Muslim terrorist arrested for New York car bomb. Naturalized American citizen from Pakistan.

US Attorney General Eric Holder announced the capture of the Times Square car bomber early this morning. Unlike the car bomber, Mr. Holder 's family were good immigrants from Barbados who became loyal Americans.

Maybe you were expecting a Pentecostal Minister to be arrested for the Times Square car bomb?

What? You’re not surprised that the person arrested for the Times Square car bomb is a Muslim American citizen from Pakistan, are you? If only 5% of Muslims subscribe to the passages in the Koran that authorize the killing of infidels and the subjugation of the world to Islam – that’s 50 million hard core terrorists and enablers. These hardcore Muslim fascists form the world’s most violent cult and they are spread all over the globe.

“it’s clear that the intent behind this terrorist act was to kill Americans.”

… US Attorney General Eric Holder

You didn’t really believe that the Times Square bomber was a Morman, Baptist or Seventh Day Adventist, did you?

Next up in the mainstream news media: Cue the outraged apologists who will express shock (SHOCK! I tell you!) that another misunderstander of Islam has attempted to do exactly what their holy book instructs all Muslims to do. Cue the articles where “good” Muslims express fear that they will now be subject to scrutiny.

DON’T EXPECT any talk of reformation of the Islamic religion or its holy Koran. Don’t expect any mass-movement from the Islamic communities around the world to deal with the violence, slavery and oppression of women done on behalf of their religion.

From the ABC News blotter…

Pakistan Émigré in Connecticut Arrested as Times Square Bomber

“The man was identified as Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen, who had recently returned from a five month trip to Pakistan and the city of Peshawar, a known jumping off points for al Qaeda and Taliban recruits.

Shahzad was arrested at Kennedy airport in New York City where FBI agents said he was attempting to leave the country to go to Dubai.

At a press conference early Monday morning, Attorney General Eric Holder said “it’s clear that the intent behind this terrorist act was to kill Americans.” (snip) Federal law enforcement officials said at least three other people close to Shahzad were also under scrutiny in connection with the case.”


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8 responses to “Muslim terrorist arrested for New York car bomb. Naturalized American citizen from Pakistan.

  1. dismanhey

    bfp.. you are absolutely right. I was “surprised” and “shocked” , but for my defense, i was caught up with all the pedo stories, groping and sexual humilitaion of little boys by that well enshrined religion that is somewhere in the middle of Italy

  2. FearPlay

    This guy gets to be a naturalized American and an ex-Barbadian Minister of Tourism cannot get a work permit in order to take up a job appointment representing the region! Go figure.

  3. @ FearPlay

    I would say that qualifications are the deciding factor.

  4. What will they think of next

    When will the Police Force of some country arrest Benjamin Netanyahu?

  5. Jack Bowman

    Oh, come ON folks. Please, BFP

    Look, I have no desire to get blown up by some theocratic whack-job who wants us all to live in the seventh century and who hates me because I don’t make my wife wear a bag on her head. We clear on that?

    But it’s simply ridiculous to suggest that only Muslims want to kill you because you don’t fully support their particular little guy in the sky.

    In the United States, even nice little folksy musicians have been swamped with death threats because they had the temerity to criticize their leader and his messianic mission (

    Theocratic whack-jobs who claim to work for a different little guy in the sky are hardly absent from the One True Faith (

    If I had the time and inclination, I would look for all the news stories of recent years featuring plays about Jesus that were banned and cancelled because of death threats.

    You people normally talk sense, in stark contrast to the various sad racist nutters who are given full license to spew foulness on Another Bajan Website. Don’t be disappointing. And don’t be ordinary.

  6. Jack Bowman

    Dear BFP folks

    Any chance you could stop moderating my most recent comment?

    Either publish it or trash it (wholly your choice; makes close to zero difference to me), but please don’t let it simply hang there with the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” nonsense. It looks bad and makes you seem a tad amateurish.

  7. LOL

    BFP “a tad amateurish”? BFP is amateurish and we love them for that. They have their up days and down days sometimes you wait for hours to have a comment moderated. Other times they don’t sleep and moderate 24/7 for a week and you never wait. I think it depends on their work schedules and party schedules. It takes them a few days to recover from a big weekend. I noticed when Robert writes about strange places he is the level of activity on the blog is lower. When Robert is home there is more stories posted I notice.

  8. BFP

    Hey Jack!

    The next time a bunch of wacked out Catholic nuns or Methodist missionaries run amok, hijack airliners of folks flying their grandchildren to Disneyland and fly them into tall buildings we might consider changing our position that of all the religions in the world, the Islamic faith spawns more religiously-motivated violence than any other. Christianity had its Reformation, Islam has not and desperately needs it.

    Most disturbing are the number of home-grown Islamic fascists who seem to germinate on their own with little else but a Koran to inspire them.

    There will always be a few wacked out crazies who call themselves Christians and do horrible things, but absent from that is they are not acknowledged as Christians and their actions are condemned by all Christians. Contrast that with the worldwide support for jihad and Islamic fascism among tens of millions of Muslims who otherwise are silent on the continuing violence.

    Now, let’s talk about female genital mutilation, religiously-condoned slavery and the sanctioned murder of the children of ex-Muslims who are murdered because their parents dared to leave Islam, shall we?