Another Kidd ex-wife tells all. Betrayed Be: Jack Kidd “deadbeat dad, doesn’t have an ounce of decency.”

Que the vengeful wife: Take Two!

As we said in our February 6, 2007 article Lives of The Rich and Unfaithful In Barbados: Holders Plantation House and Those Wacky Kidds!

“It is all sooooooo very exciting when a dumped wife craves revenge so much that she’s willing to violate the privacy and marriages of her own children just to satisfy her own selfish desires!”

THAT was in response to Wendy Kidd (mother of supermodel Jodie Kidd and makeup tycoon Jemma Kidd) telling the world about her unfaithful husband Johnny Kidd shacking up with a girl younger than his daughters. (Wendy knew something was up when she found Viagra in her husband’s suitcase packed for a “business trip”.)

Now we are treated to daughter-in-law Be Kidd doing the same thing to polo player Jack Kidd and their children. She even had the Daily Mail take a photo of all the children to put in the article. Well, if you’re going to be a vengeful ex-wife ya might as well go all the way! (Daily Mail article here)

I guess too much money can be a curse sometimes. No worries ’bout hey… I wouldn’t leave my woman for anything.

Besides… I couldn’t afford to!

(Just kidding dear. Oh, no.. I’m not Kidd-ing. Really didn’t mean it that way my love!)


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3 responses to “Another Kidd ex-wife tells all. Betrayed Be: Jack Kidd “deadbeat dad, doesn’t have an ounce of decency.”

  1. tragedy

    Those poor children sacrificed to the altar of perceived beauty and hormones. Lets hope the aunts, uncles and grandparents can step in to help.

    Barbadian women of all races and all socio-economic groups have faced this abandonment for decades if not centuries.

    Its a way of life or vicious circle in Barbados.

  2. Maybe not Catherine Kidd

    Why don’t you all leave us alone. I hate the press!

  3. George Kemeny

    it is so sad, this is my family and all this glamor bring so much turmoil .
    never even mat tham and it make so sad.
    George Kemeny live in a kibbutz next to Gaza strip in Israel.
    I am a first cousin of Thomas Kemeny, the father of Be Kidd and Eva Rausing may r.i.p