What happened with the Caribbean Child Sex Trafficking Ring mentioned online by BANGO Secretary General, Roosevelt O. King?

Have the Barbados Police acted upon the Shocking Revelations by community leader Roosevelt O. King?

On August 3, 2009 in a stunning public statement, the Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations revealed that he has personal knowledge of international trafficking of American girls as young as 14 years old for the purposes of prostitution and making porn movies in the Caribbean.

The BANGO official also stated that he speaks with the girls and the people who are recruiting and trafficking them and that he is flooded with emails, photos and videos from some of the girls being trafficked after they return to the United States.

BANGO Secretary General Roosevelt O. King

Writing under his own name on Barbados Underground, a local blog where he is a frequent contributor and featured author, Roosevelt O. King described how the young girls are brought from the USA to the Caribbean where they are prostituted to local men. According to Mr. King, pornographic movies are made for commercial purposes by the organisers of the trips.

Mr. King says the young girls are lured to the Caribbean with promises of “all inclusive” vacations and that the girls themselves recruit their friends for subsequent annual trips. King states that sometimes the parents offer their daughters for trafficking with full knowledge of what the “vacations” are all about.

On August 3, 2009, Mr. King wrote “Right now, I know of at least three tours going on in the Caribbean; I mean in progress as I write. None that I know of in Barbados this year; all gone to Jamaica.”

Mr. King’s statement clearly implies that the tours visited Barbados in previous years and that he is aware of this. He says he knows some of the girls. He stated that he was aware of sex tours as they were happening – not just afterward.

Did Mr. King alert the police to the sex-trafficking groups? Has he turned over the identities, emails, photos and videos of the children and young girls who are being sold so they can be rescued and their pimps charged?

According to Mr. King…

“I know some of these girls, yes. They stay in touch and I don’t even have to solicit any information from them but it is a cycle. These girls recruit and break-in young white girls to do this thing (incidentally, mothers recruit their girl children too and are proud of it…

When they get back home, they are going to be flooding me with pics and videos of themselves, etc., which incidentally I never save to my computer, so police don’t come; I have no evidence for you.”

… Roosevelt O. King, Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations writing at Barbados Underground blog on August 3, 2009.

Editor’s note: A photo of Mr. King’s comments appears later in our article. The comments can also be seen still posted at Barbados Underground.

Did Mr. King provide the emails, photos and videos to the police?

Each one of us has a moral duty, and sometimes a legal duty, to stop child prostitution and trafficking in persons.

In his comments, Mr. King stated that the young girls being sex trafficked had sent him emails and flooded him with “with pics and videos of themselves, etc., which incidentally I never save to my computer, so police don’t come; I have no evidence for you.”

Of course with online services like Gmail, Yahoo! or HotMail the photos, videos and emails would not be saved to Mr. King’s computer unless he did so, but they would be preserved in his online email unless he deliberately deleted them. There are also hidden files on computers where copies of photos and emails viewed on the internet are often stored even if the computer user has not downloaded the photos or emails.

Did Roosevelt O. King contact the police at the time and provide the evidence so these child prostitutes could be identified and rescued?

The public deserves a clear answer on this point from a community leader like Mr. King and from our police. We expect that the Royal Barbados Police Force would have commenced an investigation immediately upon hearing from Mr. King or reading his information on child prostitution in the Caribbean and USA.

When children are being trafficked for prostitution, “Don’t want to get involved” is not an acceptable position from anyone, let alone the leader of a public organisation like BANGO that represents citizens and citizens’ groups at various levels before our own Government and Caricom – so we expect that Mr. King did his duty and turned over the emails, videos and photos to the police so the child prostitutes can be identified and rescued.

Police Commissioner Dottin should confirm that Mr. King provided all assistance to the police.

Dear Commissioner of Police Dottin:

In light of Roosevelt O. King’s public online revelations about trafficking in child prostitutes in August of 2009, the public has a right and an interest in confirming that the police were notified by Mr. King and that he provided them with the photos, emails, videos and all relevant information about where and when he met these young girls, who was there and under what circumstances at each meeting.

We believe it is in the public interest for both BANGO and the Royal Barbados Police Force to issue a joint public statement confirming that Mr. King voluntarily approached the police and provided all assistance including the photos, videos, emails and contact information for the child prostitutes.

Mr. King may now regret being as frank as he was during a public discussion at a popular Barbados website, but what he said remains on the public record and cannot be ignored.

Trafficking in persons and child prostitution is an international fight and right now Barbados is being criticised for inaction by the international community.

We expect and demand that BANGO will immediately confirm that Secretary General Roosevelt O. King told the Royal Barbados Police Force everything he knows about this child sex trafficking ring in August of 2009 – especially the identities and contact information of the involved persons which he states he knows. We also expect that Police Commissioner Dottin will confirm that his officers interviewed Mr. King in August 2009, received his emails, photos and videos and acted upon Mr. King’s information to identify and rescue the child and teen prostitutes that Mr. King wrote about at Barbados Underground blog.

Trafficking In Persons Report confirms Mr. King’s general statements

As outrageous as Mr. King’s statements may sound to the naive, everything he says about the business of trafficking in young girls and even parental involvement is confirmed by the Trafficking in Persons Report released in June of 2009 and available on the website of the US Embassy in Barbados.

That June 2009 report criticized Barbados for not complying with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and further said…

“Expansion of the tourism industry is fueling an increased demand for commercial sex in Barbados, but the government made no noticeable efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex acts. Barbados has not ratified the 2000 UN TIP Protocol.”

… from the Trafficking In Persons Report – June 2009 – download PDF here

Also see BFP’s September 9, 2009 article United States Vows to increase prosecution of Human Trafficking in it’s offshore territories

BANGO – Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations

Roosevelt O. King, 
Secretary General – BANGO

Speaking Up – Official Blog of the Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations

Read the full text of Mr. King’s statements below or at Barbados Underground

Note: The photo of the sex slave at the top of our article was taken from page 42 of the June 2009 Trafficking in Persons report issued by the US Department of State as introduced by Hillary Clinton.


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86 responses to “What happened with the Caribbean Child Sex Trafficking Ring mentioned online by BANGO Secretary General, Roosevelt O. King?

  1. BA88/98

    This is a weird situation for a public person like Mr. King to announce in public.

    Mr. King is telling the truth or he is not.

    If truth, he should have gone to the police. I agree that a public statement should be made by the Police that Mr. King provided them with all his information and assistance. Mr. King’s statement would be of little use or credibility without confirmation by the police.

    If Mr. King is not telling the truth or he didn’t go to the police to save the girls, he should resign from his position as a BANGO executive.

  2. WTF?

    ‘ROK’ does not ‘rock’ if you follow my meaning. 🙂

  3. LOL, love it BFP reissue their item as carefully reworded – now the bailiwick’s onus is reversed… If this was cricket I think this’d be a “Yorker”, LOL!!

  4. googly

    Children prostitution is serious. I agree with BA88/98 it is weird for Mr. King to write about his knowledge in an open blog with his real name. It makes me believe he told the truth. I want to know that he told the police everything.

    Did they save the girls from their bad life and worse parents who knew about the trips? Did the police identify the children from the photos and videos and emails?

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  6. oh my

    I felt like puking when I just read Roosevelt King’s words. How can he walk around in public as a civil society champion?

  7. 73

    Sounds to me like Mr. King has been watching too much inter-racial porn and is venting his sexual fantasies about white women.

  8. Proud Black Woman

    The way Mr. King is talking, it is only white women who want black men. He like he aint read his Frantz Fanon — what about all the black men that are obsessed with getting a white woman? When they sleep with one, they think they have conquered the world. And they want black women like me to look white!

  9. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    BFP: Thank You for making my week. Have a Hennessey on muh tab. In fact, make it doubles for everbuddy!

  10. nevermind Kurt

    Nevermind the filthy words of Roosevelt O. King. Nevermind the racism.

    I want to know:

    a/ Did he tell the truth about knowing the child prostitutes and their traffickers?
    b/ Did he go to the police and provide his photos and information?

    What does the board at BANGO say about this? The other members that appeared with Mr. King at the recent power hearing, what do they say?

    If this was pure rum shop talk then Mr. King needs to resign from public life.

    If BANGO decides to keep associating with Mr. King that changes my mind about the organisation.

  11. BFP

    To Anonmouse not by Choice.

    1/ You’re welcome.

    2/ Hennessey? (sounds of retching)

    Make it a Banks or nutin’ !!!

  12. WSD

    What low disgusting talk for a so called ‘community leader’. I do not know Mr. King but what a low man this talk makes him appear.

    If a public figure posted trash like this in the U.K. it would be front page news for weeks. What is wrong with the Barbados news media that they haven’t called up Mr. King and asked for an explanation?

  13. I am curious, WordPress forced BFP to remove an entry related to this same matter, yet the incident which sparked it seems far worse – what will WordPress do to redress the discrepancy? They have knowledge of all sides and appear to be pulling an ostrich…

  14. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    The issue at the time was only a few words that could have been taken that Barbados Free Press accused Mr. King of not going to the police and of not doing the right thing.

    WordPress told us that if we had merely asked the question “did he?” it would have been fine. That’s all it was.

    Barbados Free Press could have re-published this article then as it appears now, but we made a decision to back off. We knew that in a few months we would be able to ask the question again and that Mr. King, BANGO and the police would be able to provide the truth one way or the other and also the results of the child-prostitution investigation that undoubtedly would have been immediately launched by a responsible police force.

    Perhaps our original article was incorrect and Mr. King did turn over everything to the police. Perhaps we misunderstood Mr. King’s intent and meaning where he states “…so police don’t come; I have no evidence for you.”

    Perhaps the Royal Barbados Police Force working in conjunction with the FBI (the girls were American) and the Jamaican police (where Mr. King states the 3 sex tours were taking place in August of 2009 when he made his statements) saved these child and young prostitutes that Mr. King states he knows.

    Now, nine months later, Mr. King’s words are still published on Barbados Underground and the question is even more valid. The public deserves to know if Mr. King did the right thing and if the police acted correctly. Perhaps Mr. King and BANGO deserve public credit for his actions in saving these child prostitutes.

    BANGO is involved because Mr. King has authored and appeared in articles at Barbados Underground under his BANGO title. Also the link on the comment directs readers to an official Bango website where other writings appear authored by Mr. King under his Bango title and duties. (http:/bangospeaks.blogspot.com)

    Whatever the truth, Bajans have an interest and a right to know if the Secretary General of BANGO, the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations, provided all assistance to the police to save these girls, when he did that, and the outcome.

    Mr. King, Bango and the Royal Barbados Police Force should be able to answer the questions…

    Did Roosevelt O. King alert the police at the time to the sex-trafficking groups? Has he turned over the identities, emails, photos and videos of the children and young girls who are being sold so they can be rescued and their pimps charged? If so, what was the outcome?

  15. Bango Supporter

    Bango, Chris Hallsal and Roosevelt King represented Barbadians well at the hearings. They deserve our thanks for their work.

  16. ac

    Why after almost 8months BFP has now shown interest into this matter ? I find it suspicious . Is this bfp way of trying to destroy Mr. Kings career!

  17. LOL

    AC should remember that freepress is unlike the traditional media who put up a story, don’t get answers and then forget about it. freepress keeps printing open unfinished stories for years. Stories like government ministers who build houses on “public housing” lands. The Juman story and the call for an inquest into the Codrington family dead. Years from now freepress will be reprinting those stories long after the regular news media forget their names.

    I don’t have doubts that if ROK doesn’t come through with an answer one way or the other freepress will be reviewing his story in 2012!!!

    Destroy Mr. King’s career? He destroyed it when he said “White women are so fascinated by black men. They love to do the oral to black men because they think that when they drink our sperm they getting nourishment, like how you drink milk from the cow.”


  18. ac

    It is apparant that the focus on the subject is more directed towards in a way to humilate Mr King. given that eight months ago bfp was more interested in the involment of the children and the sex rings.

  19. West Side Davie

    ac, don’t you care about the children? Aren’t you at all curious? Don’t you want an answer from Mr. King or the police?

  20. victor

    ROK is seriously creepy in the way he lasciviously salivates on the details of what is supposed to be going on. It’s as if he is advertising the porn videos resulting from this revolting activity. Is he on commission from the sales of these videos? This guy is getting his ROKs off big time. I remember reading about this last year and I just dismissed it as a creepy old guy’s fantasy. If it’s real, he’s colluding.

    Men who use prostitutes will always declaim that the women do it because they enjoy it and find it “empowering” but serious studies inevitably prove that they hate their job, 90% are addicted to drugs, are prostituting themselves to pay for the drugs and rarely experience orgasm in the process of their work, or even in non-professional sex, because they are so emotionally traumatised.

    It’s all horrible and if it really is going on (and I have no doubt that it is) it’s shameful that nothing is being done to stop it.

    If adult female sex tourists travel to the Caribbean for sex it’s pathetic, though not illegal. However it damages the local social structure and is an insult to the local female population. Why only blame the sex tourists when it’s men who inexplicably lust after white women? The men are equally to blame. As Paul Newman said, “why eat hamburger when you can have steak at home?”

    People Trafficking is dreadful, endemic and criminal. Child sex trafficking is right up there with rape and murder because the danger of the children contracting AIDS from having sex with these abusive male adults is so clearly a risk. Inevitably, child prostitutes end up in that dark world of drugs and exploitation.

    Adults who want to have sex with children are obviously very screwed up and boy, there are plenty of them here, you only have to see the abnormnally high level of child AIDS in this country because of incest.

    I can’t decide whether valuable police time should be spent on tracking down this child trafficking and putting an end to it or arresting ROK, putting him through a lie detector test and sending him to prison. After having taken his computers and phones through examination, of course. I bet we will find him ranting on about redemption, etc. Creepy.

  21. RRRicky

    I agree with Victor that this is seriously creepy. ROK or the police need to clear this up. I remember the article that BFP published at the time and ROK complained to WordPress and it was taken down because it could be read to say that ROK didn’t go to the police. ROK was bragging about it at BU that he got WordPress to take down the BFP article.

    OK. 8 or 9 months later. Time for answers. Did ROK go to the police? Did he provide the photos and videos and emails so the police could find these young girls?

    “ac” says that BFP is humiliating Mr. King. I disagree. Mr. King humiliated himself. What BFP published is only a snippet of the type of writings that ROK published at BU.

    BFP’s concern is for the children because they did not mention the icky parts of what he said. They only mention the children and teens who are being sold.

  22. ac

    I also need answers as to why all of a sudden the focus of attention is Mr. King and less on the crime of sex trafficking . Could Bfp answer that? just asking?

  23. BFP

    Hello AC,

    The article is pretty well exactly as it was published way back when with a few changes to ASK Mr. King for answers. Mr. King has the answers about the welfare of the child prostitutes. We hope and presume that he provided the emails, names, contact information, photos and videos to the Royal Barbados Police Force so the children and young girls could be rescued.

    It is a NEWS STORY and Mr. King has the answers and by his own writings he is, at the very least, a witness.

    Perhaps you have a different way of making enquiries into what happened? If so, do it and follow up on this story. I mean, you are in the regular news media, aren’t you? Phone up Commissioner Dottin and ask him as you would for any story. We can’t, but you can.

    Then you can let everyone know about the outcome of Mr. King’s assistance to the Royal Barbados Police Force.

    Thanks “ac”

  24. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    BFP: Mea Culpa! Banks it is…..icy cold.

    Interestingly, ROK, only days ago, announced his intention to take a “sabbatical” from BU

  25. WSD

    BFP says ac is ” in the regular news media”.

    That is an interesting statement. I’m not going to ask how BFP knows that ac is in the regular news media, but the comment reminds me that in the USA had a public figure made statements like ROK the “regular news media” would be camped on his door until he explained hisself.

  26. From an un-named source:

    “”I say you say he say she say they say we say hear say
    who knows me no know…

    wanna be police vice squad / lying snitches with zero ‘king proof or evidence make me wanna puke..

    check hard evidence or case gets thrown out ‘king window ..””

  27. have you ever seen him with any naked woman
    or suitcases full of cocaine and gangster money

  28. victor

    Now this story has become international. That’s great for Barbados, isn’t it? Wonderful. We have this creepy “reverend” and children being sold for sex on the island. Oh do come and visit this beautiful paradise island, why don’t you? We need more men like you to come and experience under age sex here.

    I am so tempted to send the information we have gleaned from the saintly ROK to the world’s press. Can’t you just see it in Sunday papers all around the world? Police, sort this out pronto before Barbados turns into a cesspit of Creeps gloating on the chance to f+++ a child here.

  29. victor

    Never mind BU, ROK submitted his views. Let’s investigate the whole situation and him as well, the weirdo.

  30. Man claims

    ROK claims he knows the names of the children and youths prostitutes, got emails, photos and videos from them after they return from their prostitution tours. ROK claims he knows of three tours going on at the time and their destination (Jamaica) and where the prostitutes are trafficked from (USA).

    ROK is a man holding a position of responsibility with a big organisation that appear before government bodies. ROK is not going to say public things if they are not true. I believe him. I too want to know if he went to the police to save the girls.

  31. Helen T.

    So much of Barbadian tourism is fueled by pedophiles who come to Barbados’ shores to exploit Barbadian boys and girls. Are these white foreign children more important than local black children? I see no evidence of anyone lifting a finger to help Barbadian children and teens caught in the web of prostitution. Poor Barbados a tiny country with first world problems and third world resources.

    Mr. King, if you know so much, contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Untied States with all of the evidence that you have. They have the resources to investigate and intervene on behalf of these girls.


  32. BFP

    Hi Helen T.

    I have to question your statement “So much of Barbadian tourism is fueled by pedophiles who come to Barbados’ shores to exploit Barbadian boys and girls.”

    No doubt it happens that foreigners come to Bim looking for children as these types of evil people are in every society, but to compare the reality and our reputation in this area with say, Mumbai or the far East is a grave injustice. If a pedo wants a vacation there are a hundred other places on his list before B’dos.

    It is all serious, but you make it sound like Bridgetown and Tokyo are the same place.

    AS TO THE CHILDREN… white, black, brown or whatever they are all worth protecting until our last breath, but the child prostitutes that Mr. King knows about happen to be white from the USA. No doubt if he knew of island children at risk he would go to the police about them too.

    He did go to the police, didn’t he?

    Well, Mr. King… did you?

  33. ac

    What is the question?and apparently you have the answer because you preferenced your comment on May 15th 11.27am by saying that you HOPE and PRESUME that he provided the emails,names,contactinformation photos,and videos to the Royal Barbados Police Force.
    Question : Is it a News Story?
    Not if the subject is about Mr. King unless he was a part of the sex ring. Therefore I have no interest in
    covering the messenger that being Mr. King. However I would be more interested in covering the details of the Sex ring and those involved if the crimes were being commited in Barbados and apparently Comissioner Dottins doesn”t either

  34. BFP

    Hello ac,

    Let me get this straight…

    You as a member of the Barbados “mainstream news media” have no interest in covering a story concerning the international trafficking of American children and young girls into the Caribbean for the purpose of prostitution?

    Even though a prominent Bajan in charge of BANGO clearly stated online under his own byline that he has knowledge, emails, photos and videos about the youths being trafficked and who is doing it? Even though he clearly stated that he knew of the trafficking into Jamaica as it was happening and indicated that it previously happened in Barbados?

    OK. Fine.

    You will report when he next goes before a public hearing about gas prices though… right?

  35. ac

    If the issue at hand is pretaining to the consumer.YES
    Question: Do you have a problem with that?

  36. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    ac: The word I think you meant to use is “pertaining”? Regardless, you are typical of a number of posters over at BU in that you will do anything but answer a direct question and anything to obfuscate the issue, which is plainly obvious. A man, ROK, who is clearly in a position of trust and is expected to have a fairly high moral standard as a public figure due to his involvement with BANGO, had personal knowledge of an ongoing international crime, apparently, through his own admission, did nothing to report this crime to the proper authorities. If he has done so, since this issue first came to light on BU, he should set the record straight and let interested parties know that he did the right and ethical thing by reporting it. If he hasn’t reported it, then he becomes the object of speculation as to why he didn’t.

    It is through ROK’s admissions over on BU that this matter came to light in the first place and therefore he is responsible for any ensuing debate and as the member of an organization that has a reputation to protect, he should now follow through and ensure that his organization’s name is not sullied any further.

    Instead of trying to deflect attention away from the ROK’s moral and ethical responsibility, why don’t you meet the matter head on and debate honestly, how a man in ROK’s position, did not do the right thing, at the time he became aware of this criminal organization?

  37. ac

    @anonymouse not by choice
    Question: Do you know for a fact that Rok did not go to the authorities?
    According to BFP comment on May15th 11.27am they Presume he did?
    If Rok had or did commit any criminal act I am sure the RBPF would have arrested him by now.
    The problem really lies with those who have an agenda for whatever reason to destroy Rok so let’s be honest .

  38. BFP Possie/Haters
    === ==========
    Don’t just threaten
    the R O King of BU

    Put up or Shut up
    Take it to court!!!
    statistically most paedophile sex rings are white
    so BFP could be banging on the wrong door

  39. Red Lake Lassie

    What’s kiki’s problem?

    ROK made statements that still stand at BU. BFP wonders as many of us do if the Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non-goverment Organizations was serious what he wrote, or making it up.

    If he’s serious we want to know what he did to rescue the young girls. If he was making it up BANGO better think about finding a new leader.

    For me I want an explanation of his other statements that the majority of white women come to Barbados so they can have sex with black men. I’m going to find that quote. I’ll be right back.

  40. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    kiki: As usual, an absolutely stunning piece of crap on your part. BFP and it’s supporters do not need to form a posse or hate on BU. BU will implode from within as it’s “family” turns on each other more and more everyday.

  41. Red Lake Lassie

    Here it is. A quote from Roosevelt O. King while appearing at Barbados Underground as the Secretary General of BANGO:

    “I put it to you that 90% of the white tourists that come to Barbados enjoy being sex slaves to black men and the talk don’t deter them. You would be surprised how much they giving back while their unsuspecting husbands back home without the slightest idea.”


  42. WTF?

    What did Mr. King think would happen when he announced on the internet that he was receiving emails from trafficked young girls from the USA?

    Did he think there would be no legitimate questions stemming from what he published? Did he think no one would ask what happened to the girls? Did he think no one would question his leadership of a government funded organisation if he wrote about filthy things while writing as the Secretary General of Bango?

  43. ac

    Red lassie is making my point about the agenda that some people have for Mr. King. Now he is feveroushly trying to find another quote by Mr. King.What lenghts would a person go to to expose their hand?

  44. ac

    I guess Mr King never thought that some people would have unleashed such venom towards him as is evident here.

  45. Anonymous

    As a woman I am disgusted by Mr. King’s comments about women. As a mother I want to know what happened to the young girls Mr. King received photos from.

    I cannot understand what kind of a man Mr. King is to write this trash in his own name on a public website. The psychology of it is fascinating as is the psychology of his defenders. There must be something I’m unaware of in the tapwater in Barbados. Is Mr. King representative of the average man from Barbados? Is that the attitude towards women on your island?

    This woman will not be traveling to your vacation paradise, thank you!

  46. Sounds to me like Rok had been watching dirty videos and using his imagination. The BFP possie are getting a hard on over nothing.

  47. ac

    Mr King is not under criminal investigation concerning any thing that he has said or done as far as I know . Therfore he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Furthermore Bfp has been relentless in posting his comments for others to comment on.
    Question: What crime has Mr Rok comitted?

  48. 27 minutes ago kiki on What happened with the Caribbean Child Sex Trafficking Ring mentioned online by BANGO Secretary General, Roosevelt O. King?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Lyn & Jean – Tell Me Darling

    and what happened to the above postage

  49. ac

    All you have done so far is to discouraged tourist from coming to Barbados .Anonymous comments on may 16th 11.38am “This woman will not be travelling to your vacation paradise thank you”. This is the backlash BFP has generated by being vindictive.
    Question: Does BFP thinks the end justify the means?
    In my opinion your intent to demonise Mr. King has also demonise our country . So if you are hell bent in seeing his destruction maybe you should be well prepared for the backlash it would cause to the tourisim industry as you continue your downward spiral hatred towards him.

  50. Chicago

    AC, why arent you over at Barbados Underground demanding that they take down ROK’s filth? If you’re so concerned about our tourism, why aren’t you demanding that BU take down everything that calls a murdered Canadian tourist “white trash”?

    Your concern is for ROK, not for Barbados. That’s only an excuse.

    Did you ever tell ROK to stop writing that the only reason white tourists want to come to barbados is to “drink like from a cow” or whatever filth he said?

    Whuy don’t you propose that Barbados Underground takes down all that filth and trashing tourists and when they do maybe BFP would take down their articles about what BU printed?

    It all has to start with BU first though because ROK and negroman and a few others have abused free speech. Don’t blame BFP for exposing what ROK wrote. He’s the disgusting person, not BFP.

  51. cq8

    Roosevelt King could be telling the truth about the young girls or he could be making it up. Either way the public has valid questions of the Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations.

    If Mr. King won’t answer the questions then BANGO should.

    This isn’t going to fade away into nothing because when you internet search with Google or Yahoo for “BANGO” or “Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations” or “Roosevelt O. King” you come straight to this article in the first couple of hits.

  52. cq8


    UWI University of the West Indies’ Caribbean Centre of Excellence for E-Governance (CCEEG) is featuring this story on its website under “Caribbean News” !!!!

    I found it through Google


    “The Caribbean Centre of Excellence for E-Governance (CCEEG) is a joint initiative by Caribbean Center for Development Administration (CARICAD), the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and The University of the West Indies (UWI) through its Open Campus (UWIOC).”

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  54. ac

    Continue to throw big rocks. All it is going to accomplish is the opposite of what BFP is looking forward toand in the meantime send tourist running to other islands. Bfp reminds me of a dog trying to catch it’s tail.

  55. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    ac: You remind me of a dog with parvo, frothing at the mouth and staggering sideways.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  56. ac

    @Anonymousnot by choice

    maybe some of us see only those things we want to see and hope others would see want they are seeing!
    Question: what is there to see?
    Answer Vindictiveness!

  57. Jack Bowman

    A Poem Too Late for Mother’s Day
    (all words by Roosevelt O. King, Secretary General of BANGO)

    Let me tell you something
    You don’t know.
    White women are so
    Fascinated by black men.

    They love to do
    The oral to
    Black men because
    They think that
    When they drink our
    Sperm, they getting
    Like how you drink milk
    From the cow.

    So, knowing this,
    There are some white men who
    Recruit white girls especially,
    Anywhere from 14 yrs
    And up. To 20.

    These men solicit
    The better off black men
    To pay them to come
    To the resort in droves
    For these girls who
    Do nothing but suck
    These black men for
    The duration of their vacations.

    Right now, I know
    Of at least three tours going on
    In the Caribbean;
    I mean in progress
    As I write.

    These girls so hungry
    That they doing it free …
    For those who giggling,
    I like Sparrow,
    Never had a white meat
    Yet …

    When they get back home,
    They are going to be
    Flooding me with pics and
    Videos of themselves etc.,

    Which incidentally I never save
    To my computer,
    So police don’t come;
    I have no evidence
    For you …

    Let me tell you
    How sick these women are …

  58. John

    More importantly, have the police gone to King as he is witholding evidence & aiding & abetting a crime by not informing the police?

  59. victor

    I cannot believe this is going all round the world. Too horrible to contemplate so do something about it. Dream on if you only think white children are being sexually expolited on this wonderful little island.

  60. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Oh Lord, the cou cou pot bubblin hard now. BlogWatch has posted over at BU 🙂

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  67. RLL

    Where does BANGO get its funding? Are they a public organization?Are the accounts published because I could not find them.

    How much money does Mr. King make from Bango? How much of it is from our tax dollars?

    I’d like to know the answers to these questions can anyone help out?

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  72. Poverty and the lack of law enforcement both contribute the prevalence of sex tourism in Cambodia. I would like to applaud international aid organizations like World Vision for helping to combat sex slavery in the country.

  73. Jack Bowman

    “What happened with the Caribbean Child Sex Trafficking Ring mentioned online by BANGO Secretary General, Roosevelt O. King?”

    Also, what happened to BANGO? Indeed, what happened to the Secretary General of BANGO?

    Has ANYONE who lives in Barbados had even the slightest contact with or news of BANGO in the past three years? Anyone?

    Does anyone know what the “Secretary General” is doing now?

  74. mac

    With this in the paper today. Has Roosevelt O’ King been questioned about this yet????????


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  76. Jack Bowman

    May 15, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    “have you ever seen him with any naked woman or suitcases full of cocaine and gangster money”

    No. I haven’t. Nobody has, as far as I know. Almost exactly three years have passed. So tell us, idiot Kiki, without reference to a deeply boring YouTube video, three years later, what exactly is your point?

  77. Jack Bowman

    What happened to that sex-trafficking ring announced online by Barbados “Underground Family Member” Roosevelt O. King on Barbados Underground?

  78. cq8

    story fade away to nothing. police never did nothing. Roosevelt O King get away with telling the truth or telling a lie.

  79. Jack Bowman

    What happened to Roosevelt O. King after he announced that sex-trafficking ring online at “Barbados Underground”?

  80. Jack Bowman

    Any news on this?

  81. Jack Bowman

    Any update on this? Any news?

  82. Jack Bowman

    What’s happening with this Caribbean child sex traffickin ring discussed in detail online at Barbados Underground by Roosevelt O. King?

  83. Jack Bowman

    Mr. Roosevelt O. King has had views about children putting their mouths to the penises of adult men. Those opinions are always with us. I would not like to intrude on the subsequent career of Mr. Roosevelt O. King and his views about white children fellating adult black men.

    Surely that is something for the Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations (BANGO) to keep the world updated about.

    What happened, though, to that Caribbean child sex trafficking ring discussed in detail online at Barbados Underground by Roosevelt O. King, Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organizations (BANGO)? Indeed, what happened to BANGO?

    Do members of non-governmental organisations in Barbados now keep a lonely vigil at their barren hearth, waiting desperately for advice from the Secretary General of Non Governmental Organisations (BANGO), who claims to know so much about inter-racial and inter-age cock-sucking?

  84. Jack Bowman

    Any news on this recently?

  85. Jack Bowman

    Does anyone have any news about Roosevelt O. King, Secretary General of the Barbados Association of Non-Govermental Organizations (BANGO)? What happened to that child sex-trafficking ring that Mr. King mentioned online at Barbados Underground?

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