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One Caribbean Radio 97.9 HD2 – Great listening for West Indians around the world!

AN OLD FRIEND recently told us that they were doing a little behind the scenes work for One Caribbean Radio 97.9 HD2 out of Brooklyn, New York and suggested we give a listen via the internet. All we can say is Fabulous! What a great mix of music, talk, cricket and the world as seen by the West Indian diaspora.

One Caribbean Radio is the only HD Caribbean radio station in the US and after listening for a week, we’re hooked.

No wonder the station is landing big-name commercial sponsors and growing its audience at a rate that must make some other broadcasters wonder what’s going on.

As many of our readers know, Shona and I (Marcus) are big fans of the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts and we try to take in a show whenever the sisters get together in New York. The next time we visit though, we’re going to drop in on the folks at One Caribbean Radio and let them know how much we enjoy their mix.

Amazing how such a simple thing as discovering a new radio station can give you so much pleasure.

I think we’ll throw up a banner for them in the rotation at the top and link to their website. If they want to send us some artwork (say 500wide x 350high pixels – width is pretty well set at 500, but they can vary the height to what they like) we’ll use that but if not we’ll make our own banner for them.

Check out and listen to One Caribbean Radio at their website: www.OneCaribbeanRadio.com


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Call for investigation into horse death at Barbados Turf Club

Horse’s death “A disgrace to the racing industry”

The Barbados Turf Club’s refusal to allow a racehorse to be saddled in the stall across from saddling enclosure, a practice regularly done by trainers when horses are acting up, resulted in the later death of the animal when it reared and fell striking it’s head on the asphalt on April 28, 2010.

After the fall connections and other grooms and trainers tried to save the animal and waited in vain as the BTC could not get a vet for over 45 minutes and then no vet had anything to give to help the animal.

I hope those who were involved in the decision that caused this poor animal its life do BURN in hell. This was a truly unforgivable decision and a disgrace to the racing industry. I hope the news reporters investigate this matter and give the animal the satisfaction of knowing that its unjustified death was not unpunished and not left without a thorough investigation.

Submitted by BFP reader “Thorn Inside”

Editor’s Note: This article was originally submitted as a comment on our story Since 1845: How many jockey & horse injuries & deaths at The Garrison? The article has been edited by BFP for sentence structure and to remove an objectionable phrase that does not meet BFP’s editorial policies.

Readers are cautioned to remember that this article has been submitted anonymously and should therefore be taken with a little salt just like all anonymous sources and just like all news whether on the TV, radio, newspapers or the net.

(And yes, that includes our own anonymously written Barbados Free Press. Think for yourselves, folks – whether you read something here, at The Nation, CNN, The Barbados Advocate, CBC or anywhere!)

That said, this story from an insider at the Barbados Turf Club makes serious allegations against BTC management and operations. Barbados Free Press will be pleased to print any response from the Barbados Turf Club exactly as received.


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