Nights out in Barbados: Braddie’s Bar and Mount Gay Showcase

We love ya, kiddo! But Mummy & Dada need a break!

Do you ever get into that rut where you do nothing but work, sleep and look after the home and the little ones? Happens all the time around here when we forget to put aside some time for WE the married couple.

Not family get togethers – they don’t count. Not dumping the boys on Auntie for an hour of shopping or a quick movie – that doesn’t count because it’s not about WE.

My Love… it’s time.

Auntie says she’ll give us almost 24 hours on the weekend from Saturday noonish. The boys can stay overnight and we get a whole 24 hours to WE.

Good times at Braddie's Bar!

I see some fun things doing over at The Bajan Reporter where Ian Bourne reviewed the Ad Lib show at Braddie’s Bar and had a great time of it.

There’s the Mount Gay Showcase happening from June 2 – 4 at the Hilton and we might do that too.

Let’s talk about this and a few other possibilities when I get home after work.

It’s time for WE.

All my love,



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4 responses to “Nights out in Barbados: Braddie’s Bar and Mount Gay Showcase

  1. Rumboy.

    Braddies is one super bar.

  2. BFP

    Yes it is!


  3. And you won’t shout me, sigh!

  4. To Ian

    Ian say “you won’t shout me, sigh!”

    Could be Clive shouts you all the time an you don’t know?

    Or could be you know and pretend not to!