Typical toilet, Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Guest toilet, QEH Accident & Emergency Department. Yes, that’s long term gummed urine/feces splashing, then drying, then the next layer from the next A&E “guest”.

UPDATED: July 7, 2013

With all the recent troubles at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital we thought that we could best comment on the situation by re-visiting an article we published three years ago.

After four years of DLP government, are things at the QEH any better? The Nation News says the situation is worse:

“The cash-strapped Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) continues to have to deal with faulty machinery, which is affecting its ability to provide proper health care to Barbadians…”

… from the Nation article July 6, 2013 QEH Breakdowns

Enjoy! (Just don’t sit down. Squat like everybody does.)

Also read BFP’s May 2012 article: Heart attack in Barbados – tourist slams Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Original article published June 11, 2010…

Dear Health Minister Donville Inniss…

Donville Inniss: needs to learn about leadership and clean hospital toilets.

Please head over to Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter website and read his new story St Michael West Central Constituency Report {Pt 2} – Donville Inniss: What QEH is he talking about?

There, Minister Inniss, you will find several current photos of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital including the above one. You will also find that Mr. Bourne has posted videos of your speech at the St Michael West Central Constituency Report and that he contrasts what you say with the reality of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

This juxtaposition of your words and the situation at the QEH is definitely a problem Minister Inniss, because what you say seems to be at odds with the reality of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Sir, we at BFP know that you and your government inherited a big mess some two and a half years ago and we know that the QEH has been under funded and mismanaged for better than a decade. We also know that the cookie jar was left bare by the Owen Arthur – Mia Mottley BLP government and that the current world economic turmoil and tourist downturn is killing our economy. You, and we, don’t have a whole lot of money to work with. We know that.

Then there’s the not-to-be-spoken-about desire to keep up the image of Barbados as a world class tourist destination for the super rich, rich and even the merely comfortable middle class tourists. That’s why we keep smiling ’bout hey that everything is fine. Everything is fine.

But then there is reality for your fellow Bajans who have to bring our loved ones to the QEH. We don’t think the Prime Minister’s wife had to sit on the above toilet seat, but our loved ones might have to. We don’t know if your family members will have to because you’re a big-time government minister and you can fly to Miami for dental work if you want to let alone something major like flying to New York City if cancer is suspected.

Minister Inniss, there will be a temptation for you and your DLP supporters to declare publicly that Ian Bourne’s article and all the photos are hand-picked and unrepresentative of the reality at the QEH, but you know that Ian’s article is the truth and so does everyone on this island. You can have all the press conferences you want when you renovate a washroom or two at the hospital or buy a new ambulance, but that doesn’t change the reality that not much has changed since BFP published our September 2007 story Your Child Is Sick: Welcome To Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Sir, we ordinary people at Barbados Free Press and all over this rock know three things…

1/ Your DLP government is in its 3rd year of office so you own the problem now.

2/ We, your fellow citizens, are intelligent enough to understand the truth and the reality of the situation but we are tired of government lies and bullcrap. We know that progress cannot be made unless one starts from the truth.

3/ We also know that cleaning a toilet doesn’t take a whole lot of money, but it takes some leadership to set and enforce standards. Frankly Sir, if you were responsible for the toilets at the Barbados Defense Force facilities and they looked like that (which they don’t!), one of the Sergeants would kick you hard right in the ass, Sir.

Minister Inniss, there is a rebellion growing in Barbados against the song and dance entertainment politics and government that you and the DLP and the BLP deliver. This movement doesn’t yet have form or leadership, but it is real and is validated and reinforced every time two or more of us get together and talk. You even see traces of it in the mainstream media – never mind that your government tries to control the media with advertising revenues.

Something is happening ’bout hey and the two-party-take-turns-at-government system that you political elites have relied upon for 20 years is in for a big surprise.

Meanwhile Minister Inniss, how about you and some of your staff read Ian Bourne’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital article and then go clean some toilets?


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23 responses to “Typical toilet, Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital

  1. Donald Duck Esq,

    Why does n’t the government hand over the runnning of the hospital to the private sector and allow them to charge the government for the various services offered?

  2. Lutheran hospitals in Africa

    The Lutheran Church supports a number of private hospitals in Africa that appear to be run in a first class manner.

    Government should stay out of professional businesses that they have continually failed to operate decade after decade, for the betterment of all Barbadians.

    I think DD is right on this but this would also mean that Barbados and its politicians, unions and bureaucrats would have to keep their hands off the services and operations leaving this to international health organizations to review and administer.

    Maybe one of Barbados investigative journalists ( if they exist ) can dig a little deeper and find out which hospitals work in Africa and which don’t and why?

    There are highly qualified Barbadian doctors and nurses working throughout the world so the issue can’t be Barbadians or their abilities.

  3. Really?

    I think the lack of interest in the article clearly shows its face here, I think even this clown Bourne knows that massive steps forward have been achieved at the QEH.

    People know that progress is being made one step at a time as recent as today a white Barbadian said how glad she was to see the improvement at the QEH as her husband was recently admitted via the A and E and what wonderful care and how it had improved so much from Jerome Walcott days of tampering with the health of the QEH, my congrats go out to the Minister and the management and staff of the QEH for getting back on track and doing a wonderful job of correcting the ills of 14 years of tampering and neglect of the QEH, well done folks.

  4. RRRicky

    Unfortunately this is a typical toilet at the hospital. I have little doubt that the new washrooms will look the same shortly because the place doesn’t have a comprehensive maintenance plan. The stairwells are disgusting and reek of urine.

  5. akabozik

    Really?’s injection of race into the discussion is typical of the tired old politics continued by the DLP and BLP.

    The race of a hospital visitor is not important unless you are trying to say that a white person’s opinion is worth more than a black person’s and that is exactly what “Really?” is promoting. That tells me that “Really?” is a DLP party hack.

    The spending of a few hundred thousand dollars here and there for a few washrooms or a lunchroom is not a solution for the QEH by any means. Commenter “Ricky” makes a valid point that the new washrooms will soon look like the old washrooms and this toilet seat is proof enough of that.

    ‘Really?’ should be as horrified of what we are seeing as the rest of us but he/she ignores the photo and lays out congratulations to the Health Minister and the DLP government!

  6. My Name Is Not Sylvan

    I note that there has been no further talk about a new hospital.

    Despite reports from UN consultants, Engineers and a whole swath of experts (including two ministers of health under this administration) this government refuses to admit the truth because it would be embarrassing politically.

    Shall we admit the truth that because of where the QEH is, if we ever have a storm surge or tsunami it will be unusable?

    Shall we admit the truth that because it sits on a flood plain, it remains extremely vulnerable to earthquakes?

    Shall we admit the truth that it’s 1950’s era design makes its ability to survive a hurricane doubtful?

    Shall we admit the truth that after 50 years it will cost more to renovate than to simply build on a green field site?

    Shall we admit the truth that this government is not admitting the need for a new hospital simply because it would be politically embarrassing?

    Even if the government is in a cash flow crunch now, to build a hospital in 2020 would require planning to start from now. Or perhaps we should just “wait and see” what happens with the QEH.

  7. I have not included the pictures of my mother’s bottom which was scrubbed raw by nurses after she had a large bowel movement after days of constipation (I also believe in spite from my clash with a Matron).

    A Home Helper who used to be a Nurse said it’s one of the most barbaric things she’s seen from the QEH and the nurse who did this should have her license revoked.

    I took photos of my mother’s buttocks as proof, she left there Wednesday and her flesh is still raw.

  8. Really?

    Bourne spare us your load of crap, never once was race brought into this discussion but really Bourne give us a break from your stupidity, maybe it would have served you better had been your behind that had this encounter.

  9. I never brought up race, that was yourself, “Really?,” but I forgive you for your partisan effort to try and use some stupid method to think you’re discrediting me, as you cannot dispute the facts…

    Because your aligned with a party does not mean everything it does is right, if there’s foolishness then be brave and speak up – it’s known as cojones, a concept which may be too alien for the likes of you; as I talk with my real name and experience but you remain cowardly and lacking credibility by using an alias.

  10. M1litary

    Having spent time in the army, I can assure you… BFP is certainly right on one thing, if those toilet seats can’t be cleaned – then remove them and reinstall new covers, and how much is that? $45 or so each, and money wasted on boilers while you have equipment already there? What squander-mania and pride; “I ain’t using them BLP boilers, no we shall install new-brand DEM Boilers, yes sir!”

  11. Disney World?

    This island is sooooo Mickey Mouse!
    – Laughing Out Loud!

    it was worth typing that out,trust me..

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  14. just want to now

    The reality now is the machinery is breaking down or has broken down, today in the Nation newspaper there is a report that the echogram machines are not working, no x ray reporting on x rays done unless it is paid for, no eye surgery because there is no medicine, numerous things that cannot be done, because the Government is using the money for the constituent councils, which is all a political ploy.

  15. Rastaman

    Only for constituency councils??? You should ask Min Michael Lashley where some of the money is.

  16. Charles L.

    DLP or BLP doesn’t seem to matter much. The QEH continues to deteriorate because all of our politicians have squandered the money to maintain the place. We can’t even find the money to fix the x-ray machines, how can we possibly hope for a new hospital?

    Get me outta this place! Oh, for a green card to the USA!

  17. Had to visit a former SSA colleague in the QEH earlier this year, NOTHING has changed – so much for Donville and so much for Boyce, DEM’s had 6+ years to make a difference. Bees are no better, viz. BFP’s 2007 QEH horror story – perhaps we should take a leaf from Cairo? Taan Abed as Interim PM? Sir Richie’s idea of NDP was brilliant yet far too early, if NDP was out & about in 2009? I think it would have had a clean sweep!

  18. roverp

    And we are building a St. John Monument

  19. proudbajan2

    I am satisfied that there is nothing good happening in Barbados according to Ian Bourne. I am also amazed at how stupid we can be as a people. Ian Bourne is such a conniving and silly want-a-be journalist that I would not be surprised if the photo of the toilet was taken in his bathroom. I have known him for many years and can safely say to you that he could never get a bronze for personal hygiene.

    I don’t believe that was a photo of a toilet at QEH.

    The other point I wish to make is that we need to take better care of our public facilities. it is not just for the workers but also for the visitors who use them. Why have we become so nasty and selfish?

    I am a supporter of the BLP but must confess that Minister Inniss really did make a great effort and met with much success in improvements in our health system in general and the QEH in particular.

    Ian Bourne obviously has a personal dislike for Inniss and it is reflected in all of his blogs on the Minister. I say that at least Inniss has the balls to seek to serve his island at the highest level. Bourne is just so pathetic.

  20. Aequitas Et Veritas

    Where is my comment?

  21. Kent

    OT: Can anyone give me an idea of prevailing Bdos hourly rates for lawyers? I’ve been quoted a price that is very high compared to the US, but need to find out if it’s within the range of “normal” for Bdos.

  22. Aequitas Et Veritas

    Attention Free Press – I made a response to “proudbajan2” Re: Ian Bourne, it is yet to appear, it is based on stories you and Mr Bourne printed, no slander

  23. Anonymous

    It would be interesting to revisit the hospital today