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Bajan in Hollywood Sean Michael Field lands another major commercial – AAMCO Auto Repair

Talent, hard work paying off for a nice guy in a tough business

Another big company has turned to Hollywood-based Sean Michael Field to bring their image to America. AAMCO, one of the largest auto repair networks in the USA is “fielding” (ed: couldn’t help it!) a new television commercial on June 1st starring our friend.

We’ve been following Sean’s acting career since he made the girls swoon with his HIV condom advert a few years back. (Shona just walked by, saw what I wrote and is starting to giggle because she remembers the commercial.)

I don’t know much about the movie or television business, but if I look at Sean Field’s work over the past few years the word that comes to mind is “versatile”. He takes a variety of rolls and excels at each one right from macho sexy, to romantic, to a bit of comedy (his KFC commercial) to sinister bad guy.

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Sean has a couple of new movies on the go too.

It’s so good to see a truly decent guy doing well and progressing in a tough town like Hollywood. We look forward to seeing his Sean’s AAMCO commercial soon. We’ll let you know if we find it online next month.

Sean’s website is here: Sean Michael Field website

As an aside, it doesn’t happen too often that Barbados Free Press scoops Ian Bourne and The Bajan Reporter on an entertainment industry story but it looks like we’ve done it this time!   🙂


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Do we need armed officers at each Barbados school? Shot fired during school canteen robbery

Violent criminals know the Barbados Police Force is understrength by 100+ officers

When two thugs burst into the Parkinson School canteen just after lunch on Friday and fired a shot to terrorize the staff, they knew that they could probably get clean away. That’s because criminals, like the rest of us, have noticed that patrolling police officers are a rare sight in Barbados compared with even two or three years ago.

According to the story in The Nation, canteen owner Nancy Lynch was taken to hospital and another woman had a gun placed right against her chest as people screamed and ran from the masked men.

In our school.

Where our children are.

Where we send them every day to learn and be safe.

School Principal Orson Alleyne wrong about one thing…

“It is frightening to think that in this society we can come to the point where people can think they can come onto a school compound and perform such acts, and in broad daylight,” … school principal Orson Alleyne

The truth is that the thugs don’t think they can rob a school in broad daylight with our children there – they know they can do it because they, like the rest of us, watched the politicians squeeze the budget of our Royal Barbados Police Force for the last 15 years.

Dale Marshall - Policing not a priority

Former Attorney General Dale Marshall told potential Barbados police recruits that they shouldn’t expect to be paid anywhere near what they could earn elsewhere as police officers. That said everything about what Mr. Marshall’s priorities were. (To be fair though, Dale Marshall’s government did give us a hell of a Cricket World Cup party over a few weeks for only a half a billion dollars or thereabouts.)

Policing and community safety was not a priority for the Mottley/Arthur BLP government and it is not a priority for the current DLP government. That’s why our police force doesn’t have the money to attract and hire the more than 100 officers who haven’t been replaced.

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