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Bajans tiring of show business Government – another DLP Community Meeting flops

Ian Bourne (right) politely asks DLP James Paul "What happened to the Agriculture Protection Act the DLP promised in their manifesto?"

Politicians provide words without actions & actions contrary to their words.

It’s been two and a half years since we citizens turfed out the Barbados Labour Party government of Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley. We did so in part because we believed the words of David Thompson and the DLP. We believed they would at least try to do what they promised.

For the first year Bajans gave them a honeymoon. We understood that the DLP had inherited a mess. We understood that the BLP left the cookie jar empty after wasting and stealing what they could.

During the second year of the DLP government, citizens started to demand action from the David Thompson government. We wanted to see legislative progress, things happening – and some accountability for the massive thefts we knew had happened under the BLP.

During the election campaign David Thompson talked about the offshore bank accounts of BLP government members and threw a cheque in Owen Arthur’s face that the then Prime Minister had corruptly deposited into his personal bank account. Bajans wanted accountability and integrity laws to prevent future excesses and that was exactly what Thompson promised during his campaign.

But none of those things happened in the first two years of the DLP government. Not one of the DLP’s major election manifesto promises was fulfilled – they were merely words on paper.

Now, half way through year three of the Thompson DLP government even the slowest citizens get it: nothing changed with the election of the DLP. Not a damned thing changed.

The betrayal, the shock and the anger are building among Barbadians who have come to realise that the DLP is the BLP is the DLP.

The pot is boiling, and Ian Bourne’s new article is only the latest evidence that something is happening in the minds of ordinary Bajans. Song and dance shows masquerading as good government are no longer acceptable…

“What was expected to be a grand occasion turned out to be mere doldrums and trotting out more propaganda rhetoric to appease a withering old guard, the Democratic Labour Party’s MP for St Michael West Central paraded a list of plans for his constituency and barely listed any accomplishments – hardly what can be truly construed as a report, since this implies deeds accomplished.”

from the Bajan Reporter story Ruling DLP of Barbados fail to convince at St Michael West Central Constituency Report: Contradictions, Inadequacies & Disrespect (Part 1)

If you do nothing else today, you MUST read Ian Bourne’s article.


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