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Hamilton Lashley provides a lesson in Barbados political ethics: “BLP or DLP doesn’t matter, just show me the money!”

Hamilton Lashley reminds us again that “everyting is de same old, same old ’bout hey!”

News Item: Hamilton Lashley again switches loyalty to whatever party is in power.

About “The politics of inclusion”, our readers said…

Back in September of 2008 before Lashley left the BLP and declared himself as independent, some of our readers had a discussion. I wonder what they would say now?

Accountability for the UDC nonsense and thefts when Hammie was Government Minister? Ya gotta be joking!

Here’s a few selected reader comments from BFP’s Rumour Mill Going Crazy: Is Hamilton “Hammie La” Lashley Crossing The Floor?

September 10, 2008 at 10:35 pm

He should become an Independent rather than cross the floor.

Once a Dem always a Dem or an Independent.

No politricks of inclusion.

September 10, 2008 at 10:38 pm

Hammie might be a sure seat in the Pine etc. but crossing the floor again might prove that Hammie cares only about one thing…himself!

Fool me once
September 11, 2008 at 1:49 am

The man should start his own party based on open honest transparent governing for the little persons and then do it that way and he will be prime minister within 5 years.

reality check
September 11, 2008 at 2:11 am

“No politricks of inclusion”

Hants—exactly he needs to declare as an independent and vote his conscience on individual issues, not on what the DLP is offering him to buy his vote and conscience.

He will get more respect and be able to gain a power base, or at least, a real voice on what goes on in Barbados.

No more Politics of Inclusion

September 11, 2008 at 1:44 pm

This politics of inclusion has really made a mockery of what should be a job where honesty and integrity stood as some of the supposed cornerstones.

During the last election, Peter Wickham in one of his columns suggested that the politics of inclusion was one of the primary reasons for the BLP losing the election. Yet here we go again. Politicians ignoring the wishes of the people.

The politics of inclusion if this is what this is, is nothing more that a bunch of greedy, opportunistic people seeking to take care of themselves. Hamiliton Lashley, Clyde Mascoll, Kerrie Symmonds et al. cannot and should not be trusted in governement. Hopefully the people during the next election (when ever that is) will send another message (to this government) that floor crossing/opportunistic behaviour/greed/ politcis of inclusion should not be readily tolerated.

September 11, 2008 at 3:10 pm

well he said he will be an independent, however he plans to support government – not sure what the hell that means – in any event I am fairly sure that some consultancy or another will blow his way shortly – I wonder if Minister Lowe will press ahead with his plans to “clean up UDC”, notwithstanding his so-called grass roots appeal – i seem to recall quite a few issues about the operations of the UDC in the Auditor General’s report during Hammie’s tenure as Minister of Social Transformation, not sure that he can escape that stain so easily. It would seem to me that it is not that he has a problem with the BLP but more a problem with the diminished income.


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A little birdie told us…

… that Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson was “recently” chatting at an event with a couple of dozen people standing nearby when he was asked if he had seen the below BFP cartoon (First published in January 2010 and last published on April 28, 2010 as Turks & Caicos citizens question appointment of Barbados Chief Justice Simmons to head Integrity Commission)

PM Thompson is reputed to have smiled and said “I loved it.”

Truth? Fiction? Rumour but not quite accurate?

We believe our source, but we’d love to know someone else’s version because many folks were apparently nearby and laughed and the PM was a little embarrassed because he didn’t realise his response was loud enough to be heard.

Glad to know that we could provide the PM with a chuckle!

Prime Minister Thompson fires Chief Justice SIR David Simmons... and restores the independence of our courts.

Also see…

Barbados Prime Minister slams retiring Chief Justice David Simmons over the ethics of Simmons’ appointment.

Simmons, Arthur & Thompson cartoon becomes the most emailed article in Barbados Government service!

January 3, 2010: Barbados Labour Party finally loses control of Supreme Court – Chief Justice Simmons’ term not extended


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Rastafari is not the wanted man!

Is there Rastafari profiling in Barbados?

The Royal Barbados Police Force has its work to accomplish. However, according to the democratic rule of law, when the actions of the State violate the constitutional rights of citizens, redress is due regardless of religious expression of the citizens.

More evidence of Rastafari profiling by the Royal Barbados Police Force was demonstrated in a public announcement concerning a man who is wanted for questioning in connection with serious criminal matters. This announcement, which is dated May 4, 2010 on the CBC Evening News and May 5, 2010 in the Barbados Advocate, unmistakably “profiles” this wanted man as “with Rastafarian hairstyle to shoulder length”. This is one general instance of Rastafari stigmatisation by a law enforcement agency.

The announcement categorically incites and perpetuates a suspicion on Rastafarians. Continue reading


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Trans-Atlantic airline woes continue: Increased volcano activity forces closure of some Irish/British airspace

Will UK – Barbados flights be impacted again?

The Iceland volcano is at it again – spewing ash that can shut down jet engines when concentrated – but aviation authorities are taking a more measured approach in declaring no-fly zones. Still, if you have a flight in or out of Ireland or Scotland, you might want to hold off packing that suitcase until you contact your airline.

Some of the closure details are found in the newly-posted Press Association story More ash misery for air passengers, but things change so be sure to look up the latest news for yourself if you are flying in the next few days.

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1st annual No Plastic Bag Day – Barbados: Saturday, May 8, 2010

Refuse & Re-use plastic bags!

The Future Centre Trust in conjunction with the major supermarkets in Barbados will hold the inaugural “No Plastic Bag Day” on Saturday May 8th, 2010. Continue reading


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