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Food Slavery in Barbados: Price of one sweet potato – Four U.S. Dollars!

Is TriMart the slave master… or does the trail lead much deeper?

8oz squash – BDS$4.21

16oz sweet potato – BDS$7.87

A few weeks ago BFP’s editor Marcus wrote in an article “There was another day last month where we again had to decide between delaying the car payment for a week or buying food.”

Things aren’t supposed to be like this

Not after so many years and so much history. Not after 40 plus years of independence since we the majority finally elected our own leaders to chart our own course.

It wasn’t supposed to end up this way with a car in every driveway but no money for petrol to get to work (if you still have a full time job) and no money for food on the table. No land to grow food, and unchecked praedial larceny if you do plant a little garden.

The government’s “solution” to praedial larceny is to declare the need for stronger laws to prevent these large and small thefts from the fields and from home gardens.

That’s not a “solution” when the problem is sweet potatos at US$4 each and people are hungry.

That’s not a “solution” when G. across the way went from 5 days a week cleaning rooms at a big hotel to 2 days a week and those sweet potatos are US$4 each.

Welcome to your new Massa folks… the people responsible for the US$4 potato. It’s slavery and nothing less.

Here at Barbados Free Press we keep mentioning that the BLP and the DLP held a great half-a-billion dollar cricket party for a few weeks at Cricket World Cup – but that was only one outrageous act of many that left us on the edge as a country and as citizens and families.

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the undercurrent working its way through our country? The “us” and the “them”? Them being the political and business elites who do fine no matter what is happening to the rest of us.

Prime Minister Thompson is ill, and we wish him well and we pray for him and his family. We do pray for him, you know. We want Mr. Thompson well for himself and his family and the country – because it is not a good thing for the world to have doubts about our Prime Minister’s health, no matter how capable our Acting PM appears.

But there is another truth that has been once again highlighted by the Prime Minister’s illness. As one of the political and business elites, Mr. Thompson can afford to go to the best of the best doctors in New York City.

And several of our newly-elected DLP politicians who didn’t have a pot to pee in before they were elected in January of 2008 are driving expensive new vehicles and sporting fine Miami clothes.

The Prime Minister is in New York City for medical tests and you know damn well what would happen to your mother or brother or friend if they went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and complained about the same pains.

And sweet potatos are US$4 each.

Can you feel it friends?

Can you feel the undercurrent of realisation that is making its way into conversations at home and work and with neighbours? Do you hear the anger? Can you feel the anger in your neighbours’ talk? The pot is boiling in Barbados – and sweet potatos at US$4 each is the fuel that might cause that pot to boil over.


Thanks to Kammie Holder for the photo. Kammie has nothing else to do with this article. It’s mine.


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