Muslim reform activist Dr. Wafa Sultan: Ground Zero Mosque decisive victory by Islam over the infidels

Will Americans submit to an Islamist Victory at Ground Zero?

In a recent article Barbados Free Press called the 9/11 Mosque to be built at Ground Zero… “A triumphant symbol of Islamist domination and American submission

Most readers agreed with our analysis, while others said we were reading too much into the location and symbolism of the 9/11 Mosque.

Realization & Outrage growing against the 9/11 Mosque

Today one of the world’s foremost Muslim thinkers confirmed what we already thought: the 9/11 Mosque will be viewed by the vast majority of Muslims as a victory over infidels and another step in “Islam’s march to establish its ultimate goal: the submission of all others to Islam and to Sharia Law.”

Syrian-born human rights activist Dr. Wafa Sultan was named by Time Magazine as one of the Top 100 most influential people in the world. You should read what she says about the 9/11 Ground Zero Mosque…

A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory

by Dr. Wafa Sultan

A new mosque is now being planned in New York near “Ground Zero,” two blocks from where the World Trade Center used to be. This mosque is headed by an Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the Cordoba Initiative, who proposes to convert the now-shuttered Burlington Coat Factory on Park Place into an Islamic Cultural Center which would contain a mosque.

It is crucial to study the supremacist ideology of Islam and to recognize, for example, that the building of a mosque especially at Ground Zero is viewed by Muslims as a decisive victory over the infidels in Islam’s march to establish its ultimate goal: the submission of all others to Islam and to Sharia Law…

… continue reading Dr. Sultan’s article at Hudson New York: A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory


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24 responses to “Muslim reform activist Dr. Wafa Sultan: Ground Zero Mosque decisive victory by Islam over the infidels

  1. FearPlay

    Let them build the mosque….after a cathedral is built in Saudi Arabia, Iran and a couple other Middle Eastern countries.
    Fat chance! Why, you can’t even practice your own religion openly in many of those places while western women must cover their heads/faces to show respect for the hosts and they DEMAND freedom of religion from the west. Sadly, I’d have to say that we have already lost the battle.

  2. dismanhey

    @FearPlay… hate to disappoint but for the exception of Saudia Arabia, which we all agree is the extreme,there many churches in the Muslim, middle east countries like Iran, Egypt and other Gulf States. one step further :according to Wikipedia, Christanity is the fasting growing religion in Iran which has 70 churches and accepting converts.guess from where. maybe a quick glance of an organisation like MERF could shed some information on this. Not too sure on their bona fides.
    @BFP : Maybe you can expand a bit on the good Doctor, especially on her views on Native Indians in America and what Daniel Pearl’s father, a Jew, had to say about her after a discussion group.

  3. Rumboy.

    Fail to see the reasoning behind this but fat chance that it will ever be completed if in fact it ever starts. The Christian militia in the US will ensure that if it is completed there no doubt will be a reproduction of 9/11 on opening day.. to a smaller impact however. To those who believe that the battle has been lost, I doubt it, I don’t even think that it has begun as yet.

  4. BFP

    Hi dismanhey,

    I think you should do a little more research before talking about “many” Christian churches in the MIddle East – especially in Iran – but really everywhere. I’ll post a few links later but the overall slaughter, harassment, kidnapping and forced conversion of Christians to Islam throughout the Middle East is well documented even if the news media ignores this inconvenient truth. The Copts are murdered, raped and kidnapped regularly in Egypt. ie:

    Not to forget the giza tax on Christian holdouts in Islamic countries. Iran? Crackdown on Christians and Christians suffering inside Iran

    Once again, I’ll do up an article on it in a couple of days and see where it takes us.

    As far as Dr. Sultan, I will look for the articles you describe. I presume there would be many attempts to assassinate her credibility and character because insiders who turn against Islam are always methodically attacked for the rest of their lives.

    What do you think about what she says, dismanhey? Can you discredit what she says without launching an attack on her person? Can you counter her ideas with your differing ideas or analysis?

  5. dismanhey

    BFP :It was you who brought Dr. Sultan credibilty into play by the referring to her on being Time’s list to advance your argument based on an “expert” opinion. No problem with that or her position.It is called tolerance. But give your readers a balance view of what she says generally so they can decide for themselves if she is credible. If they accept her reasoning, so be it. I inserted daniel pearl’s father thoughts on her given the fact that it was his son that was beheaded in pakistan for investigating extremists for the Washington post , a lecturer at UCLA and he is Jewish who are the ground zero in a real war with Islamic extremist. They feel the pain, not us .
    Wikipedia tends to be neutral in its information and does cover most areas of a topic from its history to controversy. so i look there. Maybe you can lend a helping hand with citations.

  6. Straight talk

    Can’t we just admit that religion is the greatest obstacle to humanity co-existing peacefully, and outlaw all the bullshit dogmatic utterances from on high and concentrate on loving one another?

    Give peace a chance.

  7. BFP

    Hi Dismanhey

    This is Marcus. I found the article about Daniel Pearl’s father and the comments. I’m confused because I think that when the writer says “*He added, “Sultan’s over-the-top, indefensible remarks at the fundraiser, along with her failure to mention the important, continuing efforts of the Islamic Center (of Southern California), insulted all Muslims and Jews in L.A. and throughout the nation who are trying to bridge the cultural gap between the two groups. And that’s one reason why I eventually walked out of the event.”

    * “HE” is not Dan Pearl’s father I think, but the rabbi being interviewed.

    The inFocus article seems to be a hit piece, but you’re right that people should probably read it. It’s 3 years old and the Muslim violence continues while there is no progress that I can see towards reforming Islam. I wonder if Dr. Sultan is correct that Islam cannot be reformed – because among other things, the Koran can’t be changed and it is the foundation of the religion and the source of the instructions to use violence to further Islam.

    Here’s the URL for the inFocus piece:

  8. dismanhey

    hmmm.. yes, it is ambigious . could have been the rabbi walking out .
    Marcus, Dr. Sultan is right Islam won’t reform.But religions don’t reform.. people do so . What is written in texts, are just that. Scholars interpet, the holy men preach and the followers act accordingly.we are all products of our enviroment and the poorer and more oppressed will see the world through a more radical lens as life offers little in living. we don’t get a check list to tick off before we enter this world. so many are unfortunate and then there are the oppressors and opportunists who thrive in those situations.
    i cannot reconcile that god, my god, god to everyman can put 1 billion people on this planet for the rest of us to think that they are just evil. even if they think that we are.
    Straight Talk is perfectly correct : give peace a chance

  9. Straight talk

    At least whilst eulogising the man give the decapitated Mr Perle his correct nomenclature.
    Let us remember his demise with shock as to the method of is premeditated murder.
    But let us not forget the wanton killings of innocents from 8,000 miles away by the push of a button and whole families vapourised.
    War is hell. Who starts these things?
    It may be the timid witterings of a frightened by strangers electorate, and we are all equally guilty for the 3 year old innocent girl dying in agony for what?
    Tell me truthfully for what?

  10. whistling frog

    I think religions have placed themselves ignorantly in their own quagmire.
    Muslims…. Anyone who has been brought up in the so called West are Today Verry Wary And Fareful of these Followers,, as there seem to be too many connections to all of the Fanatics who Float among those that seem to have absolute total disregard for Our Human Compassion,,,ForgivTheseeness,,,Care,,,Understanding,,and Unconditional Love…..
    Roman Catholics…… These have Pretended to give the answer to the Worlds and Peoples Dillema While Satisfying their Material Gains through the Ignorance of the Poor all Over the World and taking advantage of pure young Minds for Self satisfying Personal Physical Satisfaction.
    Anglicans…Originally humble and dedicated to their followers,,,Now Caught up in the Attributes and Physical Gains that keep them dedicated to their personal wellbeing rather than the original giving of themselves to their followers.
    And on it goes for just about all other Religions,,,,,,There is Something Drastically Wrong and I think many people who are not totally Brainwashed,,Blinded etc ,,,etc,, are really asking WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN…..

  11. Peltdownman

    But wouldn’t the existence of a mosque at ground zero make it less likely to be attacked again?

  12. BFP

    Hey Peltdownman,

    Nice place ya got here. Times Square. Empire State Building. Lotta nice office towers an condos with your women an childrens in dem. Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen ’bout hey, would we? Mohammed, me an da boyz can make sure that nuttin bad gin happen. All yaz gotta do is show some respect an everting gon be fine, fine, so fine!

    Hey, nice suits on dis here rack. Wat kind of a discount ya think ya can arrange for Mohammed, me an da boyz?

  13. dismanhey

    Now, now, if you are going to go the caricature route, may i suggest a much more popular name for your readers other than Mohammed…which is so regular these days . How about Hussein ? it is the middle name of the Manchurian candidate…spooky stuff this…the fix is in .. Even Barack which is a derived Arabic word wouldn’t be too bad a choice. then you can really extort.

  14. xoxo

    R.I.P. Al-Qaeda
    Okay, no one wants to tempt fate, but to go from leveling the world’s most famous skyscrapers to malfunctioning exploding underpants in under a decade implies a severe loss of evil momentum

  15. whistling frog

    Whilst we all pontificate,debate,emulate and are blinded to realize the true direction of Islamic,,,Muslim,desire in todays World,remember,,Slight of Hand,,,,Use of Words,,Feints,,Slyness,,Double Talk,,Etc,,…

  16. whistling frog

    Concerning Muslim women wearing Veils etc,,,
    I truly cannot understand this neccesity for any religion,,,Cannot the Men have more control of themselves than to lust after a girl or woman who is uncovered,,or is there an underlying factor that will make Muslim men ignore all of their teachings and betray their so called upbringing to totally ignore their Faith to willfully and wontanly destroy the purity of unsuspecting females???????

  17. Avatar Gurl

    Hey, whistling frog…

    They do it anyway.

    That’s because Muslim men don’t see women as human…they see them as posessions, like a car or a house.

    And yet they are soooo “anti-homosexuality!” STEUPSE!

    Yeah, right!

    If they don’t see women as a valued part OF THEM, then WHY don’t they start getting it on with EACH OTHER? HUH? Since Muslims think that men are better than women, would it stand to reason that this would include sex, as well!

    If you don’t like women, Muslim men, then DEAL WITH YOUR MUSLIM BROTHERS! SIMPLE!

    I’m sure they would like that! (Tongue-in-cheek!)

  18. Avatar Gurl

    I like men, and I respect them & treat them well, BECAUSE WE ARE VALUED PARTS OF EACH OTHER!

    I would NEVER hit a man, or otherwise abuse him. I would expect NOTHING LESS from a man! If a man mistreats me, then he must not like me…meaning he must like a man!

  19. gudolerhum

    Until we accept their very clear message that they intend to convert or kill every Christian, we ain’t going to be able to deal with the threat. Any group which worships a man who was an admitted pedophile by his marrying a child must be a cause for serious concern. Bending down and allowing them to bully us is not going to make them like us. There is no freedom of religion under Islamic law, there is only Islam. One cannot express any thought that is not approved by the book written by their “leader”. Who or what gave Mo-ham-ed the right to make his own rules we will never know but it is still causing horror and death throughout the world and it needs to be stopped!

  20. Interesting. I just wrote about this mosque and have been trying to figure out what the average person thinks about this controversy and groundbreaking on Sept. 11 2011! I’d love to hear some more of your thoughts.

  21. No mosque at Ground Zero – Pat Condell on Ground Zero mosque: “Is it possible to be astonished, but not surprised?”

  22. Muslim

    BFP…the name of this place needs to change to BS-FP..

    Speaking of BS, here is the best review on this debate. I dare you to watch it:

    Ok, now you can all go back to heating your Muslim hate cakes.

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  24. iWatchya

    Dear Muslim,

    I have listened to the debates and would like to know why there are so many countries with NEW religious unrest. Could it be that the other religions/masses fear the forced spread of Islam?

    Where are the anti-terrorist conservative imams?

    So far Islam has not proven itself publicly as a religion of peace…

    I would like to see the outcry of conservative Islam against these attacks. Maybe then the world would be more inclined to embrace the religion of peace.