Mexico’s drug gangs into politics. Is campaign financing any different where you live?

The phrase “Heads will roll” has taken a new meaning when vacationing in Mexico!

Tourist city Cancun, Mexico is in need of a new mayor after the current politician was arrested on suspicion of protecting two drug gangs. Gregorio Sanchez is charged with drug trafficking and money laundering. It is alleged that he tipped off and protected the Beltran Leyva and Zetas drug cartels — gangs known for brutal tactics including the beheading of rivals. (eTurbo News: Drug cartels tightening control over Mexico’s most important tourist resort)

Why would a politician do something so against his duty and his country? Hey… that’s easy! Money.

In Barbados we have politicians… and we have drug gangs

We also have NO campaign financing rules about who can give and how much they can give to political parties. There is no requirement for politicians or parties to account for spending or the sources of their money.

If scotch & porn were all voters had to worry about, we wouldn't need campaign financing rules!

Do drug gangs fund some Barbados politicians?

Ha! Does Owen Arthur enjoy single malt scotch? Does the sun rise over Africa? Does Donville Inniss support the porn industry?

You mek sport!

No rules about campaign financing in Barbados.

Isn’t it about time?


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6 responses to “Mexico’s drug gangs into politics. Is campaign financing any different where you live?

  1. RLL

    Donville Inniss and porn?

    I sense some mischief happening at BFP. What do you know that I don’t Marcus?

  2. nakid

    Donville’s “Naked News” was hardly porn. Mottley tried that one on during the last election but it didn’t work. Do you have additional information BFP?

  3. Rude Boy

    BFP. Gimme a break. You really feel that you are holier than thou! Who did you finance during the last campaign? You used your site to get very nasty and personal with BLP politicians and contributed therefore to the DLP campaign. Get real.

  4. BFP

    Hi Rude Boy

    And now we hold the DLP politicians to account because they are in office and lied about many things.

    So are we helping the BLP? Nope, we still go after them too.

    Who are we helping? We are helping our fellow Bajans who have had enough. We are a clarion and the people are hearing and thinking. Soon we will go large on a campaign to elect independents to office in the absence of a viable 3rd party in the next election.

    We the people dumped the corrupt lying BLP because we believed what the DLP and Thompson were telling us. We wanted to believe David Thompson so we gave him and his party a chance.

    We the people were betrayed by Thompson and the DLP almost from the first day when they reneged on their promise to “immediately” implement a code of conduct for government ministers.

    Thompson lied.

  5. RRRicky

    Thompson lost me when he held up that cheque that Owen Arthur deposited into his own bank account and then after the election Thompson appointed Owen Arthur to a fair election oversight committee for the UN. What a joke!

    I didn’t know that Thompson and Arthur were brothers but that is close to proof. 😉

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