumping Challenge results from 2008 for Barbados. Also, for the readers that might not know this, the FEI World Jumping Challenge Catagory that has in the trotting poles and cross rail – this competition has evolved for developing countries only. In other words, the standards here and in other developing countries are not to International Standards and are NOT offered in North America or Europe. Their FEI shows are of a much higher standard. So, you see, Mr. Deane is correct even though some took offense. One cannot compare the level here in Show Jumping to the level that Natya competes at in Germany.

    FEI World Challenges

    The FEI is running a worldwide series of International competitions open to less experienced riders from developing countries to enable them to compete internationally and under identical conditions, while remaining in their own country. Those series, listed below, are for the disciplines Jumping and Dressage. The competitions currently take place in more than 70 countries, divided into regional zones.

    The FEI Jumping Challenge Competition offers three categories – A, B and C – of one age group (15 years and older). An annual Final, on borrowed horses, is held for Category A riders, where the two best-placed competitors from each zone are invited to participate.

    The Competition

    The aim of this Competition is to give the less experienced Jumping riders who, under normal circumstances, cannot take part in international Jumping competitions and live in the more remote countries, the opportunity to compete internationally without having to leave their own country.
    The Competition is currently divided into ten geographical Zones. It offers the following categories of one age group (15 yrs and older):

    • Category A : 1.20 m, two competitions of 2 rounds
    • Category B : 1.10 m, two competitions of 2 rounds
    • Category C: 1.00 m, one competition of 4 rounds

    Individual Classification:
    The FEI World Jumping Challenge offers an Individual classification per Country, per geographical Zone and per Category.

    Team Classification:
    The FEI World Jumping Challenge offers a Team classification per geographical Zone and per Category.

    In All Fairness:
    The riders of the FEI World Jumping Challenge are competing over the same courses using the same arena size (65 x 45 m) and designed by a Course Designer appointed by the FEI.

    Development of the Sport
    The FEI World Jumping Challenge also serves as an educational purpose by linking the competition with the coaching. The technical aspects of the courses are in correlation with the Levels 1 and 2 of the FEI Coach Education System, which is implemented in the same NFs that participate in the FEI World Jumping Challenge.

    Therefore, Category C (1.00 m) has introduced Trot sections using trot poles inspired by the Jumping technique taught in Level 1 Jumping module of the FEI Coach Education System

    The FEI World Jumping Challenge is held between the 1st January and the 31st of December

    The FEI Dressage Challenge Competition offers five performance levels – Prix St Georges, Advanced, Medium, Elementary and Preliminary – for two age groups (12-15 years and 16 years and older). The competition provides the same dressage tests worldwide with Ground Juries per zone.

    (hope that cut and paste helps answer some questions)

    The International question….well, before the BEA was formed the above mentioned riders did compete in what was then considered international events. The statement regarding Natya Soodeen being the first rider to represent Barbados at International level would relate to after 1994 when Barbados became a member of the world governing body for equestrian in 1994. So in 1995 Natya was the first Barbados rider to ride at the Pan Am Games. Roberta Foster was the first dressage rider at the Pan Am Games in Winnipeg. These riders have shown that it is possible to reach these standards and we should be proud. I know I am. I am equally proud of the Dressage Team that went to the Pan Am’s in Dominican Republic and the CAC Games in 2006 in Bogota; where Foster finished in the top 10!

    The comment which talks about the photo of Soodeen after she fell, well I saw with my own eyes, Prince Harry taking a face plant at Polo, and it certainly was all over the news and press. Riders fall, it’s part of the risk in this sport. Jockeys fall too! Do we now say that these riders cannot ride? Three Day Eventers – extremely dangerous discipline within our sport; due to the high risk of death from falling there are very stringent requirements to be considered for this.

    There are just so many comments made that just are not worth responding to. I have time to answer questions when ignorance stems from lack of knowledge, but an ‘ignorant’ person is not worth the time of day.

  68. oh my

    Did soodeen actually ride in ’95,

    Don’t think so if I remember her horse did not pass vet check

  69. manuel

    Dear Wait a minute, you clearly have a personal interest in this, I do too. Mine has to angles, the first as a rider, where qualifications and team participations should be decided soley by results and capabilities, not by political issues. My federation has had some down falls in which politics have been above sportmanship and qualifications, fortunately, a more democratic system and an objective president now set the standards at my FEM (Federación Ecuestre Mexicana) and the rules seem to be clear. The second one is my personal relationship with Natya, whom I respect both as a rider and as a friend. It is true, I haven´t seen her compete in a while, but that is soley because of geographical issues, but nevertheless, federations have to back, with proof, any accussation as harsh as this one. If the results are there, she should go. If they have any proof or hard data they should present it.

    having said that , I wonder what your interests are, being that going to the extent of doubting of myself as a real person and expressing it means you have something to defend. I guess the question is what benefits are you receiving form her not participating or being banned.

    I guess there really is no need to present proof of either my nationality or my credibility, this words could have been said by a Mexican, a Greek, my groom, a Bajan or by natya herself and they would still have the same meaning… so, as we say here, Buena suerte Natya y espero que se haga justicia.

  70. lickin my mout

    if she did fail a vet check and den did not ride, de website wud still put dat up pon dere for all tu see?? dat ent right… i doubt fer real.

  71. oh my

    lickin my mout,

    check the facts she did NOT ride… and she was NOT self funded… just ask the BOA

  72. lickin my mout

    i did check de facts, that how com i duz know de facts…i also went to de truble of getting a copy of de start list and results list. as far as funding, alot duz com from the boa, never denied dat….but a lot duz come from personal fund raizing

  73. I want to get both sides before delivering my own take on the matter – Sent an e-mail last nite to BEA Committee, left voice mails for few I had numbers of… Even sent texts, but so far nothing, and the BEA site is down too – why would that be? H’mmm

  74. Dear BEA Committee;

    It’s now close to 24 Hrs since I wrote you on the Natya Soodeen suspension, during the interim I have verified the BEA website – while Google listed, is not running – even down to its caches, which suggests a total revision of the URL. I not only e-mailed the President but left a voice-mail on her cell plus a text, and also e-mailed most of the Committee and only Naomi Roachford-Holder responded (after I sent a voice-mail & text message) so far, she’s promising a statement is forthcoming.

    As News is an ever-present beastie, I leave you with this caveat – if I do not receive an answer by 12:Midnight of Sun. 20 June 2010, then I will use MOST of the info I already have to present a different case than what pervades in B’dos Free Press and elsewhere. I will only use ALL of the info I have, based on legal advice forthcoming from interested parties. However, in the interests of fairness I felt it only just to alert you what inactivity will cost.

    Thank you.

  75. lickin my mout

    i find you generous….and find dem real rude too…
    oh well…we will wait den.

  76. lickin my mout

    oh my real quiet den….

  77. looka dat doh!

    A little birdie told me today that a certain affluent lady was getting her hair coiffed at a salon today and seemed to be (or thought she was) an expert on the goings ons with Natya! She proceeded to blab down the salon about how Natya is on the lowest spectrum of international standard of riding! Oddly enough the same said “expert”‘s daughter will be traveling to Germany (where three refusals are allowed) to train for her upcoming games in August! Now why would she travel aaaaaall that way to train with the “lowest spectrum of riders”!?!

    I do believe maybe this expert should stick to what she actually does know and resume teaching ballet or watching polo!

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  79. 345

    The only source of income that trust fund baby receives is monthly cheques from daddy. You need to be good to make money at riding, not come one before last in the Pan American Games.

    Why not ask the BEA about the trail of debt that Miss Sodeen left after the games where she supposedly paid her own way.

    Before all you self righteous ass@@#$@ get on your soap boxes and try to preach to us low lifes you should get your facts straight.

    The only fault that the BEA should take claim to is the fact that they have not made a clear the air statement, but then again this would have preempted the soapbox opera !!

  80. lickin my mout

    de select few will win at dese games, does that mean we dont try to go still. how did de dressage rider fare? oh dear sorry, that would be de chief’s sister..hmm did she not rack up some of dat trail of debt? gosh you lot real narrow minded in trut. you ppl need to stop serving you own self betterments … i cant believe dat people could be so cruel to somebody else…no support no nuttin, put youself in her shoes and see if you would like it. but of course as would be understandable coming from the idiotic thoughts of a few that control the bea, its not surprising den that you have missed the point completely. suspended with no warning reason no nutin . now dat is acting professionally from de ones dat are sooooo hard at work looking to build, advance and encourage as the BEA motto says.

  81. neysha soodeen

    Dear Oh My… and 345…
    In ’95 Soodeen funded herself to go to the Pan Am Games. The BEA did not have a cent to give to Nat. Her horse was cleared by the vet and she did ride on the first day. Her horse went lame on the second day and the vet gave Nat 2 options… “take a chance and ride, but you may damage the horse, or bow out and lick your wounds.”
    Why are you so bitter to Nat? I am reading these blogs and know pretty much who you are. Have we done somthing to you to create such bitterness… If you and your mates on the committee have found discrepencies with Nat’s results, why not just ask Nat about them? I also think that we are all of a certain maturity to blog respectfully. I read a comment where someone rightfully said ‘the BOA send athelets all over the world to compete.. some come dead last and some are disqualified, but do we have to disrespect them for their efforts’???
    I am confused as to the reason behind these bitter comments… I wish we could all support one another and help each other to grow as opposed to pull one another down. How can the BEA and our riders ever compete internationally if we have to fight each other at home?

  82. Miss West

    Finally… we are back to responsible blogging… I wish the masters behind this site can edit what those people (345 and the likes) are saying.. sounds like utter jealousy to me. It seesm that one of the members of the BEA said that Nat was to put all of her shows on U Tube… do all international riders have to do this when qualifying? And is it mandatory to put all of your shows on U Tube or just the ones which the rider has ‘done well to qualify’? I cant see Ian Miller putting shows which he has fallen off his horse on U Tube if he does not have to.

  83. Lot of venom here, but the deadline has passed and now to start with my own material supplied – no, not using ALL of it, some of it has to be vetted legally first – but enough to make people pause (LikedA Rider“‘s contribution, only one to establish benchmark criteria)

  84. 128

    @Miss West,

    It is not fair to ask riders to put all videos on youtube, but the criteria set out by the B.E.A states clearly ALL results must be submitted to the B.E.A.
    As I asked before, was this done?
    I am sure we will hear soon from the B.E.A, I am confident that they are putting all of their efforts into this, but we do all have to remember that the B.E.A also have other things on their plate…. like the F.E.I Category C being held at Whitehall Equestrian Center next weekend…Just because one fish is getting on badly in the boat, doesn’t mean you should loose all of your fish.

    The B.E.A Exec committee are not irrational, and I am sure they have very good reasons for suspending Ms. Soodeen, if not they would not have.

    @looka dat doh

    About this woman you speak about, and her daughter, do you have the facts that state this? Please share.

  85. lickin my mout


    well listen to you den….”they are busy so Miss Soodeen got tu wait”. That sung reeal good. She is not just a lonesome fish, idjit, she is a fish dat get suspend fuh nuh reason. I feel dat purty serious and culd warrant a explaination even doh dem reel busy and ting.

    also, de sed lady in de parlour, I feel we cud figure out who she de be, so just axe she if she say so.

    I more sure too dat if you can read gud, you wuld see de criteria says to show videa of de qualifying roungs, not every round she does compete. are u fer real? like dat has ever been done by anybody..
    de yute dat goin to dem big games in summer, we get to see she qualifying rung too? dont tink so. or any official results? dont tink so needer. so how come fer some but not udders. tink ’bout it.

  86. While no one is a saint, there’s enough here to make Barbados’ rep as a Sports Tourism destination to be in pure jeopardy

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  88. Platinum

    This is so vicious and sad. One question. I read that this is Natya’s sole job and it is all she does for a living. How is it possible for her to compete in amateur games if she is making a living from show jumping?

    In every sport that I am familiar with as long as you receive money you are deemed a professional.

  89. concerned

    Does Usain Bolt not receive endorsements and sponsorship due to his athletics?

    She is a professional, in work ethic, her income is derived from training horses and showing them and then selling them.

  90. David 2

    Concerned, so she is a horse trader then… interesting, showing a horse to sell it for profit, sounds like a professional to me.

    So her job is really selling horses she rides… Hmmmm….

  91. concerned

    David 2,

    You seem to want to stir something else up…not following your hmmmmm…..

    Perhaps you should go overseas and maybe you will see and learn for yourself that all the ‘Professional” riders ride horses for people and sell them on. Some purchase horses to train up and sell. And yes it is very professional.

    What does it matter…anyway….Is this why she is suspended?

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