Friends, fun and fresh air at the Blackman’s Gully Trail Walk in Barbados

On the scene photos brought to you through the magic of Kammie Holder’s BlackBerry!

Kammie Holder - Future Centre Trust

In the photo above I see British High Commissioner Paul Brummell (red shirt, white fedora) and author/professor Sean Carrington (big guy with mustache in foreground, wearing shorts) at the Blackman’s Gully Trail Walk coordinated by The Future Centre Trust and happening this morning. Okay, this isn’t a major news event but it is rather special that we’re posting these photos while folks are still in the gully.

I’m heading out the door so I’ll quickly post the other photos and leave it to our readers to make the comments. If you were on the trail walk, let’s hear from you!


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8 responses to “Friends, fun and fresh air at the Blackman’s Gully Trail Walk in Barbados

  1. Thank you BFP. This morning was a success! Thanks to the many persons who found time to participate. A special thank you to the British High Commissioner Mr Brummel who said yes to a verbal invite.

    I spent the last couple of days in reflection in the Grenadines and realise we have some serious governance issues throughout the caribbean.

    Thus I will make an announcement shortly firstly on the blog and then on radio. It will be bold and cause both the BLP and DLP to sit up and pay attention. All I ask is that like minded persons who are interested in nation building join with me in making a difference. Stand up and be counted or live your life as a parasite. Stay tuned!

  2. 119

    This morning was really interesting– it also opened my eyes to the fact that there are people in our country that have no regard for our beautiful land.

    Kammie, I look forward to your announcement.

  3. Adrian Hinds

    If one does not “stand” with you and your friends they are to be called parasites?

  4. St George's Dragon

    I think I will go back and get a root from that aphrodisiac tree!

  5. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Kammie, I just want to say that I admire your commitment and enthusiasm. I wish you well in all your endeavors and challenges!

  6. A real third party is what is needed in the Barbados to shake things up. The DLP and BLP all play the waiting game like musical chair, nothing gets done.

    Somethings happening! BFP don`t deviate from your responsibity of providing a voice for the voiceless. This is the mouth piece for those who want to address an audience but don`t have media spend.

    The below is taken from Stabroek News.

    Politics has very little to do with personality. It is the mandate and destiny of country rather than fulfilling individuals aggrandizement.
    Fortune favours the brave and in fulfilling the common good and equality, global economic trends determine the political destiny of a country.

    It is not about following the crowd, a leader of a pack is one who has a planned destiny- a wise crowd is a collective- whilst this may be your ultimate objective, visionaries set the stage for progress.

  7. BFP

    Hi Adrian,

    If politicians refuse to implement rules of conduct that prohibit the awarding of government contracts to themselves and close family members, I think the word “parasites” would apply. What do you think, Adrian?


  8. Where is the Denis Lowe story? Anyhow if he still is silent on Graeme Hall, then send him a note here –