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Another thieving Barbados estate lawyer

Having read your articles on crooked lawyers in Barbados and having gotten no satisfaction from the probate attorney for my wife’s God-Mother I thought of writing you and The Nation.  What makes this outright thievery a bit different (probably not unique) is that my wife, (name removed by editor) was born in Barbados and is a Barbados and US citizen.  The attorney in question did not identify all foreign securities (due in the will to go to my wife) and has continued since the death (1999) to routinely cash dividends.

That he was doing so was brought to us by an employee of Inland Revenue who cannot further identify himself. The attorney in question has confessed to all of this in writing–exacted with the help of an attorney-cousin of my wife, who can get no further with this thief.

No help from the Barbados Bar Association.

I have chapter and verse.

This surely hurts the honourable nation Barbados is.  We have never stopped coming all 50 years of our marriage.

signed (name and contact info sent to BFP, but not published by editor)


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