A little birdie told us…

… that Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson was “recently” chatting at an event with a couple of dozen people standing nearby when he was asked if he had seen the below BFP cartoon (First published in January 2010 and last published on April 28, 2010 as Turks & Caicos citizens question appointment of Barbados Chief Justice Simmons to head Integrity Commission)

PM Thompson is reputed to have smiled and said “I loved it.”

Truth? Fiction? Rumour but not quite accurate?

We believe our source, but we’d love to know someone else’s version because many folks were apparently nearby and laughed and the PM was a little embarrassed because he didn’t realise his response was loud enough to be heard.

Glad to know that we could provide the PM with a chuckle!

Prime Minister Thompson fires Chief Justice SIR David Simmons... and restores the independence of our courts.

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4 responses to “A little birdie told us…

  1. Love

    PM David Thompson is a Barbadian Gem !

    That is why BFP always report favourably on what he says and do.

    BFP, knows he is the only Barbadian leader that would introduce ITAL and FOI .

    BFP also recognises that if some private individuals were not getting in the way , these 2 critical pieces of legislation would have been on the statute books already.

    But we are not far away from the adoption of these bits of legislation.

    Thanks for your patience & understanding in this matter , BFP.

  2. reality check

    “if some private individuals were not getting in the way”

    come on Love lets not be coy like a blushing bride who has already lost her innocence a number of times over.

    Start naming names and why they are opposing ITAL and FOI. You have an anonymous format. Go to it and just check your facts and be accurate.

    We must be getting ready for another election soon with more of those completely insincere and empty promises.

  3. Observer

    The next time the election comes around, we the citizens of Barbados must present every politician with the PEOPLES’ ISSUES (PI). This document – PI – will essentially be a job description outlining some basic and pressing issues that must be covered, if they are part of government, over the ensuing 5 years. They will be required to sign this PI document prior to the election. Those politicians who don’t sign on the dotted line cannot and will not be trusted. If we are ever successful at implementing such a protocol, Barbados would be in a position to chart a new course for democracy – a system of government that has been floundering in recent years primarily because special interest – e.g. CLICO/ CO Williams/ JADA/ SOL/ LIME/ DigiCel/ and a number of others have taken the power away from the majority and placed it in hands of those with the almighty $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Any thoughts?

  4. Cuthbert Canecutter

    Where is David Thompson? When last has anyone seen the fearless head of D’ose Lying People? Is she at CLICO with her darlin’?