Price of a potato in Barbados: $4.63 PLUS 6 cents for the plastic bag!

Plastic bags being sold to customers by weight: at the same price as the produce

I went to buy a potato from TriMart Supermarket, yes the same with the potato last week. Ingrunt me decided to ask the cashier to weigh without bag as the $4.69 was too much. People that damn bag was costing me 6 cents would you believe! From ingrunt to foolish, now to wise, I told cashier even at the new price of $4.63 me nah buy that potato.

The plastic bag was being sold unknowingly to me and at the same cost-per-pound of a potato. That is Highway Robbery!

Kammie Holder


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9 responses to “Price of a potato in Barbados: $4.63 PLUS 6 cents for the plastic bag!

  1. Donald Duck Esq,

    Have you given consideration to the fact that the scales have not been calibrated for a while. I doubt very much if in Barbados supermarkets the national stanards insitute ever visits to determine the accuracy of weights determined at the check out counters.

  2. Politically Tired

    Sweet potato prices are high, how come we can import English potato’s & sell them cheaper? Time to get a reusable bag, or like some people do take their already used plastic bags, crazy to pay for the bag! best of all try not to buy any fruit/veg from the supermarkets, prices are ridiculous, street vendors or farmers markets for me.

  3. Kammie Holder

    I am talking about the clear bags provided by the vegetables. The weight of the bag is computed at the unit price of vegetables. That flimsy bag once added 13 cents to my bill and as usual I told them to weigh my carrots outside the bag.

  4. nobag

    You should be charged for the bag. until that is done then we will continue to pollute the environment with plastic bags. bring your own reusable. the sweet potatoe price however is crazy.

  5. David Spieler

    It is very easy to re-use the vegetable bags- they last for a long time. We store our bags by balling them up and putting them all into one of the same bags.

    Please, if you just take those bags back to the supermarket you can use them many many many times. Anyone can if they care about the environment, pollution and drainage. It takes the same amount of time to throw the bag to the garbage as to place it into your bag of bags in your cupboard.

    In some other countries the cash desks do not issue plastic tote bags but only offer the reusable ones to buy.

    We must ask for a government policy that moves the supermarkets together to this point, because without this coordination there will be an issue that supermarkets can use against each other in marketing.

    In many countries, in order to get garbage bags the customer simply buys ones in the cleaning supplies section since they are not ever available at the cash and this is a given. That is: if the customer still MUST have plastic they can go buy them off the shelf.

    Government could raise significant revenue by taxing plastic bags at the register out of existence too; say at 25 cents each.

    Look at that tax as part of the cost for paying the drainage unit, a way for government to balance a service that it must continue to provide. It is a real cost to government, and we are these days not pretending to be in the business of subsidising.

    There is direct correlation between plastic and blocked drains.

    Even the Minister, on the news last night, was calling for help to clean the drains.

    Would one be offending the sanitation workers, and would one be offensive to please request their forgiveness, in wondering whether we could go back to previous times when the cans were emptied directly into the back of the trucks.

    Oh my goodness, dirty cans. Is this politically correct?

    Do we need to standardise our outside can size and debate this too in order to protect our valued sanitation workers backs and their health?

  6. Nostradamus

    Ian, Mr. Paul’s response to your question about the promised Agriculture Protection Act is hilarious.

    Thanks for recording it for posterity.

  7. Kammie Holder

    We need to form a Pressure Group and play back this evidence during the upcoming elections. Shame must be the name of the game. Ian can you interview John Connell who voted with his heart and was fired by Errol Barrow.

  8. CanuckBajan

    Why use a plastic bag at all? I can see if you’re buying a bunch of small loose things like mushrooms or beans, etc. but for big things like potatoes, pineapples, tomatoes, peppers, etc just put them in the cart/basket and then into your reusable bag(s). Re-think, Reduce & Refuse are the most important R’s! But I agree that the price of the potato is RIDICULOUS! Time to plant your own – just like grannie did.