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Singing or crime more profitable? Barbados criminal Cecil Harvey makes US$145,000 for one month. Rihanna makes US$44,707 for one hour appearance.

We must be doing something wrong at our home where we struggle to keep the children clean, dressed and well fed. There was another day last month where we again had to decide between delaying the car payment for a week or buying food.

With that in mind and our tongue-in-cheek, we bring you these two news stories as we try to decide whether to launch new careers as singers, or as criminals…

Bajan Criminal makes US$145,000 for one month

An illegal immigrant from Barbados who was held at Rikkers Island for over a month has won a civil law suit against the New York City Department of Corrections.

Cecil Harvey, 55, an illegal immigrant from Barbados with a long rap sheet for various crimes has now won a law suit against New York City citing that his civil rights were violated when he was detained for over 48 hours on Rikkers Island after the resolution of his last criminal case.

(snip) Harvey a father of three, along with three prior arrests was deported back to Barbados back in October of 2007, but now is much wealthier than when he left at the expense of the New York City taxpayers.

… read the whole article at Digital Journal: Illegal Immigrant gets $145G from NYC Taxpayers

Rihanna makes US$44,707 for a one hour club appearance in Liverpool

She’s a world wide superstar with plenty of pulling power, but whether she’s worth £30,000 for just an hour-long appearance is debatable.

However, that is how much Rihanna, 22, is alleged to have been paid to show her face at Liverpool’s seven-star club Bambooo over the weekend.

After performing at the city’s Echo Arena, she headed down to the venue where she spent just an hour before heading back to her tour bus to make her way to London.

… read the whole article at Daily Mail: Rihanna ‘received £30,000 fee’ to appear at Liverpool nightclub Bambooo for just ONE hour


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Barbados Hotel Occupancy down 27% during our peak month!

“A staggering fall of 27%, despite increased airlift out of Canada and the US!”

Is the traditional Barbadian Hotel a dying breed?

by Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

I was tempted to pose this question after studying a recent accommodation occupancy report produced by the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association.

The BHTA, according to its website, represents ‘over 80% of the total room stock on the island’, divided into three categories. Luxury, ‘A’ Class and ‘B’ Class, which includes many of the smaller properties, apartments and guest houses!

2009 average occupancy by month were as follows:

January – 54%
February – 82%
March – 66%
April – 56%
May – 48%
June – 34%
July – 32%
August – 24%
September – 45%
October – 63%
November – 65%
December – 69%

According to a list published by the Barbados Tourism Authority up until 15th December 2009, there were a total of 6,606 rooms across the 152 registered accommodation providers.

Therefore if you accept that the BHTA statistics are representative for all registered properties that means that over 3,094 rooms remained empty every single night of 2009.

Or put another way, a mind boggling 1.13 million empty room nights or the capacity to accommodate another 322,686 long stay visitors, based on an average 7 night stay and two persons per room.

BHTA figures for the first four months of 2010 do not look anymore encouraging, with January being the only month that showed any occupancy growth over last year.

Perhaps most alarming of all, February, traditionally our peak earning month, witnessed a decline from 82% in 2009 to 63% this year. Continue reading


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“The hills come alive when you don’t use plastic bags”

Had to laugh and cheer!

Barbados’ #1 unofficial Park Ranger Julian Glyne William Hunte sings Julie Andrews (without the dress) to promote No Plastic Bag Day.

Hey… Environment Minister Denis Lowe never showed and never sent a stand-in – but the island-wide first annual No Plastic Bag Day was a huge success because IT HAPPENED. Thousands of shoppers heard the message and did the right thing.

We, the people, can make good things happen for Barbados.

Screw the suits who’d prefer to drink champagne cocktails in New York City. We don’t need dem.

Read our earlier story: 1st annual No Plastic Bag Day – Barbados: Saturday, May 8, 2010


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Cocky Barbados Free Press posting from Kabul, Afghanistan today!

Hello Barbados!

It’s a long story and Cliverton will probably want to kill me but this is a first for Barbados Free Press so I’m going to announce it.

Through the magic of the internet both our May 8, 2010 articles were posted from Kabul, Afghanistan. I’ll not say too much more about what that means.

The world is getting smaller every day.


Photo credit: Our thanks to Joe Burger


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