Good News: Barbados Government provides some funds to Future Centre Trust’s ‘Green Business Barbados’

Green Business Barbados created by Future Centre Trust

The Green Business Barbados programme created by the Future Centre Trust has now been officially supported and sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage through the Community Environmental Organization Grant Fund. This sponsorship arose through an application for funding that the Future Centre Trust submitted in October 2009 to the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage.

The funding presentation took place at Harrisons Cave the new local icon for sustainable tourism development on Wednesday the 5th of May. The deputy permanent secretary Mrs. Gayle Francis- Vaughn for the Ministry of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage addressed the grantees and on behalf of the Ministry stating that partnerships with community organizations really do work to propel the sustainability of our community forward into the 21st century. The innovative, environmentally focused projects help to engage the community and address its needs through these grass roots “bottom up” initiatives.

The Green Business Barbados programme falls within the community-based climate adaptation and renewable energy categories for the grants. This project seeks to engage the business community by offering an option for them to go green by implementing change within their business/organization within five key areas; waste reduction & recycling, energy conservation & renewable energy, water conservation, pollution control & management and environmental education.

The inception of the project was initiated by members of the Future Centre Trust who saw the need for this type of project here in Barbados. In addition the coordinator for the project Ms. Lani Edghill was approached by integral members of the business community (British High Commission & Business Barbados) who were interested in becoming partners to this initiative and was able to report on the interest and potential need of the community for this type of project. Support from the business community also made this project possible and as a result the launch of the project occurred on March 22nd 2010 and is now available to the public.

About Future Centre Trust

The Future Centre Trust is an environmental Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and registered charity providing environmental education to the public of Barbados. Its mission is “To stimulate awareness and encourage responsible management of the vital relationship between people and nature leading to a sustainable future for all”. This is achieved through various programmes, activities and presentations to the community which are included and highlighted at



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4 responses to “Good News: Barbados Government provides some funds to Future Centre Trust’s ‘Green Business Barbados’

  1. I hope Future Centre Trust will not let this silence them, now they have MOE’s attention they need to pres home the plight of GHNS!

  2. What Ian! We are a non profit, non partisan group of volunteers whose motivation is protection of environment. Next Saturday May 22 we will be doing a hike of Blackmans Gully, St Joseph all are invited. Call me at 230-0322 or 425-2020 for further details, I have a special ip phone thus origin of calls are recorded.

  3. Bajan George

    Future Centre Trust is a fine organisation, and I have the greatest respect for Kammie Holder. But over the years the Trust has been mostly silent about the plight at Graeme Hall, even during the years before it became such a politically sensitive issue. It would be wonderful if the Trust could change that.

  4. Environmental Planner

    I have personally tried to address the GNHS situation and been shot down from all angles. It is a waste of time and energy at this point.

    Until the government accepts it’s responsibility for the plight of GNHS and begins to address the issues that it has created for itself and the last remaining mangrove wetland on the island this problem will persist. Until this happens there is nothing that anybody not even a non-profit like the FCT can do about it!

    What say the Honorable Dr. Denis Lowe about this issue?