Will Tamesha Warren do Flyin’ Fish and Cou Cou on Top Chef DC?

White House French sauces, stick to her roots… or Bajan Fusion?

Hey… Tamesha Warren made the cut for Top Chef DC!

We’ve never watched Bravo’s Top Chef… but it’s about to become our favourite programme if we can pick it up on the satellite or the internet. It all starts on June 16, 2010 when Tamesha faces off on Bravo TV against other Washington chefs. Tamesha has already won in our eyes, but if she can convince the judges she’ll pocket US$125,000 and a lifetime of opportunity.

Well, maybe she’s already got that lifetime of opportunity on pure talent alone.

Tamesha has been over and away for a while now. New York City. Washington, DC at The Oval Room – a “power restaurant” across from the White House where she is a “sous chef”.

Had to look that one up…

“The sous-chef de cuisine (under-chef of the kitchen) is the direct assistant of the executive chef, and is second in command. This person may be responsible for scheduling and substituting when the executive chef is off-duty. The sous-chef will also fill in for or assist the chef de partie (line cook) when needed. Smaller operations may not have a sous-chef, while larger operations may have multiple.”

The Bravo TV Top Chef DC website says this about Tamesha’s style…

“Interested in playing with molecular elements, Tamesha cooks modern American food with French and Asian influences and is sure to bring a youthful, modern edge to the competition.”

Fair enough. Tamesha darlin’ – we’d cheer for you if all you could do was pour corn flakes into the bowl, but I suspect you’ll be doing much more than that on your TV show.

We’ll be watching – and so will Marcia down at Oistins. And Tamesha… If you need a little advice on grill fish or cou cou, just give Marcia a call and I’m sure she’ll help you along!

Good luck Tamesha. We’re all cheering for the home girl from Christ Church.


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10 responses to “Will Tamesha Warren do Flyin’ Fish and Cou Cou on Top Chef DC?

  1. BFP


    I must put in my 2 cents.

    Not a bad looking woman either. 🙂


  2. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    I’m guessing that President Obama and Michelle would love a nice plate of cou cou and steam fish with a side of plantain and coleslaw 🙂

  3. 45

    Thank you very much….

  4. BFP

    You’re welcome!


  5. Tamesha Warren

    I would imgaine you saw the article in the Barbados Advocate Sunday.. I want to thank all my fellow Bajans for their support!!!!

  6. Proud Bajan

    Good luck to you Tamesha!

  7. Avatar Gurl

    Yeah, Tamesha! Good Luck! All the best!

    Lord knows these reality shows ain’t kind to us small-town folk!

    I rooting fuh you though! Is de underdogs that does mek it tru betta! Mek we proud, hear?

  8. Tamesha Warren

    than u soo much

  9. Tamesha:

    This is really fabulous! I’m a writer/Foodie/Reality Food Show fan from St. James.

    SURE you’ll bring IT for the Judges. Hope they get to taste some Bajan seasoning in one of your dishes. 🙂

    Would love to touch base with you. Please contact me.

    Regards and bon chance!

    Sandra Sealy

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