Heroic NYC police women foil Car Bomber in Times Square, New York City – Defused after failed ignition

Police robot at Times Square

UPDATED: May 2, 2010 6:43pm

When we wrote this article the story was still breaking close to the event. Like any developing story new details emerge after the first few hours and they continue to emerge even today.

Since our story was published the following has been reported… Remember… This too will change!

Summary of the news to this time…

– Various reports credit a local street vendor as seeing the smoke first and calling over a patrolling officer. The vendor is a black Vietnam veteran named Lance Orton. Other vendors are mentioned in some other news articles as being either “first” or there as part of a group of vendors who all alerted the police at virtually the same instant. One of the vendors is Duane M. Jackson. Another is Hamid Boubain.

– In any event, one or some of the vendors alerted a Police officer on horseback, Wayne Radigan, who called for the cavalry and started evacuating the area. The two female officers (called “rookies” in some stories) were apparently next to arrive only seconds after Officer Radigan.

– Some reports state that the driver of the vehicle left it running and escaped into an alley where he removed his shirt and exposed another colour of shirt underneath as he ran off. He is described as “white” and there are probably videos of him but who knows how good they will be.

– The SUV was originally said to have been stolen. Reports now say that it was marked for “scrap” at a Texas scrapyard but had scrapped Connecticut license plates on it.

– The explosive device that failed to detonate was comprised of two three propane tanks, two jerry cans of gasoline, some commercial-grade fireworks, two clock timers and a metal box with contents as yet unknown two hundred pounds of fertilizer. (AP: NYPD: Video has possible SUV bomb suspect in alley)

– There seems to be an attempt by some in the media to minimize the seriousness of the event by pointing to the jury-rigged nature of the bomb and the fact that propane tanks were the apparent main power of the device. While we can thank God it didn’t go off and that it wasn’t some huge bomb as Muslim fascists used when they almost took down the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993 – the device could have killed or injured many people on a Saturday night in crowded Times Square. Anyone doubting that should do a little research on “bleve” (boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion) with only a single BBQ propane tank.

Here’s what the Commissioner of Police had to say… “We were lucky it didn’t detonate,” the New York police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, told a press conference. “In my judgment, it would have caused casualties, a significant fireball. I’m told the vehicle would have been cut in half.”

For me, the words “Vehicle would have been cut in half” while parked at the Times Square Marriott as the Saturday night crowds walked by illustrates that this could have or would have caused injuries or deaths.

– The Pakistan Taliban allegedly claimed responsibility on a jihadist website, but this often happens even when a suspicious event is later proven to not have been terrorist related (ie: the huge power shutdown on the eastern USA a while back).

– That’s what we see in the news at this time. No doubt our readers will fill in other pieces or make corrections as the news develops. Some BFP bashers in the comments section seem to take great delight that once BFP posted our story we weren’t on hand to update it with new developments every hour. Hey… if ya want minute by minute news turn on the satellite tv!

Here is our original story as posted shortly after the first reports Saturday night…

Car bomb fails to detonate in New York City’s theater district

Times Square in New York was evacuated on Saturday evening after two female police officers confronted a man who was trying to detonate a car bomb. The man escaped into the Times Square crowds as a flash and smoke were erupted from the rear of a parked Pathfinder SUV – later determined to have been stolen. The police bomb squad eventually used a robot to defuse an explosive device consisting of propane tanks, unknown powder (identified as gunpowder in some news reports), gasoline cans and an attached electronic device with burned wires.

The most recent reports (3am Sunday May 2, 2010) indicate that the wires were somehow connected to the nearby Marriott Hotel. (NY Daily News: Cops stop Times Square car bomb from detonating; Robot finds gun powder, wires in car)

Odds are this was another Muslim Terror attack

Although the authorities aren’t publicly speculating on the motive for the car bomb in the crowded theater district at 45th Street and Broadway on a Saturday evening, you can bet that Muslim fascists are #1 on the list of suspects, and rightly so. Could the suspect have another motivation? Could it be a rogue Catholic priest or misunderstander of Seventh Day Adventism? Attempted suicide terror by a de-frocked Baptist preacher?

Let’s just say that I wouldn’t bet on anything but Muslim fascists. I might be wrong, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

For those who have been sleeping since 9/11, here’s a very partial list of US-based Misunderstanders of the peaceful nature of Islam…

Courtesy of Jihad Watch and the New York Daily News

Even a partial inventory of attempted attacks by radicalized Muslims on these (United States) shores puts the threat into terrifying perspective:

Jose Padilla, arrested in 2002 as the so-called dirty bomber, was convicted of conspiring with Islamic terrorists.

The Lackawanna Six – Sahim Alwan, Faysal Galab, Shafal Mosed, Yasein Taher, Yahya Goba and Mukhtar al-Bakri – were busted in 2002 and convicted of aiding Osama Bin Laden.

Ohio truck driver Iyman Faris was charged in 2003 with conspiring to topple the Brooklyn Bridge. He was sentenced to 20 years.

Eleven men, known as the Virginia jihad network, were charged in 2003 with planning to train at terrorist camps. Nine were U.S. citizens. They were sentenced to prison.

U.S. citizen James Elshafay admitted plotting in 2004 to blow up the Herald Square station.

Yassin Araf and Mohmmad Hossein were arrested in Albany in 2004 for trying to buy a grenade launcher to assassinate a Pakistani diplomat. They got 15 years.

U.S. citizens Umer Hayat and Hamid Hayat, his son, were arrested in California in 2005 after lying to the FBI about Hamid’s attendance at an Al Qaeda training camp. They were convicted.

Four members of terror cell Jam’iyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh were charged in 2005 with conspiring to attack the Los Angeles airport. Three went to prison, one to a mental facility.

Michael Reynolds was busted in 2005 for plotting to blow up a Wyoming natural-gas refinery. He was sentenced to 30 years.

Syed Haaris Ahmed, a Pakistani, and Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, an American of Bangladeshi descent, were charged in 2006 with conspiring to make videos for extremists. They were convicted.

Seven men, including five U.S. citizens, were charged in 2006 with conspiring to blow up Chicago’s Sears Tower. Six were convicted.
Former U.S. sailor Hassan Abujihaad was accused in 2007 of giving locations of Navy ships to a group that supports terrorists. He got 10 years.
Six New Jersey men were imprisoned in a 2007 conspiracy to attack Fort Dix.

An American and three others allegedly plotted to bomb fuel lines at JFK. They await trial.

Christopher Paul, a U.S. citizen, was arrested in 2008 for conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. and European targets. He got 20 years.

Four men were charged in 2009 with plotting to bomb Bronx synagogues. They await trial.

Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a Jordanian living in Dallas, was charged in 2009 with trying to car-bomb an office tower.

Michael Finton of Illinois was busted in 2009 in a courthouse bomb plot inspired by American Taliban John Walker Lindh.

Bryant Neal Vinas of Long Island was busted in 2009 for allegedly giving Al Qaeda information on the subways and Long Island Rail Road.

Brooklyn-born Betim Kaziu was charged in 2009 with trying to join an Al Qaeda affiliate in hope of killing U.S. troops.

Twelve Americans were indicted in 2009 for allegedly supporting Al Shabaab, a terror group seeking to overthrow the Somali government.

Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, was charged this year with plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist who had depicted the Prophet Mohammed.

Sharif Mobley, a 26-year-old New Jersey man, was arrested in March in a roundup of Al Qaeda suspects in Yemen.

Zazi admitted he and pals planned to suicide-bomb Grand Central and Times Square subways….

Hmmm. What do all those people have in common? What, oh, what, could it be?


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25 responses to “Heroic NYC police women foil Car Bomber in Times Square, New York City – Defused after failed ignition

  1. Um, what religions were Dave Koresh and Timothy McVeigh?

  2. For that matter what religion was Adolph Schickelgruber (their real name)?

  3. cq8

    McVeigh was an atheist. Koresh was some weird “i am jesus” nutbar.

    Hitler was anything but Christian and you would be hard pressed to find support for any of these killers in the Christian church.

    Contrast that with the hundreds of millions of Muslims who believe in the Koran’s “spread Islam through the sword” verses.

    You’re bound to fail trying to find equivalency between the actions of Christians and the violence of the Muslim religion. The best you can do are three or four evil people who would be rejected by the vast majority (virtually all) practicing believers of Jesus.

  4. Straight talk

    Hmmm. What do all those people have in common? What, oh, what, could it be?

    There may be quite a simple explanation.

    Could it be they take exception to the USA illegally entering their countries and murdering thousands of innocents?

  5. Chuck Ellis

    i could start criticizing the laughable equation islam = terror but this post does not even get the facts right. heroic police women? it was a t-shirt vendor that noticed the smoke, then let an officer know who then asked two heroic police women to assist him. maybe read the articles you link to?

  6. ac

    @chuck ellis


  7. dismanhey

    BFP.. gotta to love your lazy presumption. But that is so Bush like. Get a grip , the loonies and baggers in USA and the world are in full swing. Could be just anybody in these times with a lot of setting up to blame others. One just can’t tell anymore.

  8. twwifos

    Inside, they discovered three canisters of propane like those used for barbecue grills, two five-gallon cans of gasoline, consumer-grade fireworks — the apparent source of the “pops” — and two clocks with batteries, the mayor said. He said the device “looked amateurish.”

    Kevin B. Barry, a former supervisor in the New York Police Department bomb squad, said that if the device had functioned, “it would be more of an incendiary event” than an explosion.

    All one has to do is read these two paragraphs and it’s easy to see that it your theory is pretty thin. We shall see.

  9. Anonymous

    BFP…this takes the cake! From what I have read this was likely a disgruntled american, not an islamic extremist. (Let’s wait and see.)

  10. BFP

    Hi Chuck

    Everyone else ran away. The two women did their duty while everyone else pissed their pants and ran.

    That’s good enough for me.


  11. Chuck Ellis

    you are in denial.

  12. hmmmm….is this becoming like CNN, assume before an investigation?
    Explosive material was found, now lets find out who the nutcase was causing this sad incident.

  13. What will they think of next

    What religion is Erik Prince?

    What religion is Oliver North?

    What religion is Benjamin Netanyahu?

  14. truthywood

    It was a Muslim vendor who informed police about the smoke in SUV, go figure , his name is Hamid.

    You look like some terrorist Mosad agent.

  15. J

    Dear BFP:

    The vendor is a Vietnam veteran and a dare I say it an “African American” I saw him on CNN.

    An African American t-shirt vendor noticed something unusual and reported the matter to the police.

    Wha’ happen BFP? Even in the glare of publicity you can’t give an African American credit for anything?

    First for doing his national duty in Veitnam

    And second for doing his civic duty and calling police when he noticed something wrong in New York last night.

    And you are so fond of calling other people racist?

    Dear BFP: If you want to be taken seriously you have to report the news TRUTHFULLY.


  16. passin thru

    I find it interesting that BFP reported what was being reported at the time and time stamped it but that people are criticising them for not writing about things that didn’t become known until much later.

    I am sure BFP will update this article to reflect what is known now 24 hours later, but that doesn’t diminish the main thrust of the article which is that the suspect probably had Muslim fascism as the primary motivation.

    For what it’s worth I agree.

  17. http://bit.ly/a1JyZG CNN report, uh, no women mentioned AT ALL?

  18. dismanhey

    @ passin thru,

    blogs are not mainstream media so there is no urgency to “report” streaming news. BFP certainly did not flinch right away when the man shot his son right here. They waited and threw up a position of what they thought was an unfair system..right or wrong, it does not matter, but that is what blogs do.
    btw, Homeland Security has said that one of their primary targets are domestic terrorist and another point , i think that we can all agree that terrorists who claim to act in the name of Islam are past masters of explosives and blowing things up not quite what has transpired here

  19. West Side Davie

    Muslim terrorists are not all “masters of explosives” Look at the record.

    The muslim terrorists sometimes come across like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight but that doesn’t make them any less deadly or motivated. The 9/11 terrorists had their “wedding suits” with them when they died except for one or two whose luggage was delayed and that’s how we know about the white wedding suits for marrying the virgins. That is wacko city.

    The shoe bomber failed as did the underwear bomber. They weren’t technically proficient but they were mass murderers in their intents.

    The same is true with the Times Square bomber.

    He could be a right wing wacko, or he could be a Muslim with sudden jihad syndrome. He wasn’t technically proficient but he intended to mass murder.

  20. Failed car bomb was not al-Qaeda plot, says NY mayor: BBC http://bit.ly/aCR6N2

  21. BFP

    Hi Ian

    Yes, most of the Muslim terror attacks have nothing to do with al-Qaeda, but they do support the worldwide Jihad as detailed in the Koran. A good proportion of the terrorist attacks are sudden jihad syndrome where individuals buy into the jihad mission and act alone. The media typically refers to these individuals as “unbalanced” or “mentally ill” and disregards the religious motivation.

  22. Straight talk

    Other acts of terror are FBI inspired Moslem patsies,
    to promote this never to be ended War on Terror.

    The lead patsy was not so stupid and taped his FBI handler instructing him to place the bomb in the World Trade Centre.

    Strange how we never hear of these scandals on Fox News…..or BFP.

  23. Huh?

    Straight talk says “The lead patsy was not so stupid and taped his FBI handler instructing him to place the bomb in the World Trade Centre.”

    Is this more conspiracy sh*t or is there more information, a court transcript or news story to back this up? What are the names of the people involved?

  24. nevermind kurt

    Braking news for those claiming it couldn’t be an islamic terror attack

    “person of interest” being sought is a Pakistani – American who recently returned from 5 months in Pakistan.

    The type of car bomb with the propane attacks replicates previous al quada attacks in Europe. FBI says the instructions are up on Islamic terror websites for years.

    FBI looking for multiple persons and only one of them is an American (Pakistani immigrant naturalized citizen of America)

    Add that up and what do you get, children?

  25. Straight talk

    There’s so much info out there re: the FBI’s complicity in the 1993 WTC murders, however start here with this conversation between agent John Ancilev and bomb supplier Emad Salem, then go where it leads you.