Unable to make a living in the real world, former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch plots return to the public trough

We heard a few weeks ago that former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch wasn’t doing so well out there in the real world where people expect performance, integrity and the ability to work alongside others without inspiring mass rebellion or multiple suicides amongst co-workers.

When Lynch lost his seat in the January 2008 elections he did nothing for almost a year and then in November 2008 took a job as a tourism consultant to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines government. Apparently St. Vincent was trying to replicate the failure and waste of money that Lynch engineered for Barbados during Cricket World Cup.

When or why that job terminated we don’t know, but the next we heard of Noel Lynch he had recently been hired by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. In our January 2010 article Former Tourism Minister “Instant Millionaire” Noel Lynch hired by Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, we said…

“Good luck to the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) – they will need it. The organisation hired defeated Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch as its new Deputy Director General and Director of Membership.

Hey, we hope the CHTA has much more luck than Barbados citizens did in getting accountability and answers from Noel Lynch about where the money went when he was in charge.

Mr. Lynch was part of the cover-up that denied Barbados citizens any accountability for the hundreds of millions of dollars of their tax money thrown into the black hole known as the GEMS Scandal – Hotels and Resorts. And what a scam it was!

Then there was the disaster of the Cricket World Cup and the outright lies Lynch told us about the event even when it was plainly apparent to all that he was lying. Lynch settles upon a fiction in his mind and that becomes reality. Cricket World Cup was his baby and it was a frankenstein that will take us a generation or more to pay off.”

Lynch denied US work Visa

Today the Nation newspaper is reporting that Noel Lynch was denied a US work visa and this is why he has ceased working for the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. That bit of news is probably true, but it inspires so many other questions not the least of which is… why did the US government deny such a high-profile former government minister a work permit for an organisation dedicated to the Caribbean?

Then we heard that is wasn’t really about the working visa – it was about the fact that Noel Lynch couldn’t get along with his boss and the board. Truth? Rumour? Who knows!

All we can tell you is that Noel Lynch and the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association parted ways and Lynch is hoping to make a political comeback in Barbados. Lynch is hoping that the stupid voters have forgotten about Cricket World Cup, the GEMS Hotels money-pit and how he ran away from a talk radio show when the moderator asked him live on air how he became a millionaire on a government salary!

Sunday night was just like old times… Mia Mottley, Noel Lynch and Dale Marshall – three senior members of what was arguably the most corrupt government this country has ever known – at a public meeting calling for “accountability” from the David Thompson government.

You want accountability for politicians, Mr. Lynch?

Start with yourself. Have a listen to your cowardly performance on Brass Tacks Radio where you ran out the door when the issue of integrity legislation and your assets were raised. Here’s the YouTube recording where you ran away from accountability to the voters.

Welcome back to Bajan politics Noel. Your return is the best thing to happen to the DLP since Mia Mottley’s daddy bullied the Barbados Labour Party into making his little girl the “leader”.


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19 responses to “Unable to make a living in the real world, former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch plots return to the public trough

  1. We would like to see Noel Lynch, Richard Sealy and Leo Brewster walk the beach from Mullins Restaurant to Cobblers Cove Hotel at high tide and then tell the nation how their allowing three massive rock groynes in the area benefits tourism.

  2. Johnny Postle

    One of the worse arrogant SOBs in politics. And far more corrupt and lieing than the devil himself. One of the politicians that I truly dispise. His ass should be up Dodds fighting for a pooch break

  3. Observer

    Do you know that Muscle Mary aka Noel Lynch is a certified idiot? Two weeks after losing the last general election he turned up to play golf at the “Old Nine” at Sandy Layne and walked onto the course without checking in much less paying for his round. The marshals approached him about paying, whereby he noted that when he was minister of tourism he never paid and he was not supposed to pay on that day. THEY EVECTED HIM. What an idiot – He was unable to differentiate between Noel Lynch the elected member of parliament and Noel Lynch the no-body. If the BLP sticks with this certified idiot they would guarantee the loss of the next general election. Noel Lynch is a political opportunist of the highest order and he should NEVER serve in our parliament again. If CHTA his job worked out he would never have looked back at Barbados much less the BLP. If the BLP allows itself to be hijacked by this piece of scum, I hope Barbados wakes up and smells the coffee.

  4. J

    Save Mullins Bay, Johnny Postle and Observer you don’t like Noel Lynch do you?

  5. Bonjour

    My own research indicate that the US Immigration dept did not deny Lynch a work permit. There were further queries around his application. In the meanwhile, he and the head of CHTA could not get along. The head is a snobbish redneck Jamaican, but Mr Lynch apparantly felt that he was still a Minister of Tourism and hence wanted to call the shots.

    What really will he tell the folks of St. Michael South if he was to run there again? He was prepared to take up a big job in Miami and turn his back on BLP and them. He failed there and now wants to behave as though it is business as usual.

    Will Liz Thompson do the same thing now that she did not get the job at UNFCC? Will she come back to the folks of St. James South and try to fool them again. These Bees feel they have a right to everything under the sun. They are really incompetent and arrogant to boot!

    Just like Christopher Hackett whose tenure as Barbados’ Ambassador to the UN came to an end on April 30th. He was given three months notice and would you believe that on May 04 he is still living in the official residence in New York and asking for an extra month to get out, and also asking for use of car and driver for the month? He should have been out since January 16th, 2008. The DLP has been very nice and accommodating to all of those BLP diplomats – Trevor Clarke, Errol Humphrey, Simmons, Herbie, Hackett et al. The Bees treaed the DEMS own like crap and evicted them all within days of Sept 1994.

    Hackett like Barney Lynch and Liz Thompson are people who are only interesed in themselves; not country. I have no sympathy for the bunch of them.

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    Barbados Advocate – Tuesday 4th May 2010 –
    page 5 – ‘Lynch: CWC 2007 was a success for Barbados’

    ‘A World Cup that they claimed that flopped produced 26,000 visitors EXTRA to Barbados’

    Well the facts are that we ended up with a net gain of just 44 long stay visitors for the first four months of 2007.

    6 May 2007 – Nation

    Minister of Sport, Anthony Wood stated ‘that in the end, matches held in Barbados averaged spectator attendance of 17,000 per game’.

    And a question, what arrangement fee was paid to Landry & Kling to provide the charter of the Carnival Destiny?

  7. ??

    Well we see the anti Lynch crew is back….lets not divert attention from the issues at hand… a speaker who cannot interpret the rules a minister that packs and pulls a gun at will a PM in a pickle over Clico and Parris, a minister of drainage who is going down the drain, an arrogant Chris Sinkler who whenever he opens his mouth exposes his ignorance, and Jepter the Jester… a government that 2 1/2 years on still blames BLP for the ills of the world…

    Guys wake up and admit you made an error in January 2008…. Now is the time for change

  8. goat mout

    People,please, the BLP and the DLP are political parties that have expired their purpose,it is time for the young people in this country to start a new party ,with new ideas,no agendas,health,education,look after our pensioners,anything after that will have to be debated in the house…All politicians are corrupt ,the lord will say, give caesar what is his,this is true,we have to hold politicians accountable…David Thomson you will get no respect till you lock up the BLP criminals that lick out money like it was going out of style…Take a page from Eugenia Charles,all that lot of long talk..Yah just want another term..Dont worry yah gine get one..

  9. Mottley crew? No thanks!

    I voted D last time. B the time before. The Bees were crooks, the Dees lied about their integrity legislation, freedom of info and getting to the bottom of the thiefing by the Bees. Thompson promised he would hold those responsible to account and recover the missing funds. I don’t know who I’ll vote for next time but it won’t be to put the BEES back in to continue what they were doing. Wuhloss!

  10. Observing

    Guys wake up and admit you made an error in January 2008…. Now is the time for change
    Would electing Mottley, Lynch, Marshall, Forde, Payne, Arthur etc give us the “change we need??”

  11. Nonsense

    If he cant get a visa I wont vote for him,I feel de USA got something on he. I hope he aint want he to go by Castro.

  12. Avatar Gurl


    The WHOLE bunch of them are idiotic, greedy children! If you’re a politician, you’re greedy and foolish! It’s only because it’s the law that the people HAVE to pay y’all! You should EARN your keep…ALL of you! B, D, N, P, or R!

  13. @J
    It’s not a matter of “liking” Noel Lynch. I presume he is otherwise a “likable” person, but what concerns me is performance. Others and I have been complaining about the groynes at St. Peter’s Bay for nearly 4 years (2 of which Lynch occupied the tourism portfolio). The response from him was exactly the same we are now getting from the current occupant, Richard Sealy – NOTHING. They have not even cared enough to visit. If they believe good beaches are still a critical element of the Barbados tourism product, why have they allowed a developer to destroy one of the best beaches on the west coast with nary a word of protest coming from them? As far as I am concerned, Lynch and Sealy are choirboys singing in the same choir from the same hymnal.

  14. Nostradamus

    @Save Mullins Bay

    “…..why have they allowed a developer to destroy one of the best beaches on the west coast with nary a word of protest coming from them?”

    How much did the developer pay in campaign contributions and other benefits to both political parties?

    What were the recommendations of CZMU? and were the recommendations followed by The Minister for Town Planning at the time?

    The answer may lie in the response to those 2 questions.

  15. whistling frog

    To save Mullins Bay,
    If you take a look at politics (especially) in the so called third world you will note that both previous and present goverments never ever carry out their pre election threats concerning what ever transpired that you were so informed that they were going to bring to the so called Light or made “Transparent” etc etc etc…. when they were elected.
    There is a good and bad outcome to this,,,If nothing is done,then buisness contines as usual,,,now if per say you have a third party then you can be promised Heaven and OOOOH Just about whatever your heart desires ……Such as Venezeula and other South American countries were promised…BUUUUT after many Years of so called promises and changes in the Constitution you are left with leaders who have no desire to give up their Dictatorial rule whatsoever and there is no way to return to Full Democracy…….God Help Barbados Never Falls Into This Trap…….

  16. LOL! Nostradamus, even though CZMU may not also have clean hands and a pure heart in this whole sordid affair, as someone who has personally heard some of late-night bullets flying across the waves on this here west coast lately, I prefer to stick with the choirboys, choir and hymnal metaphor for now.

    @whistling frog
    I subscribe to the view that people get the government they deserve largely because they (we) are basically lazy – depending on others to think and plan for us. Bajans have abandoned the beach and the politicians and the developers know it and are exploiting it. But Bajans are also short-sighted – not seeing that the developers are really after the entire island, as we are now finding out with real estate across the island escalating beyond the means of ordinary people, and there is worse to come. The politicians are caught out but they can’t get off the gravy train.

  17. J

    Observer wrote “Two weeks after losing the last general election he turned up to play golf at the “Old Nine” at Sandy Layne and walked onto the course without checking in much less paying for his round. The marshals approached him about paying, whereby he noted that when he was minister of tourism he never paid and he was not supposed to pay on that day”

    The thing is as Miniser of Tourism he should not have been acepting a gift of golf time from Sandy Land, and Sandy Lane should not have been giving a government Minister a gift of golf time.

    If we we pretend that we don’t understand why Ministers are unable to make just, sensible decisions, then we are all part of the problem.

  18. A frequent British visitor to the island recently actually did the Mullins to Cobblers Cove walk like I suggested to Richard Sealy and Noel Lynch at the beginning of these comments. Here is his report – http://shar.es/mhlJQ

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