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Testing the Terms of the CL Financial bailout

by Afra Raymond

On Sunday, June 6, 2010 the Express’ Investigative Desk published yet another series of exclusive reports from Camini Marajh and those are once again, raising more questions than answers.

HCL’s billion-dollar Deal

The only deal they were interested in…

‘Nurse pushes fees for directors’ …at cash-strapped HCL

The $b FCB deal

The reports revolved around some of the recent dealings of Home Construction Limited and their financing via First Citizens’ bank.  The Home Construction group of companies is an important part of the CL Financial empire – that CL Financial empire is being bailed out by the State.

The key issues arising from the reported information would seem to be – Continue reading


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Are these Barbados plantations still receiving an agriculture rebate on their Land Tax?

Sugar cane was once like gold or oil

To our knowledge, each of the following plantations are not in any meaningful agricultural production, or have been given over to housing or commercial activities. Are they still receiving an agricultural rebate on their land taxes?

Exchange Plantation, St Thomas
Alleynedale Plantation, St Peter Continue reading


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